US-Illinois Accidents

15-Sep-21 N166LW Robinson R66 Reynoldsville, US-Illinois

Aircraft crashed into field after striking power lines (FAA)... Read more

20-Dec-20 N3264U Robinson R44 Morris, US-Illinois

Substantially damaged – during a touch-and-go, helicopter touched down and fell onto its side 1 minor injury... Read more

06-Aug-20 N137HS Bell 206B Paris, US-Illinois

Aircraft struck powerlines during aerial application... Read more

07-May-17 Bell 206 Waterloo, US-Illinois

Helicopter involved in low level agricultural work, clipped wires and came down into the field.  Pilot walked away... Read more

16-Oct-15 N443MM Robinson R44 II Lincoln Park, US-Illinois

Emergency landing in the parking lot outside a store after reported fuel problems.  No Damage apparent in press photos... Read more

05-Aug-15 N9427F Hughes 300B Atkinson, US-Illinois

Agricultural Pilot Marion Turpin was seriously injured when his helicopter crashed into soybean crop after hitting powerlines at low level. Post crash fire... Read more

12-Aug-14 N7089J Bell 47G-5 Mansfield, US-Illinois (1F)

Helicopter clipped powerlines and crashed killing pilot Paul Reynolds during a low level transit between fields he was working on.... Read more

23-Jul-14 Oquawka, US-Illinois

helicopter crash injured a 68-year-old Oquawka man... Read more

06-Mar-14 N330RE Robinson R44 Dupage, US-Illinois

Field landing, no other details supplied in FAA preliminary... Read more

02-Oct-13 N554SA Robinson R22 Lansing, US-Illinois

Training flight, skid clipped ground during hovering practice and helicopter rolled onto its starboard side with fuel leaking from it (photo).  Neither student Charles Fink or instructor Raymond Daniel were injured... Read more

28-Jul-13 Robinson R44 Capron, US-Illinois

Agricultural ops.  Company owner Dwayne Deakins refers to pilot as “Dale” in this video... Read more

03-Jun-13 N2318X Robinson R22B Lansing, US-Illinois

Training accident.  Main blades chopped tail boom.  Helicopter ended up on its skids... Read more

10-Dec-12 N911BK Eurocopter BK117B3 Rochelle, US-Illinois (3F)

Three killed in an EMS helicopter accident – en route from Rockford base to Mendota to pick up a patient.  Weather reported as a factor.  Pilot later named as Andy Olesen, and the two flight nurses were Jim Dillow and Karen Hollis... Read more

27-May-12 N1UB Robinson R44 Peoria, US-Illinois

Tail struck ground while hovering, causing helicopter to crash land on its side... Read more

21-Apr-12 N34LB Schweizer 300C Schaumburg, US-Illinois

Tail rotor struck ground handling platform during landing... Read more

13-Nov-11 N330SL Eurocopter BK117 Carbondale, US-Illinois

Main rotor struck tail boom on shut down... Read more

27-Jul-11 N10009 Texas M74A (Bell 47) Creston, US-Illinois

The pilot was landing the helicopter on a helicopter cart. He said that the helicopter’s skid got caught on the cart and the helicopter subsequently rolled over. There were no mechanical malfunctions with the helicopter during the flight. The helicopter sustained substantial damage to its tailboom when it rolled.... Read more

12-May-11 N9263Y Bell OH-58C New Athens, US-Illinois (1F)

Coroner reported that James Burks of Hot Springs, Ark. was pronounced dead at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville.   Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Hundelt says the helicopter was spraying fungicide on a wheat field near New Athens when the rotor separated from the aircraft, causing it to crash.... Read more

16-Dec-10 N101AE Bell B206L-1 Peoria, US-Illinois

Landing accident, damage level not given in FAA preliminary report... Read more

20-Sep-10 N34LB Hughes 269 Schaumburg, US-Illinois

Tail struck ground on training flight... Read more

28-Aug-09 N830SF Bell B230 Peoria, US-Illinois

28-Aug-09 N830SF Bell B230 Peoria, US-Illinois... Read more

14-Aug-09 N38096 Bell B47 Texas M74 DeKalb, US-Illinois

14-Aug-09 N38096 Bell B47 Texas M74 DeKalb, US-Illinois... Read more

1-Jul-09 N880SF Bell B230 Peoria, US-Illinois

1-Jul-09 N880SF Bell B230 Peoria, US-Illinois... Read more

17-Mar-09 N101AE Bell B206 Springfield, US-Illinois

17-Mar-09 N101AE Bell B206 Springfield, US-Illinois... Read more

17-Mar-09 N595AE Bell B206 Springfield, US-Illinois

17-Mar-09 N595AE Bell B206 Springfield, US-Illinois... Read more

23-Feb-09 N880SF Eurocopter BK117 St Louis Downtown Airport, US-Illinois

23-Feb-09 N880SF Eurocopter BK117 St Louis Downtown Airport, US-Illinois... Read more

21-Feb-09 N880SF Bell B230 , US-Illinois

21-Feb-09 N880SF Bell B230 , US-Illinois... Read more

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