US-Maryland Accidents

01-Mar-22 N786SH Robinson R22 Fallston, US-Maryland

Hover taxiing, caught a skid and fell onto its side... Read more

03-Apr-21 N74347 Robinson R22 Baltimore, US-Maryland

FAA report “tail rotor strike during hover manoevres”... Read more

12-Sep-20 N453F Airbus H120 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Precautionary emergency landing at Patterson Park on after a warning light came on (per press), or “altitude and radio issues” (per FAA)... Read more

11-Aug-20 N45?F Airbus H120 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Police helicopter made emergency landing in park.  No damage/injuries Data from market intelligence firm Parapex Media shows that Baltimore Police currently operate four Airbus H120s, registered N451F, N452F, N453F and N454F... Read more

30-Sep-18 N440SH Robinson R44 Westminster, US-Maryland

Helicopter was trying to take off from the top level of a parking garage when the operator lost control, striking a parked car... Read more

24-Mar-15 N43CM Bell 206B Taylors Island, US-Maryland

Landed in shallow water close to the shore of Taylor’s Island.  Remained upright and the 2 POB got out and walked to the shore after experiencing a mechanical problem.  Pilot named as 45-year-old Vincent Giglio of New Jersey and passenger 61-year-old Ronald Lopes of New York... Read more

23-Oct-14 N7518Q Robinson R44 Frederick, US-Maryland (3F)

Mid-air collision with Cirrus fixed wing N122ES.  Helicopter crashed fatally in an industrial area.  Total of three fatal – named later as Christopher David Parsons, 29, of Westminster, an instructor for Advanced Helicopter Concepts.  William Jenkins, 47, of Colorado, and Breandan J. MacFawn, 35, of Cumberland, were also killed... Read more

25-May-14 N9023Z Brantly B2B Hart-Miller Island, US-Maryland

Helicopter was reported “in difficulties” and had reported tail rotor control issues.  Hard landing, helicopter fell over onto its port side on landing.  Pilot and Passenger walked away... Read more

01-May-14 N802CP Robinson R22 Frederick, US-Maryland

During low level hover while training, helicopter fell to the ground and onto its starboard side... Read more

31-Jan-14 N85SK Eurocopter EC130 Westminster, US-Maryland

Force landed in field near Clearview Airport... Read more

25-Sep-13 N95MD Eurocopter AS365N3 Leonardtown, US-Maryland

State Police helicopter made wheels-up landing and remained upright on the fuselage... Read more

12-Sep-13 AgustaWestland AW139 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Helicopter grounded after pilot found hole (possibly from a bullet) in a rotor blade on pre-flight inspection... Read more

30-May-13 N407HC Bell 407 Columbia, US-Maryland

Emergency landing in school field, helicopter remained upright.  Tail boom sliced by main rotor blades... Read more

05-Jan-13 Eurocopter EC120 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Word reaching us that a Baltimore Police EC120 has made an emergency landing near the junction of Hanover Street and Reedbird Avenue in Baltimore at 0025 local time.  Later flew back to base.... Read more

09-Jun-12 Mosquito Mount Vernon, US-Maryland

Single engined helicopter crashed into the Wicomico River near the Whitehaven Ferry.  Rescued by boat without serious injuries.... Read more

20-Feb-12 N82MD Eurocopter AS365N2 Harford County, US-Maryland

Engine vibrations in flight, made emergency landing and there was a fire in the engine too... Read more

29-Jul-11 N39SH Schweizer 300C Darlington, US-Maryland

Heavy landing which damaged the helicopter after pilot Steven Rindone experienced severe in-flight vibration and put the helicopter down as soon as he could.... Read more

24-May-11 Oxon Hill

Prince George’s County Fire Department Spokesperson Mark Brady says a military helicopter made an emergency landing... Read more

14-Mar-11 Eurocopter BK117 Mardela Springs, US-Maryland

“They made a precautionary emergency landing due to an equipment malfunction, and they had a patient on board,” said Cpl. Kelly Matthews with the Wicomico Sheriff’s Office.... Read more

29-Jan-11 Eurocopter BK117 Baltimore, US-Maryland

Precautionary landing for a potential mechanical problem.... Read more

06-Jan-11 N329PH Eurocopter EC135P2 Reisterstown, US-Maryland

A medevac helicopter en route to a Caroll County hospital made an emergency landing in Reisterstown Thursday night, Baltimore County police said.... Read more

23-Jul-09 N7189W Robinson R44 Frederick, US-Maryland (4F)

23-Jul-09 N7189W Robinson R44 Frederick, US-Maryland... Read more

29-Jan-09 N272DE Eurocopter AS365 , US-Maryland

29-Jan-09 N272DE Eurocopter AS365 , US-Maryland... Read more

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