US-Arkansas Accidents

08-Apr-21 N9274 Enstrom 28A Springdale, US-Arkansas

FAA – Skid stuck in mud while hover training, bending the skid... Read more

04-Nov-20 N3191 Bell 407 Little Rock, US-Arkansas

Heavy autorotation landing.  Sole occupant pilot not injured... Read more

30-Sep-20 N250Z Guimbal G2 Bentonville, US-Arkansas

Bent skids and tail rotor ground strike on landing... Read more

21-Jun-15 N305CG Robinson R44 Danville, US-Arkansas

Force landing in field, aircraft destroyed... Read more

20-Mar-15 N701CT Robinson R44 Hot Springs, US-Arkansas

While landing at his own helipad, the pilot said the ground gave way beneath the pad causing the tail rotor to strike the dirt. This caused the helicopter to spin uncontrollably, and it ended up in nearby trees... Read more

29-Jan-15 N43762 Bell 47 White Rock, US-Arkansas

Impacted terrain during autorotation demonstration... Read more

29-Jan-15 N43762 Bell 47G North Little Rock, US-Arkansas

Substantially damaged after main blades hit tail boom during landing... Read more

04-Oct-14 N4426M Bell 206B Atlanta, US-Arkansas

Attempting to take off from a helicopter transport trailer in a cleared section of pine forest . For some reason the helicopter never made it fully airborne, and tipped over on its starboard side beside the trailer.  Robert Dale Garzolini, pilot and owner of Terre Haute Helicopters, West Terre Haute, IN, was injured... Read more

19-Jun-13 N467AE Bell 206L4 Jonesboro, US-Arkansas

The Jonesboro, Ark., crew was on final to their base when they experienced a mechanical issue. The pilot initiated a precautionary landing, landing the aircraft at the base with no injuries to crew members. The aircraft sustained damage.... Read more

21-Aug-09 N166EH Eurocopter AS350 Perryville, US-Arkansas

21-Aug-09 N166EH Eurocopter AS350 Perryville, US-Arkansas... Read more

4-Apr-09 N760AF SIkorsky S76 Little Rock, US-Arkansas

4-Apr-09 N760AF SIkorsky S76 Little Rock, US-Arkansas... Read more

19-Jan-09 N350BH Eurocopter AS350 nr Forest City, US-Arkansas

19-Jan-09 N350BH Eurocopter AS350 nr Forest City, US-Arkansas... Read more

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