US-Florida Accidents

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08-Oct-22 N5DF Bell 505 Fort Myers, US-Florida

Struck tower, causing helicopter to crash... Read more

01-Jun-22 N239FW Bell OH-58A Tallahassee, US-Florida

Forced landing in a wooded area.  No injuries reported to 2 POB... Read more

02-Apr-22 N7057L Hughes 269A Fort White, US-Florida

FAA: “Crashed into a field for unknown reasons”... Read more

03-Mar-22 N183PS Robinson R44 Titusville, US-Florida

Shortly after take-off from Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, an emergency landing was made in a parking lot of a self-storage business following loss of engine power. Helicopter was heading to Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St. Augustine No damage is evident from the poor press image Helicopter makes emergency landing in Titusville parking... Read more

20-Feb-22 N544SB Robinson R44 Miami, US-Florida

Crashed into the water close to a busy beach.  Three POB were seriously injured, and were named here as Morgan Geller, Rachelle Mussary Arkin, and Robert Arkin This afternoon at 1:10 p.m., MBPD received a call of a helicopter crash in the ocean near 10 Street. Police and @MiamiBeachFire responded to the scene along with... Read more

19-Feb-22 N1342X Bell 47G4A Titusville, US-Florida

Hard landing in field.  No injuries to 2 POB... Read more

28-Sep-21 N212HT Robinson R44 Miami, US-Florida

Blade struck fence on landing.  Minor injury to the 4 POB Helicopter destroyed... Read more

08-Apr-21 N258LE Bell OH-58A Naples, US-Florida

Successful emergency landing made on football pitch, following a possible governor failure that happened shortly after the aircraft left Naples Municipal Airport... Read more

04-Feb-21 N820H Bell 206B Pahokee, US-Florida

While conducting low level nighttime frost control operations, the helicopter dropped to the ground, rolled over and caught fire.  No injury reported to the 2 POB... Read more

26-Jan-21 N474AT Robinson R22 West Palm Beach, US-Florida

Heavy autorotation landing.  FAA report damage as Substantial... Read more

30-Dec-21 N442VB Robinson R44 Bronson, US-Florida (4F)

A family of four died in a helicopter crash, named in this press story as Ronald Hicks, 36, Shelly Hicks, 32, Parker Hicks, 8, and Jaylyn Hicks, 5, of Bell, Florida.  The helicopter was registered to Hicks Seal Coating & Striping LLC. A father, mother, and their two children were killed Thursday night when their private... Read more

16-Oct-20 N777CP Bell 206 Lakeland, US-Florida

Autorotation into a green swamp wilderness due to engine issues.  Tail boom separated and blades struck trees... Read more

25-Aug-20 N276TH Sikorsky S76C West Palm Beach, US-Florida

Landing gear collapsed while taxying after landing. 2POB not injured... Read more

12-Apr-20 N160CC Airbus H125 Tampa, US-Florida

Hillsborurgh County Sheriff helicopter suffered bird strike. No injury reported to 2 POB... Read more

09-Apr-20 N9334W Airbus SA341 Fort Myers, US-Florida

Hard landing.  No injury reported to 1 POB... Read more

19-Feb-19 N512GS Robinson R22 Clearwater, US-Florida

Training accident, rollover onto starboard side.  Heavily damaged – see images... Read more

29-Jan-19 N680DG Airbus AS350B2 Tampa, US-Florida

Pilot was practicing autorotations, landed hard and bent boom.... Read more

10-Jan-19 N828KB Bell 230 Brooksville, US-Florida (1F)

Helicopter blades struck ramp worker during startup.  The man who was killed was identified in this report as Salvatore Disi, 62... Read more

02-May-17 N911GE Bell 206B Fort McCoy, US-Florida

A Marion County Sheriff’s Office helicopter that was assisting the Florida Forest Service and Marion County Fire Rescue with active brush fires crashed while dipping a bucket for water in a lake.  Pilot is named in press reports as Sgt. John Rawls... Read more

09-Dec-15 N4427H Robinson R44 West Palm Beach, US-Florida

Accident reported on NTSB website without further details... Read more

01-Dec-15 Robinson R22A South Venice, US-Florida

R22 went down on a training flight from Venice Regional Airport.  Female student named here as Agnus Jolumo was airlifted to Sarasota Memorial Hospital with head and facial injuries, while the male instructor Ronald Vasconcelos went by land ambulance with minor injuries to Venice Bayfront Health FAA quote this as N8560M but that R22 was... Read more

04-Sep-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Sanford, US-Florida

Light aircraft ground taxying ran into parked and unattended US Army Blackhawk... Read more

03-Sep-15 N16056 MD Helicopters MD500E New Smyrna Beach, US-Florida

Brian Hayes, Volusia County Mosquito Control’s chief pilot, was flying a routine larvae-cide mission when the helicopter crashed.... Read more

06-Aug-15 N800BP Robinson R22 Hollywood, US-Florida

Precautionary landing on golf course. Later cleared for onward flight... Read more

10-Jul-15 N572AM Airbus AS350B2 Tallahassee, US-Florida

Emergency field landing.  Pilot was only one on board Date could be 09-Jul-15 (press report was very early morning on 10-Jul-15)... Read more

24-Apr-15 N7371T Robinson R44 Lakeland, US-Florida

Blade damaged while helicopter being fueled.  The location and date suggest that this was at the Sun’N’Fun event... Read more

27-Mar-15 163220 Bell TH-57B Pensacola, US-Florida

US Navy TH-57B rolled over onto its starboard side during a night training flight.  Instructor and student not seriously injured... Read more

22-Mar-15 N30242 Robinson R44 Orlando, US-Florida (3F)

R44 went down two miles west of the airport it took off from, crashing into a house and killing the pilot and two passengers – later named here as Bruce Teitelbaum, 48, and Marsha Khan, 55,  and Harry Anderson, 42... Read more

09-Mar-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Pensacola, US-Florida (11F)

7 Marines and 4 Army personnel killed in poor visibility on Florida coast. The missing Marines were from a special operations regiment out of Camp LeJeune in North Carolina – identified as  Capt. Stanford Henry Shaw III , Master Sgt. Thomas Saunders, Staff Sgt. Liam Flynn, Staff Sgt. Trevor P. Blaylock , Staff Sgt. Kerry... Read more

12-Feb-15 Bell TH-57 Spencer Field, US-Florida

Training accident of a SeaRanger out of Whiting Field NAS, rolling over onto its side while landing... Read more

28-Jan-15 N475AT Robinson R22 West Palm Beach, US-Florida

Mid air collision with fixed wing Piper Pa28 N54380... Read more

29-Dec-14 N771MM Robinson R22 Lantana, US-Florida (1F)

Crashed in unknown circumstances just outside boundary fence of Lantana Airport – killing instructor Luis Aviles, and seriously injuring student pilot Johnathan Desouza... Read more

23-Oct-14 N418SV Bell 206B Palm Beach, US-Florida

Substantially damaged.  FAA website provides no further information at this time... Read more

13-Sep-14 Everglades City, US-Florida

Emergency landing – pilot requested a mechanic, and some water.  No details of any damage in teh press reports... Read more

05-Jun-14 Bell TH-57 Whiting Field, US-Florida

Both instructor and student injured in training flight accident at NAS Whiting Field... Read more

08-Feb-14 N571AC Robinson R44 Panacea, US-Florida (2F)

Officials believe the helicopter had just taken off when it hit trees close to the Wakulla County Airport’s runway. The helicopter then cut nearby power lines, and came to rest in a marshy area.  53-year-old Curtis Robert Clifford and 49-year-old Terry Bryan Ooten were found dead, while 45-year-old Sheri Noelle Devore survived... Read more

03-Feb-14 N8618F MD Helicopters MD500D Naples, US-Florida

Tail struck ground during autorotation training... Read more

31-Jan-14 N80GH Sikorsky S76A Fort Lauderdale, US-Florida

Main rotor blades struck hangar while taxying... Read more

23-Jan-14 N72AP Robinson R22 North Palm Beach, US-Florida

Training accident, helicopter ended up on its starboard side... Read more

21-Jan-14 N2110J Schweizer 300CBi Titusville, US-Florida

Landing accident, helicopter on its side... Read more

10-Jan-14 West Palm Beach, US-Florida

Helicopter clipped wing of parked fixed wing.  Unclear whether helicopter was taking off, landing or being repositioned at the time... Read more

06-Dec-13 N1001N Texas M74L (Bell 47G) Sebring, US-Florida (1F)

Pilot died in accident from low level on agricultural operations.  Post crash fire.  The pilot was later identified as Jon Whitaker... Read more

03-Dec-12 162027 Bell TH-57C Walnut Hill, US-Florida

Safe emergency landing with no injuries to 3 POB... Read more

29-Sep-13 Lehigh Acres, US-Florida

Crashed and subsequently completely burnt out.  Pilot Donald Purden conscious and alert... Read more

07-Aug-13 N803DS Bell 407 Daytona Beach, US-Florida

Emergency landing on the beach, no damage... Read more

08-May-13 N318DB Eurocopter SA318C Everglades National Park, US-Florida

Pilot reported a loss of engine power while hovering the helicopter at 20 feet during biological survey flight. Aircraft was substantially damaged.... Read more

02-May-13 N209LF Eurocopter EC130 Walnut Hill, US-Florida

EMS Helicopter grounded after technical (electrical?) fault on take-off.  Patient on board and taken onwards by ground ambulance... Read more

23-Apr-13 N473SD Hughes OH-6A Crystal River, US-Florida

Emergency landing at night on highway US19.  Pilot minor injuries treated at scene, co-pilot uninjured... Read more

03-Apr-13 N3101H Robinson R44 Tamiami, US-Florida (2F)

Crashed into a parking lot two miles after take-off, killing both occupants.  Non-aviation witnesses report an explosion before the helicopter reached the ground. Post crash fire.  The deceased were later named by Miami Dade Police as pilot Mark Palmieri and passenger Ross Allen.  One report states it was a post-maintenance test flight... Read more

30-Mar-13 N770CQ Robinson R44 Halledale, US-Florida

Precautionary landing – no further details known... Read more

19-Feb-13 N2099S Schweizer 300CBi Titusville, US-Florida

Heavy landing, deforming the skids, on the side of Highway US-1 after engine malfunction... Read more

06-Feb-13 N5072R Hiller UH-12B Meritt Island, US-Florida

Heavy landing from 75ft after pilot reported loss of power,  Port skid collapsed, tail rotor damaged.  3 POB, 1 to hospital, 2 refused.... Read more

26-Jan-13 N9041U Hiller UH-12B Adams Ranch, US-Florida

Apparent engine failure on a flight to shoot feral hogs.   Pilot William Harward and his two passengers, Massad Ayoob and Jonathan Strayer, were treated at Raulerson Memorial Hospital in Okeechobee and released... Read more

02-Jan-13 N345VH Robinson R22 Tampa, US-Florida

Helicopter tipped over onto its starboard side on a training flight landing... Read more

18-Dec-12 N804MP Eurocopter AS350B3 Miami, US-Florida

Bird strike – turkey vulture broke windshield and injured pilot – the only person on board.  Safe landing in a parking lot... Read more

30-Nov-12 N2626N Robinson R22 Apollo Beach, US-Florida (1F)

Crashed into water, killing sole occupant pilot John “Larry” Ward.  Witness reported rotor blade separation... Read more

28-Nov-12 N911FK Sikorsky S76A Tavernier, US-Florida

Tail rotor damage after striking tree.  EMS aircraft, accident time 0130 local.... Read more

20-Sep-12 N911CK Eurocopter EC135T1 Naples, US-Florida

Bird strike to upper cowling and rotor system, during night flight. Maintenance cleaned and inspected finding no damage... Read more

01-Sep-12 N577LF Eurocopter EC135P2+ Escambia County, US-Florida

Hit by laser while circling potential EZ landing site.  Source identified, arrest made... Read more

24-Jul-12 N9679F Hughes 300C St Petersburg, US-Florida

General media reported it as a tail rotor issue while hovering.  Helicopter came to rest close to a fence... Read more

04-Jul-12 N561CH Robinson R44 Tallahassee, US-Florida

Crashed into lake – student pilot on night training exercise... Read more

13-Jun-12 Boeing CV-22B Navarre, US-Florida

Crashed on training mission out of Hurlburt Field’s Eglin Range, injuring all five occupants... Read more

04-Jun-12 N427AL Bell 427 Indiantown, US-Florida

Hit buzzard in flight, emergency landing ended up with helicopter on its side.  5 POB to hospital as a precautionary measure, but not seriously injured.  Helicopter registered to Southern Aviation Systems, but address points to this being linked to corporate operator Southern Waste Systems... Read more

25-May-12 N806LA Bell 206B Longboat Key, US-Florida

Lost power and force landed on beach.  Slight damage to tail boom noted from press photo.  Helicopter was en route to Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport made an emergency landing this afternoon on Longboat Key’s Gulfside beach.... Read more

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