US-Colorado Accidents

24-Aug-20 N280SG Enstrom 280FX Longmont, US-Colorado

FAA report unexplained field landing... Read more

20-May-17 N778TL Robinson R66 Canon City, US-Colorado

Close to company base, helicopter landed upright, but with main blades slicing the tail boom off close to the tail rotor... Read more

06-Sep-15 N914SM Airbus AS350B3 Ironton, US-Colorado

Tail rotor struck vegetation landing.  No injuries, damage unknown... Read more

02-Sep-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Rampart Range, US-Colorado

Crashed into trees during a training exercise.  Two severely injured, two minor.... Read more

03-Jul-15 N390LG Airbus AS350B3e Frisco, US-Colorado (1F)

With pilot and two paramedics on board, the helicopter started spinning shortly after take off and crashed about 20 seconds later, causing fatal injuries to pilot Patrick Mahany.The helicopter hit a parked pickup truck and travel camper and the helicopter was consumed by the ensuing fire. Flight paramedic Dave Repsher was burned in the crash... Read more

03-Jul-15 N974BR Airbus EC130 Somerset, US-Colorado

Clipped powerline and damaged blades.  Landed with no injuries to those on board... Read more

26-Jan-15 N86235 Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado (2F)

Crashed adjacent to the threshold of runway 15 and burnt out.  Mountain View Fire & Rescue issued a statement saying there were two fatalities.  This short video interview suggests that part of the helicopter separated in mid air.  Operator Mountain One Helicopters announced on their Facebook page that the victims were instructor Alex Viola and... Read more

08-Dec-14 N509LH Enstrom 280FX Fort Lupton, US-Colorado

Lost power in cruise at 600ft and force landed in field just NE of Platte Valley Airpark,  causing minor injuries to 25-year old female pilot, who was not named in press reports.  Photo... Read more

25-Jul-14 N154GC Eurocopter EC130 Boulder City, US-Colorado

During hover taxi to land, made contact with fixed wing DHC-6 N190GC taxiing on taxiway for departure.  Extensively damaged... Read more

03-May-14 N407MH Bell 407 Telluride, US-Colorado

Emergency landing onto snow at 10,000 ft altitude, damaging blades, after reported engine problem.... Read more

27-Jan-14 N207DS Bell 206L3 Silt, US-Colorado (3F)

Crashed from low level during powerline survey work for Holy Cross Energy.  All 3 POB fatally injured, including Doug Sheffer, owner and chief pilot of DBS Helicopters (from this page).  The others were named here as Larry Shaffer and Christopher Gaskill... Read more

16-Jul-13 N775AR Bell UH-1H Dove Creek, US-Colorado (1F)

UH-1H crashed while performing seismographic operations at an oil drilling rig in the area.  News report here states AJ Blain, 27, died in the crash, said Joyce Barnett, Dolores County, Colo., coroner... Read more

07-May-13 N20Z Bell 206L La Junta, US-Colorado

Crashed in open land and fell onto its side.  Reported as on photo mission.  Three occupants had minor injuries... Read more

12-Jun-12 N590AE Eurocopter AS350B3 Grand Junction, US-Colorado

Bird strike at 12,000 ft amsl.  Pilot elected to abort and return to base.  Alternate aircraft sent to carry out patient transfer... Read more

03-Oct-11 N412SM Bell 412EP Crawford, US-Colorado

While in cruise flight at 11,500?MSL from Grand Junction, CO to Gunnison, CO, the transmission warning light illuminated. The pilot also observed a decrease in pressure on the transmission oil pressure gauge. The helicopter landed safely without incident in a field, was immediately taken out of service and secured.... Read more

11-Sep-11 N412SM Bell 412 Grand Junction, US-Colorado

Bird strike, returned to base. After thorough inspection of the helicopter no significant damage was found and it was returned to service.... Read more

23-Jul-11 N915BW Robinson R44 Broomfield, US-Colorado

Take off phase, ended up on its side... Read more

17-May-11 Boeing AH-64 Hanover, US-Colorado

A 1-2 Aviation Reconnaissance Battalion flying an Apache helicopter made a cautionary landing in Hanover, east of Butts Army Airfield when a red warning light came on... Read more

08-May-11 N921JM Robinson R44 Golden, US-Colorado

Helicopter clipped a tree at low level when watching a skateboard race on Lookout Mountain near Golden, CO.  Also check out YouTube videos here and here... Read more

23-Apr-11 Colorado Springs, US-Colorado

Precautionary landing in a field in northern El Paso County due to poor weather/visibility.  3 POB. No damage... Read more

08-Mar-11 N131AL Hughes 369D Meeker, US-Colorado

Press report states “tail boom separated”... Read more

01-Mar-11 N74816 Robinson R44 Glenwood Springs, US-Colorado

Rolled onto its side during take-off manoeuvre... Read more

28-Jan-11 N515MT Bell 407 Colorado Springs, US-Colorado

Precautionary landing on school field after warning light illuminated.  Timed at 3.30am local... Read more

14-Nov-10 N299RJ Schweizer 269C Lafayette, US-Colorado

Engine not running evenly, pilot put down very heavily, skids collapsed.... Read more

03-Nov-10 N8533F Bell B206 Meeker, US-Colorado (1F)

Wirestrike reported. Piloted by former ABC7 pilot Rich Westra, the accident tragically killing his wife Kelly Westra.... Read more

17-Sep-10 N5802W Eurocopter AS355F1 Pikes Peak, US-Colorado

Helicopter was filming an unmanned Audi TTS car currently under development.  The accident is quoted as being close to the summit of Pike’s Peak, which is over 14,000 ft high... Read more

19-Aug-09 Sikorsky UH-60 Mount Massive, Leadville, US-Colorado (4F)

19-Aug-09 Sikorsky UH-60 Mount Massive, Leadville, US-Colorado... Read more

2-Jul-09 N38AZ Bell B206L Quandry Mountain, US-Colorado

2-Jul-09 N38AZ Bell B206L Quandry Mountain, US-Colorado... Read more

17-May-09 N911GX Bell B407 Denver, US-Colorado

17-May-09 N911GX Bell B407 Denver, US-Colorado... Read more

16-May-09 N394LG Eurocopter AS350B2 Simla, US-Colorado

16-May-09 N394LG Eurocopter AS350B2 Simla, US-Colorado... Read more

20-Apr-09 N409LH Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado

20-Apr-09 N409LH Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado... Read more

26-Mar-09 Sikorsky UH-60 Monarch Pass, US-Colorado

26-Mar-09 Sikorsky UH-60 Monarch Pass, US-Colorado... Read more

13-Mar-09 N222LL Bell B222 Milliken, US-Colorado

13-Mar-09 N222LL Bell B222 Milliken, US-Colorado... Read more

27-Jan-09 N392LG Eurocopter AS350 , US-Colorado

27-Jan-09 N392LG Eurocopter AS350 , US-Colorado... Read more

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