US-Arizona Accidents

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16-Apr-22 N808LF Airbus AS350B3 Phoenix, US-Arizona

Rotors running refuel – FBO attendant was pulling the grounding cable from the fuel truck and the cable struck the main rotor blades Helicopter operates as “Native Air 7” from a base at Payson, AZ  ... Read more

10-Nov-21 N619DE Bell 407 Eloy, US-Arizona

Force landing on a road after paraglider tether caught on the skid... Read more

01-Oct-21 N412TL Robinson R22 Chandler, US-Arizona (2F)

Midair collision with fixed wing N2868H, causing helicopter to crash to the ground.  Both student pilot and instructor received fatal injuries – named here as 34-year-old Michael Papendick and 27-year-old Jessica Brandal... Read more

30-Sep-21 N74706 Robinson R44 Phoenix, US-Arizona

Sole occupant pilot seriously injured... Read more

24-Sep-21 N3255H Robinson R44 Prescott, US-Arizona

FAA report – Emergency landing on golf course due to engine issues.  Image issued by Prescott Airport suggests no damage, although it is unknown how heavy the landing was... Read more

27-Aug-21 N544SH Robinson R44 Prescott, US-Arizona

FAA : Low Rotor RPM, Emergency landing.  Damage level not known... Read more

05-May-21 N6068S MD Helicopters MD530F Mesa, US-Arizona

Post-flight inspection found damage to the tail rotor... Read more

22-Jan-21 N90TG MD Helicopters MD500E Queen Creek, US-Arizona

FAA report helicopter was substantially damaged after loss of tail rotor effectiveness on approach to land... Read more

01-Jan-21 N74823 Bell 47D1 Marana, US-Arizona

Low level manouevre to avoid another aircraft caused helicopter to crash... Read more

05-Jan-20 N698SH Schweizer 300C Mesa, US-Arizona

Aircraft auto-rotated and hit the ground in the desert, Mesa, Arizona.... Read more

11-Nov-17 N744BS Robinson R44 Page, US-Arizona

Crashed at the end of the runway... Read more

23-Aug-15 N315TV Schweizer 300C Mesa, US-Arizona

The pilot reported that during the approach, he noticed erratic cyclic control movements and subsequently landed hard.  Postaccident examination of the helicopter by an Federal Aviation Administration inspector revealed that the main rotor blades and tail boom were substantially damaged.... Read more

18-Aug-15 N5VH Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

Training accident.  Recording of ATC transmissions on this YouTube video.... Read more

29-Jul-15 N6095U Airbus AS350B2 Tucson, US-Arizona

The Customs and Border Patrol Instructor Pilot demonstrated an autorotation, yet misjudged the flare. Helicopter destroyed... Read more

29-Dec-14 N7041X Robinson R22 Phoenix, US-Arizona

Minor damage after force landing by taxiway... Read more

12-Sep-14 N64AW Bell 206L4 LongRanger Tombstone, US-Arizona

Operated by Airwest Helicopters for Cochise County Sheriff.  Main blades chopped tail boom and skids splayed out in heavy landing.  Two POB were listed as pilot Larry Pucci and the observer Officer Justin Dannels (the son of Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels)... Read more

08-Jun-14 N504MP MD Helicopters MD500E Gilbert, US-Arizona

Reported engine failure during night patrol – in ensuing hard landing the tail boom was broken.  2 POB not injured.  Accident was around 1am... Read more

04-Jun-14 N223G Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

Force landing in a field one mile from destination airport... Read more

31-May-14 N7122E Robinson R22 San Manuel, US-Arizona

Struck powerline and impacted the ground... Read more

18-May-14 N840PA Eurocopter AS350B3 Peach Springs, US-Arizona (1F)

After landing, the pilot exited the running helicopter; shortly thereafter the helicopter became airborne without the pilot at the flight controls. The helicopter subsequently impacted the ground and rolled over. The pilot was struck by one or more of the main rotor blades and was fatally injured.... Read more

27-Feb-14 N357FB Eurocopter AS350B3 Phoenix, US-Arizona

Emergency landing in parking lot on night patrol... Read more

21-Jan-14 N51683 Enstrom 280C Showlow, US-Arizona

Substantially damaged in landing accident... Read more

17-Dec-13 Picture Rocks, US-Arizona

Emergency landing, needed roading out from where it came down.... Read more

04-Nov-13 N3184T Robinson R44 Phoenix, US-Arizona

Bird struck tail rotor on approach.  Landed OK... Read more

25-Sep-13 N190SH Robinson R44 Flagstaff, US-Arizona

Helicopter contacted a mound of earth on landing, causing it to end up on its side. Some reports suggest the wind was gusty and may have been contributory. Two of the four POB injured and airlifted to hospital... Read more

21-Sep-13 N22490 Bell UH-1 Black Canyon City, US-Arizona (2F)

Heavy impact, post crash fire, no survivors.  Two POB were pilot/owner Chad Nelson and passenger Brynne Smith.  This report quotes Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office saying the debris field is a radius of half a mile.... Read more

28-Aug-13 N2018R Bell 206L1 Payson, US-Arizona

Force landing, substantial damage – skids completely collapsed and tail boom separated.  Pilot with minor injuries and five passengers uninjured... Read more

12-Aug-13 N407CH Bell 407 Page, US-Arizona

Lower chip detector plug was found out of the locked detent position and had slightly ?backed out? of the housing. This condition will cause a disruption of oil flow through the transmission oil pump and therefore a loss of oil pressure.  Enroute from Page Municipal Airport (KPGA) to Kane County Hospital in Kanab, Utah... Read more

25-Jun-12 N34CT MD Helicopters MD500E Eloy, US-Arizona

Emergecny landing after reportedly losing power.  Boom separate from cabin, which ended up on its side.  3 POB to hospital... Read more

08-Jun-13 N130PH Eurocopter EC130 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona

The helicopter landed hard and main blades severed the tailboom during a practice engine-out procedure.  2 crew on board, no passengers... Read more

23-Apr-13 N2072M Bell 206L1 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona

Substantially damaged in landing accident.  Although this is a tour helicopter, only two flight crew were on board, no passengers  ... Read more

15-Apr-13 N408GA Bell 407 New River, US-Arizona

We have a recent report in of an emergency landing at 10.28pm of an EMS helicopter near the junction of New River and Cross Mountain roads in New River, Arizona – northern outskirts of Phoenix.  Air Methods operating for “Guardian Air”... Read more

29-Jan-13 Eurocopter AS350 Havasu, US-Arizona

Precautionary landing in park after oil pressure warning... Read more

22-Jan-13 N143PG Eagle Helicycle Mesa, US-Arizona

Emergency landing in residential area.  Skids collapsed, pilot walked away.  Pilot was flying from Chandler to Falcon Field in Mesa.  Plenty of photos of the helicopter in happier times on this page... Read more

07-Dec-12 N557AC Robinson R44 Roosevelt Lake, US-Arizona

The aircraft was on a two-hour sightseeing tour when it went down in 60 feet of water only 25 minutes after taking off from Scottsdale Airpark. The pilot is identified as 62-year-old Fred Cleeves, owner of Skyblue Helicopters. The passengers were George Riedel, 64, and Julie Barba, 49.... Read more

23-Nov-12 N3984A Eurocopter AS350B3 Scottsdale, US-Arizona

Tail boom damaged in off airport landing... Read more

27-Oct-12 N2627M Robinson R22M Lake Havasu, US-Arizona

Pilot put R22 Mariner down into Lake Havasu after experiencingd unspecified mechanical problems.  Mohave County Sheriff’s reported the pilot as Michael Christiansen, and his passenger as Michael Rabo.  It is unclear from press reports how this helicopter sank, given it has fixed floats... Read more

19-Oct-12 N207CF AgustaWestland AW119 Dolan Springs, US-Arizona

Rotor blades suffered minor damage when helicopter was on the ground... Read more

09-Sep-12 N5745Y Bell 206L.1 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona

Lost power and forced to land in a field.  Main blades hit tail boom... Read more

30-Jun-12 N729DP Eurocopter AS350B Camp Verde, US-Arizona (4F)

Helicopter crashed into river, killing all four occupants, on a flight from Sedona to Scottsdale.  Wreckage located the next day.  A later report from KGUN9suggested that authorities had “discovered a severed cable near the crash site and found marks on the rotor blade consistent with hitting a cable”.  Fatalities were named as helicopter owner/pilot Raymond... Read more

17-Jun-12 N808WH Robinson R44 Scottsdale, US-Arizona

Autorotated into field and the boom broke off... Read more

25-May-12 N407VV Bell 407 Cottonwood, US-Arizona

Helicopter was fire-bombed while parked on the helipad outside Verde Valley Medical Center.  Alleged that a beer bottle filled with fuel was thrown into cockpit – photos show extensive fire damage in that area... Read more

02-May-12 N380TL Hughes 300C Phoenix, US-Arizona

Crashed in a residential neighbourhood, both occupants hospitalised -Alan Cottrell and Ron Ponce... Read more

07-Apr-12 Boeing CH-47D Yuma, US-Arizona

Royal Air Force Chinook suffered unspecificed “mishap” during training exercise.  It is known that Chinooks ZA671, ZA711 and ZA712 (and maybe a fourth?) are all currently based in Yuma on training work, so subject aircraft will be one of these.... Read more

01-Mar-12 N197LE Bell AH-1F Coolidge, US-Arizona

the helicopter was taking part in the filming of an episode of “Top Gear-Korea” when it crashed.  Initial reports indicate the crash was caused by a mechanical malfunction at a low altitude.  2 POB were reported safe soon after the accident.  A video was posted on from inside the cockpit of the whole sequence... Read more

14-Dec-11 N4052G Robinson R22 Tucson, US-Arizona

Early reports of private helicopter down on Raytheon property nr Tucson Airport.  Pilot airlifted to UMC Trauma Center, no info on the other person on board.  FAA spokesman said pilot reported engine failure prior to landing.... Read more

13-Dec-11 Bell AH-1W Yuma, US-Arizona

Pilot elected to make an emergency landing, which was executed safely with no damage to the helicopter... Read more

16-Nov-11 N410TV Eurocopter AS350B2 Scottsdale, US-Arizona

Emergency landing after bird strike caused hole 10×16 inches... Read more

15-Nov-11 N502AW Bell UH-1 Valle Airport, US-Arizona

Hard landing – starboard gear collapsed.  Pilot identified as 57-year-old Jeff Boatman... Read more

03-Nov-11 N88HC Bell B206 Buckeye, US-Arizona

Emergency services attended a helicopter that made a hard landing in a residential area, and was “leaking fluid”.  Photographs appear to show the skids have been deformed and the tail touching the ground.  Location is just north of Pierce Field (10AZ).... Read more

21-Jun-11 N49678 Bell 212 Mesa, US-Arizona

The Bell 212 was part of a three-aircraft test flight for Boeing. Two support aircraft were chasing an Apache Longbow on test flight when one of the support aircraft went down.... Read more

18-Jun-11 N334DC Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

Aft portion of tail boom separated on landing... Read more

31-May-11 N2072M Bell 206L.1 Peach Springs, US-Arizona

Engine cowling opened in flight and struck main rotor blades.  Helicopter landed without further incident.... Read more

15-Mar-11 N602RW Rotorway A600 Talon Chandler, US-Arizona

Development aircraft – report of jolt while in cruise flight – entered autorotation but heavy landing and helicopter ended up on its side.... Read more

22-Feb-11 146476 Bell 412 Yuma, US-Arizona

Brown out at 30 to 40 ft during an NVG approach... Read more

31-Jan-11 N530RL MD Helicopters MD530FF Waterman’s Peak, US-Arizona (1F)

The Pima County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that civilian pilot Loren Leonberger was pronounced dead at the scene of the PCSO helicopter crash near Avra Valley.  Other occupants were Edwin Nettleton, 58, and Paul Panzica, 41, who were released from the hospital ahead of Larry Sayers, 64, who was seriously injured.... Read more

09-Nov-10 N892PA Eurocopter AS350B2 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona

Tail rotor struck a cactus. Pilot was sole occupant... Read more

29-Oct-10 Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

FAA report “heavy landing”... Read more

20-Oct-10 N844SH Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona

FAA prelim report stated that this R22 “ended up on its side”. We note that we have another report dated 29th October of the same type of helicopter in Prescott AZ – perhaps the FAA got the wrong date on this report?... Read more

01-Oct-10 N352FB Eurocopter AS350B3 Phoenix, US-Arizona

Emergency landing made after chip light illuminated... Read more

30-Sep-10 N822MH Eurocopter EC130 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona

Tail rotor struck canvas umbrella while hovering at low level... Read more

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