US-Montana Accidents

09-Sep-21 N523EH Bell 212 Livingston, US-Montana

Significant vibration experienced, emergency landing.  Damage level not known... Read more

15-Jun-21 N398M Bell UH-1 Townsend, US-Montana

Firefighting helicopter made heavy landing under adverse wind conditions.  The aircraft spun right about 120 degrees on landing, and rolled to the left, caught fire and burned out.  Before catching fire, all 5 POB were safety evacuated from the aircraft. Helicopter was working the Deep Creek fire.... Read more

04-May-15 N504WD Airbus AS350BA Hamilton, US-Montana

On shutting down after practice autorotations, a wrinkle was discovered in the tail boom... Read more

13-Mar-15 N5688N Enstrom F28C-2 Shelby, US-Montana

Minor damage after skid touched ground while hovering... Read more

04-Apr-14 N43MA Bell 206B Missoula, US-Montana

Rolled over onto its side in an open field on a training flight.  Minor injuries to the two POB.  NTSB report here... Read more

02-Nov-13 N888DR Bell 206B Superior, US-Montana

During lifting operations, rotated to the ground and rolled over... Read more

27-Jul-13 N25WH Robinson R44 Thompson Falls, US-Montana (1F)

Pilot Todd Hanawalt and two passengers were surveying power lines for a company on Saturday afternoon when the helicopter crashed. killing Hanawalt... Read more

28-Jun-13 Bell 206L3 Missoula, US-Montana

Crew was practicing water-bucket drops at about 1 p.m. Friday when the helicopter crashed. It was sitting upright in about 3 feet of water with the tail boom damaged just forward of the tail rotor and the main blade tips showing signs of having struck something... Read more

06-May-13 N911SV Eurocopter EC135 Reed Point, US-Montana

Bird strike broke windshield while flying over Reed Point under NVG conditions.  The pilot determined that the aircraft was safe to continue the flight to base at the Billings airport.  No injuries.... Read more

01-May-13 N322MH Schweizer 300C Hamilton, US-Montana

Minor damage during training flight... Read more

27-Apr-13 N150SP Bell 206B Shepherd, US-Montana (1F)

Sole occupant pilot killed after striking wires... Read more

25-Apr-13 N937GR Bell 407 Mount Aeneas, US-Montana

Rolled over on landing.  Supporting work on radio repeater site on the mountain... Read more

02-Apr-13 N369HW Hughes OH-6A Conner, US-Montana

Helicopter ended up with tail boom severed by main rotors – which were themselves removed by the accident.  Left skid completely deformed. All 4 occupants suffered minor injuries... Read more

18-Aug-12 N3939A Eurocopter AS350B3 Sunburst, US-Montana

Main driveshaft failure in low level hover... Read more

03-Aug-11 Bell UH-1 Johnsrud Park, US-Montana

Emergency landing beside road.  No apparent external damage... Read more

15-Jan-11 N78BR Bell B206 Three Forks, US-Montana

Main blades severed tail boom during autorotation on training flight... Read more

19-Jun-09 N911GF Eurocopter AS350B2 Great Falls, US-Montana

19-Jun-09 N911GF Eurocopter AS350B2 Great Falls, US-Montana... Read more

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