US-Nevada Accidents

02-Jun-22 N91JK Bell HH-1H Reno, US-Nevada

Hard landing during a training mission.  Helicopter was recovered by a Nevada National Guard CH-47 Washoe County Sheriff's Office RAVEN helicopter experiences hard landing north of Reno — Washoe Sheriff (@WashoeSheriff) June 5, 2022  ... Read more

11-Feb-22 N1023V Bell 47G2 Fallon, US-Nevada

Helicopter incurred a tail strike and then crashed onto the roof of a hangar, ending up on its port side. FAA incorrectly reported this as a Bell 407, rather than a Bell 47 as is evident in this image N1023V was not currently registered at the time of the accident.  FAA data shows it de-registered... Read more

06-May-21 N972BW MD Helicopters MD530F Palm Gardens, US-Nevada

FAA : Substantially damaged during long-line work.  2 POB not injured... Read more

16-Oct-20 N500DL Robinson R44 Pahrump, US-Nevada

Skid struck water causing helicopter to crash into it.  Helicopter ended inverted and mostly under water.  Pilot out safely... Read more

23-Oct-19 N225JM Robinson R44 Las Vegas, US-Nevada (2F)

The pilot and passenger were transported to a local hospital for treatment, but local press report the pilot died from injuries suffered in the crash, and the passenger remains in the hospital with critical injuries.  Pilot named here as 53-year-old Scott Socquet from Milford, Connecticut.  The passenger passed away two days later and was named here as Howard... Read more

18-Oct-19 N4066S Robinson R22 Lake Mead, US-Nevada

Dynamic rollover while landing on a sand dune... Read more

20-Feb-19 N350VH Robinson R22 Las Vegas, US-Nevada

Precautionary landing in water retention basin.  No injuries to 2 POB.  No damage to aircraft... Read more

18-Oct-15 N73224 Bell 47G3B Searchlight, US-Nevada

70 year old pilot Richard Dick was reportedly rounding up cattle at low level in windy conditions, when a gust caused him to crash... Read more

18-Aug-15 N17YS Schweizer 300C Las Vegas, US-Nevada

hard landing off field.  Substantially damaged... Read more

08-Jun-15 N911NV Bell UH-1H Washoe Valley, US-Nevada

Main blades clipped trees.  Landed without further incident... Read more

31-Dec-14 N530KK MD Helicopters MD530F Las Vegas, US-Nevada

Very heavy landing in residential area, minor injuries to 2 POB later named as David Callen and Paul Lourenco.... Read more

27-Aug-14 N4187W Robinson R22 Gardnerville, US-Nevada

Substantially damaged after striking wires 10 ft above ground on take-off.  Boom broken and tail separated. Heavy impact starboard side.  Pilot named in press as Doyle Holden and passenger as Karen Cole.... Read more

03-Jul-14 N832PA Airbus AS350B3 Winnemucca, US-Nevada

Heavy landing during sling-load operations for Bureau of Land Management.  Level of damage not known.... Read more

13-Apr-14 N78CS Helicycle Reno, US-Nevada (1F)

Single-seat recently-completed amateur-build helicopter crashed fatally shortly after take-off from Reno Stead Airport.  See also NTSB report... Read more

06-Apr-14 N441JL Robinson R44 Las Vegas, US-Nevada

Emergency field landing with time given by FAA as 00:11 local.  No injuries to the 4 POB... Read more

01-Jan-14 N133GC Eurocopter EC130 Boulder City, US-Nevada

Heavy landing and rolled over after losing power on a post-maintenance test flight.  Pilot was only person on board... Read more

26-Aug-13 Bell-Boeing MV-22 Creech AFB, US-Nevada

Heavy landing during a training exercise and caught fire.  4 POB unharmed... Read more

22-Jul-13 N233JP Bell UH-1H Mount Clarleston, US-Nevada (1F)

According to a LVMPD press release, David Vanbuskirk “somehow became detached from the hoist line, falling into the canyon below.” The distance that the man fell is under investigation, but Sheriff Doug Gillespie later stated in a press conference that “it is clear that this was a non-survivable fall and he died on impact.” The... Read more

22-Jul-13 N115SH Eurocopter AS350B2 Las Vegas, US-Nevada

Tail rotor struck ground on landing on a training flight.  From this press report – According to airport spokesperson Christine Crews told FOX5 one of the helicopter’s rotors struck the ground, causing significant damage to the aircraft. The Sundance spokesperson, though, said the Eurocopter AS350B2 had tail rotor and skid damage only.... Read more

20-Apr-13 N4237M Bell 206B Wells, US-Nevada

Tail rotor damaged on landing... Read more

18-Feb-13 N20620 Bell 206 Ely, US-Nevada (1F)

Ted McBride, 74, died after contact with a power line during agricultural operations... Read more

24-Sep-12 N911BL MD Helicopters MD530F Las Vegas, US-Nevada

Heavy landing on training flight and ended up on its starboard side.  Local press later named (here) Police Sgt. Darin R. Garness  as being at the controls, and the other pilot was officer Clifford Wicks.... Read more

18-May-12 Bell UH-1 Red Rock Canyon, US-Nevada

Las Vegas police Huey rescue helicopter clipped a Red Rock Canyon wall with its main rotor blades on a training flight with 5 POB.  Sources say a strong wind gust pushed the Bell HH-1H helicopter into a canyon wall in the Spring Mountain range.  Safe landing, no injuries... Read more

07-Dec-11 N37SH Eurocopter AS350B2 Las Vegas, US-Nevada (5F)

5 killed on “sunset” tour flight.  Pilot has been named as  Landon Nield, 31.  Passengers named include Delwin and Tamara Chapman, from Utica, Kansas, who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  The other two passengers were 26-year-old Anupama Bhola and 28-year-old Lovish Bhanot, both from New Delhi, India.... Read more

03-Dec-11 N431MA Bell 222U Pahrump, US-Nevada

Tailrotor struck a mound of dirt on landing... Read more

31-Aug-11 N902CF Eurocopter AS350B3 Gerlach, US-Nevada

During landing aircraft tipped forward onto toe of the skids. Minor damage to the nose of aircraft.... Read more

09-Jun-11 N272SM AgustaWestland A109E Elko, US-Nevada

Rotor blade struck unknown object in flight. Landed safely... Read more

11-Mar-11 N130GC Eurocopter EC130 Boulder City, US-Nevada

Landed hard during precautionary landing... Read more

08-Jun-10 N….. Bell OH-58 Reno, US-Nevada

Washoe County have two OH-58As – N1032F (Bell MSN 70-15595) and N1911 (71-20729)... Read more

21-Aug-09 N Robinson R44 West of Tonopah, US-Nevada

21-Aug-09 N Robinson R44 West of Tonopah, US-Nevada... Read more

13-Aug-09 N340SH Eurocopter AS350B2 Lake Mead, Las Vegas, US-Nevada

13-Aug-09 N340SH Eurocopter AS350B2 Lake Mead, Las Vegas, US-Nevada... Read more

12-Aug-09 N911WY MD Helicopters MD530FF Las Vegas, US-Nevada

12-Aug-09 N911WY MD Helicopters MD530FF Las Vegas, US-Nevada... Read more

10-Aug-09 N862MH Eurocopter EC130 Boulder Beach, US-Nevada

10-Aug-09 N862MH Eurocopter EC130 Boulder Beach, US-Nevada... Read more

22-Apr-09 N17YS Schweizer S269 15m from Las Vegas, US-Nevada

22-Apr-09 N17YS Schweizer S269 15m from Las Vegas, US-Nevada... Read more

10-Feb-09 166363 Sikorsky MH-60S 17m SE NAS Fallon, US-Nevada

10-Feb-09 166363 Sikorsky MH-60S 17m SE NAS Fallon, US-Nevada... Read more

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