US-Pennsylvania Accidents

11-Jan-22 N531LN Airbus EC135P2 Drexel Hill, US-Pennsylvania

Pilot reported difficulties while flying and made emergency landing in built-up area – it appeared to be circling at low level in this doorbell footage  All four on board, including a baby of 2 months old, got out without further injury. Air Methods statement : Today an Air Methods owned aircraft experienced an accident in... Read more

31-Oct-21 N132BR Bell 47D.1 Zelienople, US-Pennsylvania

Crashed into a field shortly after take-off... Read more

08-Sep-21 N51789 Enstrom 28C Toughkenamon, US-Pennsylvania

Landed hard, skid broke, helicopter rolled over... Read more

22-Apr-21 N4055N Robinson R44 Wilkes-Barre, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

Helicopter crashed in woodland under unknown circumstances at approx 9pm in evening.  The sole occupant pilot was named as the FAA-registered owner Sanjay Kansara, a doctor... Read more

03-Apr-21 N577DD Robinson R66 Riegle, US-Pennsylvania

Helicopter was inbound from Harrisburg, PA and ended upright after a very heavy landing.   The tail boom chopped off and the floats had popped out, the latter likely due to the landing impact. Pilot was the only POB. Image from Pennlive report... Read more

15-Nov-20 N442ME Airbus EC135 Williamsport, US-Pennsylvania

Bird strike left six inch hole in chin bubble window FAA just reported this as “Stat 13” which is a callsign and not a registration, but our research identified it as N442ME... Read more

15-Apr-20 N51NL Leonardo AW169 Philadelphia, US-Pennsylvania

Copilot window fell out at 1000 ft agl.  Corporate part 91 operation... Read more

09-Jan-20 N450MC Robinson R66 Silver Spring Township, US-Pennsylvania (2F)

A helicopter crashed in a backyard of a home in Silver Spring Township, US-Pennsylvania. The two occupants on-board died, no injuries on the ground reported.... Read more

09-Nov-17 N500DC MD Helicopters 500D York, US-Pennsylvania

Precautionary field landing, per FAA report... Read more

20-Aug-17 N9526 Bell 47G2A St Marys, US-Pennsylvania

Heavy field landing after reported engine failure.  Little/no damage to tail boom suggests mainly vertical impact, although main blades broken at the rotorhead.  Aircraft is registered to James Delullo at an address in the same town as the accident location.... Read more

17-Jun-14 N152CC Schweizer 300CBi Allentown, US-Pennsylvania

Substantially damaged, injuring female pilot.  High vertical force impact, remained on skids... Read more

12-Feb-14 Eurocopter EC145 Pittston, US-Pennsylvania

Emergency landing at airport with patient on board.  Second helicopter came to take patient on to destination.  Unstated technical issue, needed engineer.  Operator Geisinger has six EC145s and one BK117... Read more

29-Jan-14 Boeing AH-64 Richland, US-Pennsylvania

Helicopter calling emergency with one engine shut down and 2 POB.  Cambria County Airport area.  Safe night landing... Read more

27-Sep-13 N631DP Enstrom F28C Bloomsburg, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

69-year old pilot Carl Enlow had stopped flying tours at a fair for a refuel and to allow a relief pilot to take over.  Enlow went back to speak to the pilot who relieved him when his hat blew off his head and he was struck by the rotor when he reached for it.... Read more

27-Jul-13 N646AG Robinson R66 Tunkhannock, US-Pennsylvania (5F)

En route from Lehighton PA to Endecott NY with five aboard was en route when it disappeared from radar during conditions of severe thunderstorms and heavy fog. The last communication to ATC was a report around 10 pm Saturday that he was “losing altitude and would try to return to a nearby airfield.”.  Wreckage was... Read more

14-Feb-13 Eurocopter EC145 Danville, US-Pennsylvania

EMS EC145 clipped crane on hospital it was operating out of... Read more

30-Jan-13 N153P Bell 206L3 LaTrobe, US-Pennsylvania

Helicopter blown onto its side by high winds... Read more

17-Oct-12 C-FXGM Eurocopter AS355F2 Tinicum Township, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

Crashed 500m from an early morning take off, killing the sole occupant pilot – named as Doug Brigham... Read more

13-Oct-12 N369SN MD Helicopters OH-6A West Chester, US-Pennsylvania

Skids of N369SN contacted blades of N546 at Brandywine Airport, West Chester during the Rotorfest event... Read more

13-Oct-12 N546 MD Helicopters OH-6A West Chester, US-Pennsylvania

Skids of N369SN contacted blades of N546 at Brandywine Airport, West Chester during the Rotorfest event... Read more

09-Oct-12 N108MF Bell 407 Coolbaugh Township, US-Pennsylvania (2F)

Available photos give no clues as the trees are likely to have had a significant effect on the level of damage. Weather reports include both rain and fog with visibility of less than a quarter of a mile. Pilot William Ellsworth and passenger Tighe Sulllivan were killed.  The other passenger Stephen Barral survived but is... Read more

01-Sep-12 N70415 CHR Safari McVeytown, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

Unknown helicopter type crashed into a farm field killing the only occupant, named in the press as Kenneth M. Smith, 61.... Read more

12-Aug-12 N892T Eurocopter EC135T1 York, US-Pennsylvania

Helicopter went AOG and was grounded for four days on a helipad which averages six EMS landings per week... Read more

30-May-12 Rotorway Exec Smoketown, US-Pennsylvania

Heavily damaged.  Sole occupant was injured... Read more

14-May-12 N903CH Sikorsky S58T Forestsville, US-Pennsylvania

Precautionary landing due to low visibility... Read more

27-Apr-12 Bell 206 South Londonderry Township, US-Pennsylvania

Agricultural accidents.  Starboard skid reportedly hit crop, Pilot got out on his own.  Tail boom severed from fuselage.  Pilot later named in press as 59-year-old Thomas Green of Gettysburg... Read more

27-Jan-12 N311YS AgustaWestland AW119 Philadelphia, US-Pennsylvania

Window “blew” – aircraft was only registered brand new 6 days prior, and thus likely on test flight out of AW facility at Philadelphia... Read more

30-Apr-11 N445AB Robinson R44 Indiana, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

Clipped a building whilst filming for reality show “Campus PD”. R44 could be seen after the crash on its nose, leaning up against a building.  Cameraman Greg Jacobsen, 33, passed away 22-May after spending more than three weeks in intensive care.  Pilot Robert Trent, of Friedens, Penn., was admitted to hospital in critical condition, but... Read more

20-Mar-11 N153HT Schweizer 269CBi Mount Pocono, US-Pennsylvania

Caught skid during hover practice. tipped over onto its side... Read more

22-Jul-09 N61735 MD Helicopters MD369D Wharton Township, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

22-Jul-09 N61735 MD Helicopters MD369D Wharton Township, US-Pennsylvania... Read more

19-Jul-09 N25VH Robinson R44 Lancaster, US-Pennsylvania

19-Jul-09 N25VH Robinson R44 Lancaster, US-Pennsylvania... Read more

6-Apr-09 Bell UH-1N Springfield, US-Pennsylvania

6-Apr-09 Bell UH-1N Springfield, US-Pennsylvania... Read more

27-Mar-09 N482LF Eurocopter EC145 Renovo, US-Pennsylvania

27-Mar-09 N482LF Eurocopter EC145 Renovo, US-Pennsylvania... Read more

5-Feb-09 N137LN Eurocopter EC135 Philadelphia, US-Pennsylvania

5-Feb-09 N137LN Eurocopter EC135 Philadelphia, US-Pennsylvania... Read more

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