SA316 Accidents

31-May-17 Z402 Airbus SA316 Dayarampura, India

Precautionary landing due to change of weather – it was a very soggy field... Read more

28-Apr-17 HB-XXM Airbus SE3160 Steffisburg, Switzerland

After hearing a loud noise at an altitude of 3500ft, the pilot commenced autorotation and landed in a field without further apparent damage.  Once on the ground, damage was found to a tail rotor control cable... Read more

21-Jan-15 Eurocopter SA316 Saurimo, Angola

During an air display, the helicopter was approaching a hover but porpoised – during this the main blades contacted and cut the boom, causing the helicopter to crash from low level.  Video of incident on YouTube here.  Pilot and co pilot seriously injured... Read more

18-Sep-14 HAL SA316B Alibaug, India

Extensively damaged in “heavy landing”.  4 POB injured, but not life threatening... Read more

28-May-14 M20-17 Eurocopter SA316 Pokok Sena, Malaysia

Emergency landing in school field.  Press refers to “trainee pilot” so we assume on a training flight.  Later flown to base for closer inspection... Read more

30-Sep-13 HAL SA316 Chetak Maktanpar, India

Indian Air Force helicopter made an emergency landing in Maktanpar town near Wankaner taluka of Morbi district today due to a technical snag, officials from the force said... Read more

21-Jul-13 RA-1881G Eurocopter SA316B Solohaul, Russia

Helicopter was circling nose-down at low level before crashing into shallow Shahe River – see video.  Possible engine failure – note flame from exhaust just prior to impact... Read more

05-Mar-13 IN445 Eurocopter SA316B Visakhapatanam, India (2F)

Crashed off the Vishakhapatnam harbour  Two crew members were immediately rescued while two others were missing and a search was underway for them.... Read more

01-Mar-13 F-GPGM Eurocopter SA316B Chattonay, France (1F)

Collided with trees and crashed into a lake killing the pilot... Read more

04-Jan-13 VT-EGK HAL SA316B Chetak Delhi, India

While carrying out taxi after the main rotor blade change, main rotor blades hit the tail boom damaging main and tail rotor blades including tail boom.... Read more

1-Jul-09 V-277 Eurocopter SA316 nr Biasca, Switzerland

1-Jul-09 V-277 Eurocopter SA316 nr Biasca, Switzerland... Read more

06-Apr-08 Eurocopter SA316 Panama City, Panama

Fell onto starboard side when landing. None of 5 POB seriously injured... Read more

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