SA341 Accidents

28-Sep-21 YU-HHH Airbus SA341 Stapleford, UK

Aircraft was damaged in a heavy storm when parked on helipad at night.  Main blades forced to high coning angle (from CCTV video) and likely damaged, plus consequential damage to rotorhead... Read more

09-Apr-20 N9334W Airbus SA341 Fort Myers, US-Florida

Hard landing.  No injury reported to 1 POB... Read more

03-Feb-19 ZU-RZM Airbus SA342M Rand, South Africa

Helicopter ended on its starboard side.  Indications of main blades contacting tail boom.  All four on board exited without serious injury Aircraft was originally built by the Soko factory in the former Yugoslavia... Read more

15-Jul-15 G-BXTH Airbus SA341G Abbeyshrule, Ireland

Helicopter ended up on its side on a narrow strip of grass between hotel and canal after main blades struck building.  Unclear from early press reports whether it was an intentional or emergency landing.  Pilot “detained on suspicion of endangerment”... Read more

06-Jul-15 YU-HET Airbus SA342J Stapleford, UK

During ground run post-maintenance, the SA342J Gazelle took off to 10ft and then dropped to the ground.  MW Helicopters engineer on board was reportedly not a qualified pilot – and was not injured in the accident.  Starboard skid ripped off, tail boom badly creased.... Read more

19-Sep-14 RA-1233G Eurocopter SA341G Vasilievsky Island, Russia (1F)

Helicopter overflew a boat before flying at low level and high speed, getting lower very gradually until hitting the water. The water surface was glassy smooth, perhaps contributory.  After crashing, the helicopter is said to have sunk almost immediately.  The pilot/owner who died has been identified as 41 year old Alexei Afonchenkovu.  Passenger survived... Read more

02-Jun-14 XZ936 Eurocopter SA341 Boscombe Down, UK

On touchdown the aircraft ‘porpoised’, initially nose down, due to contact with the heels of the skids followed almost immediately by the cyclic being displaced fully aft and a progressive left (lateral) cyclic displacement. The cyclic was then centralised longitudinally as the aircraft pitched up before it was again displaced fully aft, on this occasion... Read more

10-Jan-12 G-WDEV Eurocopter SA341G Salisbury, UK

Helicopter down in wooded area.  3POB – owner/pilot Andy Ridings was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital with chest and head injuries, along with another man who was suffering from back pain and head injuries.  The third is believed to have suffered a dislocated ankle.  Second/third POB were Mike Rosser and Ian Sutton... Read more

02-Sep-11 12752 Soko 341H Gazelle Herceg Novi, Montenegro (3F)

Helicopter made contact with a wall and crashed onto rocks close to the shoreline.  The crash killed pilot Lt. Å ahbaz Belhadin (44), Major Ivan Obradovic (36) and Vidoje Tomic (35), a sergeant first class.... Read more

20-Aug-11 Eurocopter SA341G Rbayh, Tunisia (2F)

Two crew killed when Gazelle went down close to Libyan border in south of Tunisia... Read more

11-May-11 Eurocopter SA341 Rose, France

Precautionary landing in field after engine problems... Read more

08-Mar-11 HA-LFB Eurocopter SA341 Honister, UK (1F)

Authorities were alerted after the non-arrival of  a helicopter due from a short flight in Cumbria.  Local press reports give the owner/pilot’s name as Mark Weir.... Read more

26-Dec-10 UR-MANN Eurocopter SA341 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (4F)

Pilot listed as Vadim Vlasenko, and the three passengers were all fashion models – 19-year-old Catherine Vetchynkina , 19-year-old Yana Bondarenko and 22-year-old Zlata Mashyrova... Read more

03-Dec-10 Eurocopter SA342M Jbeil, Lebanon

The Army Command stated on Friday that a Gazelle was forced to make an emergency landing in the Jbeil area near the Afqa cave after a technical malfunction.... Read more

22-Sep-10 Eurocopter SA341 Plaisance-du-Gers, France

Gazelle from 5RHC was involved in low level training, and crashed in an open field.... Read more

02-May-2010 YU-HEH Soko SO341 Krnješevci, Serbia

Accident from low level, no serious injuries.  Report states helicopter spinning before crashing.... Read more

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