US-Tennessee Accidents

29-Dec-21 N544SC Robinson R44 Gatlinburg, US-Tennessee (1F)

Crashed east of Gatlinburg–Pigeon Forge Airport. Passenger Juli Wagner received fatal injuries and pilot Matthew Jones was 1 injured.  According to this press report, the U.S. Attorney’s office confirmed that Matthew Jones should not have been in Tennessee, or flying any aircraft, as he is facing a federal prosecution in Utah for mail fraud and... Read more

21-Oct-21 N442UK Robinson R44 Sevierville, US-Tennessee

Emergency landing shortly after take-off.  FAA say damage level “unknown”... Read more

30-Jan-21 N660TN Robinson R66 Arline, US-Tennessee

Crashed 5 minutes after taking off from McGhee Tyson Airport  ... Read more

08-Nov-17 N275AE Bell 206L3 Union City, US-Tennessee

Air Evac Lifeteam aircraft had in-air problem on approach to the local 911 centre and put down in a hurry.  Power lines cut – not known if that was cause or effect of the heavy landing. Helicopter ended up on its skids, tail boom creased, main blades missing, upper part of tail bent and significant... Read more

02-Dec-15 Boeing AH-64 Clarksville, US-Tennessee

Apache from  101st Airborne Division crashed around 7pm on a night training flight... Read more

12-Jul-15 N577AT Robinson R44 Viola, US-Tennessee

Substantially damaged after hitting wires during agricultural operations... Read more

13-Feb-15 N279AE Bell 206L-1 White House, US-Tennessee

Emergency landing after vibration experienced. No patient on board... Read more

03-Feb-15 N105VU Eurocopter EC135T2+ Nashville, US-Tennessee

Vanderbilt LifeFlight aircraft suffered bird strike, minor damage to windshield and safe emergency landing... Read more

28-Sep-14 N7062U Helicycle Gallatin, US-Tennessee (1F)

Crashed on take off from private property near the intersection of Old Douglas Lane and Old Flynn Road.  Owner/pilot James Lee died in the accident... Read more

24-Jun-14 N544BS Robinson R44 Nashville, US-Tennessee

Loss of power on climb-out from John C Tune Airport  after refuelling there, emergency landing made on highway, damaging tail boom.  2 POB unhurt – reported here as registered owner Lenny Sikora and his girlfriend – and they got out, put the ground handling wheels on and moved the helicopter to the side of the... Read more

13-Dec-13 Bell OH-58D Knoxville, US-Tennessee

Crashed and caught fire on positioning flight to night training mission.  2 POB got out OK... Read more

22-Oct-13 N353HW Eurocopter AS350B3 Somerville, US-Tennessee (3F)

AS350B3 en route to pick up paediatric patient for a transfer flight crashed in Somerville early Tuesday morning, killing the pilot, a nurse and a respiratory therapist on board.  This article later named them as Hospital Wing pilot Charles Smith, Pedi-Flight nurse Carrie Barlow, and Pedi-Flite respiratory therapist Denise Adams... Read more

02-Aug-13 N24RB Enstrom 28A Memphis, US-Tennessee

Windshield broke.  Emergency landing close to threshold of main runway at Memphis Airport... Read more

31-Dec-12 N465AE Bell 206L4 Nashville, US-Tennessee

Emergency field landing.  Cause not yet advised, as press report of “blown off course” seems so improbable... Read more

20-Dec-12 N828X Rotorway Exec Crossville, US-Tennessee

Pilot Douglas Barnett told investigators he was practicing take off and landings when the helicopter became uncontrollable.  He said the governor on the engine became stuck while hovering at 12 feet, and he lost control – helicopter rolled over on landing... Read more

13-Oct-12 N40TN Bell OH-58 Jackson, US-Tennessee

Heavy landing in cemetery.  Tail boom sliced off by main blades.  Starboard skid collapsed.   Sgt. Gerald Wiltshire was pilot and Officer Tony Valdes serving as an observer  ... Read more

26-Aug-12 N282AE Bell 206L3 Dickson, US-Tennessee

Safe night emergency landing made in sports field after bird strike caused 24 inch diameter hole in windshield... Read more

13-Mar-12 N105KM CHR Safari Falling Water, US-Tennessee

NTSB report states that after an engine surge, the pilot performed an autorotation onto the trees below. The helicopter landed on top of a tree, which lower the helicopter gently as it bent over toward the creek below. As the helicopter reached the water, it rolled on to its side. Fuel from the fuel tanks... Read more

17-Feb-12 N390AM Eurocopter EC130 Paris, US-Tennessee

Emergency landing after bird strike with mallard duck and cracked windshield.... Read more

21-Dec-11 N500TN MD Helicopters 500D Fall Branch, US-Tennessee

Clipped wires and landed with minimal damage to helicopter.  Owner of field stated that weather was very foggy and he thought the pilot was making a precautionary landing for the weather and did not see the wires.... Read more

01-Aug-11 N484AE Bell 206L4 Reliance, US-Tennessee

Contacted wires on take off with patient from road accident site... Read more

09-Jul-11 Bell OH-58D Caryville, US-Tennessee (2F)

Fatalities named as Army 1st Lt. Thomas Joseph Williams Jr. and Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Daniel Cole... Read more

28-May-11 N128KR Robinson R44 Huntsville, US-Tennessee

Forced landing on sloping ground and tail rotor struck ground... Read more

05-Apr-11 Bell 407 Johnson City, US-Tennessee

Precautionary landing in field.  FAA preliminary report quotes registration as “Wings 1” which would be the callsign.  Wings Air Rescue operates four Bell 407s (N407WA, N911WA, N511MT and N513MT) and we expect the subject one here to be N407WA but we have not got 100% confirmation on that yet... Read more

28-Feb-11 N192AE Bell B206L Gibson County, US-Tennessee

Bird strike which caused windshield to shatter... Read more

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