US-Texas Accidents

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06-Jun-22 N94WC Robinson R44 Henderson, US-Texas

Training flight.  Helicopter ended up on its port side N94WC Helicopter Crash Henderson Texas — FSX Aviation (@FSXAviation3) June 7, 2022  ... Read more

31-May-22 N27574 Bell 206 Cameron, US-Texas

FAA: Crashed between hangars and runway while attempting to hover, ending up on its starboard side Cameron police confirm a helicopter crash occurred at Cameron Municipal Airport earlier this afternoon. Cameron Police Chief Lonnie Gosch said three people were on board and this could've been a training flight. Chief Gosch says Texas DPS is on... Read more

05-Apr-22 N999FR Robinson R22 Seymour, US-Texas

During herding operation, pilot landed and exited the aircraft with the blades still turning.  Sufficient inertia in the rotor system caused the helicopter to fall onto its side... Read more

25-Mar-22 N514CD Robinson R44 Rowlett, US-Texas (2F)

Helicopter descended from the sky in multiple pieces – tail rotor gearbox area separated from the boom, and then the boom separated from the cabin area – see video 2 POB received fatal injuries.  Student pilot was named here as Ty Wallis, while the instructor was named here as Lora Trout... Read more

12-Mar-22 N761AF Sikorsky S76D Texarkana, US-Texas

Tail strike on landing at hospital helipad... Read more

01-Mar-22 N2191 Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas

Autorotations to a taxiway, and damaged a taxiway light... Read more

30-Dec-21 N8AU Bell 206B Livingston, US-Texas (1F)

1 fatal injury of the four on board when the helicopter came down on the edge of a wood nr Livingston.  Fatality named in this press report as  54-year-old Daniel King of Livingston while the survivors were named as pilot 73-year-old John Martin and passengers 26-year-old Braydon King and 23-year-old Brocton King At approximately 11:45... Read more

14-Dec-21 N862YB Bell 407 Bridgeport, US-Texas

FAA – Training flight for power recovery practice.  Crashed over safety area on runway.  ... Read more

14-Dec-21 N8827F Hughes 269A Crowley, US-Texas

FAA: Pilot lost control while practicing on a private ranch, and rolled onto its side on landing.  No injuries reported to the 2 POB Helicopter is registered to an address in the town of the incident... Read more

12-Dec-21 N434PH Bell 407 Conroe, US-Texas

Controlled emergency landing after being unable to recover correctly from practice autorotation landing... Read more

09-Dec-21 N401TB CHR Safari 400 McKinney, US-Texas

After performing some maintenance work on an amateur build helicopter, the pilot carried out a test flight.  In a low hover there was an explosion which caused the helicopter to crash from low level and subsequently burn out. Pilot to hospital with burns. Helicopter believed to be a CHR (Canadian Home Rotors) Safari 400 from... Read more

10-Nov-21 N3027W Robinson R44 Fort Davis, US-Texas

FAA : Helicopter lost lift due to density altitude, crashed to the ground and rolled over.  Pilot and two passengers had minor injuries... Read more

18-Sep-21 N512MT Bell 407 Conroe, US-Texas

Bird strike damaged stabiliser shortly after take-off... Read more

30-Jun-21 N1225D Enstrom 280FX Sherman, US-Texas

FAA report “forced landing in a field”... Read more

13-May-21 N432PH Bell 407 Midlothian, US-Texas

Main blades struck port horizontal stabiliser during run-on landing on grass. No injuries to pilot or 2 passengers... Read more

09-Jan-21 N322SH Robinson R44 Albany, US-Texas

Loss of power on take off, autorotation into field.  FAA report substantially damaged.  No injuries to 3POB... Read more

10-Dec-20 N7085Z Robinson R44 Colorado City, US-Texas (2F)

Sketchy details but both occupants received fatal injuries, named here as pilot Zane Whitesides, 31, and passenger Zack Pfeuffer, 32... Read more

05-Dec-20 N371MP Robinson R44 II Marietta, US-Texas

Helicopter clipped powerlines during the take-off phase and made a heavy emergency landing on highway 77.  Nearby neighbours moved the helicopter off the road onto the grass verge.  Skids splayed out, but rotor blades seemingly untouched and helicopter remained upright.  3 POB not injured... Read more

15-Sep-20 N489DM Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas

Main rotor struck tail boom during autorotation training.  Instructor and student not injured... Read more

08-Aug-20 N284S Bell 206 Marathon, US-Texas (3F)

Three Texas Parks and Wildlife employees died in the accident as they surveyed the landscape for desert bighorn sheep.  The pilot, who was a private contractor for the state agency, was taken to El Paso for medical treatment.  The victims were named by Texas Parks and Wildlife as Wildlife Biologist Dewey Stockbridge, Fish and Wildlife... Read more

06-Apr-20 N7007X Robinson R22 Seymour, US-Texas

Tail rotor struck tree.  No injury reported to 1 POB... Read more

19-Dec-19 N695AP Robinson R22 Beeville, US-Texas

During take off the student pilot experienced dynamic rollover.... Read more

13-Dec-19 N440AH Robinson R44 San Antonio, US-Texas

The aircraft lost power and struck power lines while apparently making an emergency landing near to the intersection of South Presa and East Southcross street, San Antonio, US-Texas. The aircraft received substantial damage. There were no reports of serious injuries to the occupants. – Photo... Read more

23-Oct-19 N7189D Robinson R22 Hebbronville, US-Texas (2F)

Two Robinson R22s engaged in herding operation.  Rotor blade of N7189D hit skid of N74512.  Both occupants of N7189D fatally injured... Read more

23-Oct-19 N74512 Robinson R22 Hebbronville, US-Texas

Two Robinson R22s engaged in herding operation.  Rotor blade of N7189D hit skid of N74512 Passenger in N74512 seriously injured... Read more

03-Jun-17 N7091F Robinson R44 Dimmit, US-Texas (1F)

Date was recorded as 04-Jun-17 when helicopter wreckage was found, but as reports state the pilot’s family were looking “in the middle of the night” for him, and he was last seen on 03-Jun-17, we believe the accident date would most likely have been 03-Jun-17. NTSB also tweeted on 4th June that they were attending... Read more

18-May-17 N6040Y Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas

FAA reported substantially damaged after hard landing on training flight – aircraft operated by Bell Helicopter Training Academy... Read more

07-Dec-15 N607BP MD Helicopters MD600N Angleton, US-Texas

During the approach, the helicopter pitched forward, and the pilot moved the cyclic aft to compensate for the forward pitch. Shortly thereafter, the helicopter rolled to the right and entered a spin to the right. The pilot then attempted to land the helicopter, but it impacted terrain and rolled onto its left side. Pilot Ed... Read more

23-Nov-15 Sikorsky UH-60L Fort Hood, US-Texas (4F)

Maj. Gen. Jeffrey N. Colt, commanding general, First Army Division West, released the following statement on Tuesday 24th:  “It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of four First Army Division West Soldiers as a result of a UH-60L helicopter crash that happened Monday evening sometime after 5:49 p.m. The accident is... Read more

22-Aug-15 Robinson R44 College Station, US-Texas

Clipped tree and crashed to the ground during filming operations.  Wayne Bomstad received minor injuries.  Pilot Jacob Oliver was still in hospital four days later according to this report.... Read more

14-Aug-15 N485AE Bell 407 San Antonio, US-Texas

Struck lower tail fin on concrete curb while repositioning after refuelling... Read more

16-Jul-15 N804DF Robinson R44 Fentress, US-Texas

Force landing in field.  3 POB.  Minor damage... Read more

30-Jun-15 N7150J Robinson R22 Houston, US-Texas

Force landed in field.  Damage level unknown... Read more

25-Jun-15 N842SH Robinson R22 Eagle Lake, US-Texas

Crashed from low level during agricultural ops. Aircraft destroyed... Read more

27-Apr-15 Eurocopter EC145 Austin, US-Texas (1F)

Flight nurse fell from helicopter to her death during hoist operations.  Named as Kristin McLain... Read more

23-Mar-15 N1511L Bell 206B Lake Ray Hubbard, US-Texas

Bird strike while conducting low level search at night over a lake.  Helicopter landed safely with a hole in the windshield... Read more

16-Mar-15 N1510L Bell 206B Dallas, US-Texas

On patrol at 600′ AGL flying south along Interstate 45 over the Trinity River struck two ducks. Landed safely with minor damage... Read more

07-Mar-15 N206FW Bell 206B Fort Worth, US-Texas

Force landed in a field, no injuries... Read more

05-Mar-15 N41BH Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas

Tail rotor strike on landing, substantially damaged... Read more

15-Feb-15 N7181S Robinson R22 Asherton, US-Texas

Crashed after tail rotor struck bush... Read more

31-Jan-15 N162RB Rotorway Exec 162F Seadrift, US-Texas

Hard landing after engine failure.  Photos suggest tail hit ground in field with metre high grass. Two people were on board, the pilot William Butler of Port Lavaca and Victoria Schultz of Needville – both walked away uninjured... Read more

22-Jan-15 6559 Eurocopter MH-65D Kemah, US-Texas

Emergency landing in retail parking lot after bird strike... Read more

16-Jan-15 N416JB CHR Safari The Woodlands, US-Texas (1F)

Helicopter crashed killing the 51-year old pilot at 2510 Northline Road, nr  College Park Drive, later named as Michael Mims.... Read more

29-Dec-14 N174CD Robinson R44 Horseshoe Bay, US-Texas

Substantially damaged in heavy landing – photo.  Sole occupant pilot Charles Deyhle Jr was reportedly uninjured.  Reportedly due to gusty conditions when trying to land on a ground handling trolley... Read more

11-Nov-14 N414AE Bell 206L4 Merkel, US-Texas

Emergency night landing between two buildings after bird strike while ferrying a patient from Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene to Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock.  A nurse was reported injured by the bird entering the helicopter... Read more

24-Oct-14 N7192K Robinson R44 Harper, US-Texas

Helicopter struck trees and crashed.  Helicopter is actively used for game capture, although nothing suggests it was being put to this use at the time of the accident... Read more

23-Oct-14 N72595 Bell UH-1H Rio Grande City, US-Texas

Port side cabin door separated and hit tail rotor.  Landed with no further incident... Read more

21-Oct-14 N145PR Eurocopter EC130 Pasadena, US-Texas

Force landing in field at night.  No apparent damage given flights reported on on 23-Oct-14 and 27-Oct-14  – but incident was reported by FAA... Read more

04-Oct-14 N335AE Bell 206L.1 Wichita Falls, US-Texas (3F)

Accident on night EMS flight just one block short of its intended landing spot at United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, inbound from Waurika, OK.  Patient (named here as 26-year-old Buddy Rhodes) killed in the accident, and the three crew named here as pilot Zechariah Smith, flight nurse Leslie Stewart and flight paramedic Erasmus J. Vandercolff... Read more

02-Oct-14 N49746 Bell 206B Woodsboro, US-Texas

Low level pipeline patrol and “lost power”.  Written off.  On board were pilot Michael Orlowsky. 48, of West Plains, Missouri; Kevin Douglas Smothers, 44, of Minnesota; and Ronald Justin Dietz, 28, of Sinton.  Orlowsky and Smothers were described as being in critical condition with no word on Dietz Halo Flight attended with a Bell 407... Read more

15-Sep-14 N9844N Robinson R44 Beaumont, US-Texas

Crashed on approach after pilot lost control... Read more

30-Jul-14 N866H Bell 206 Houston, US-Texas

Take off accident at David Wayne Hooks Airport... Read more

12-Jul-14 N9061R Hughes 269A Howe, US-Texas

Crashed in unknown circumstances... Read more

23-Jun-14 N407EM Eurocopter AS350B2 Leary, US-Texas

Substantially damaged in field landing... Read more

17-Jun-14 N536T Bell 206B Decatur, US-Texas

Substantially damaged during autorotation landing... Read more

15-Jun-14 Bell 206B Rowlett, US-Texas

Emergency landing in park, possibly due to mechanical issue... Read more

25-Apr-14 N90636 Hughes 269A Cleburne, US-Texas

Both occupants injured – the owner’s son on a training flight with an instructor.  Heavily damaged... Read more

30-Mar-14 N147WT Bell 47G3B1 Oglesby, US-Texas

Engine malfunction at low level while hog hunting.  Substantially damaged in field landing... Read more

22-Mar-14 N44MD Robinson R44 Menard, US-Texas

Tail strike on landing at 20.05 local... Read more

10-Jan-14 N3948A Eurocopter AS350B3 Falfurrias, US-Texas

Emergency landing after pilot suspected (wrongly as it happens) an engine fire.  Helicopter ended up on its side.  3 POB all injured and to hospital.  US Customs & Border Patrol helicopter was reportedly on low level work... Read more

02-Jan-14 N400XL Bell 206B Temple, US-Texas

Helicopter crashed and ended up on its side... Read more

05-Nov-13 Eurocopter AS350B3 Roma, US-Texas

Emergency landing after damage to main rotor blades.  Helicopter was patrolling very close to the Mexican border when it was reportedly struck by rocks launched from the Mexican side.  Safe landing, no injuries... Read more

23-Oct-13 N911CC Bell OH-58C Omaha, US-Texas

Force landing in field during aerial application.  Damage level not stated... Read more

23-Oct-13 N1CR Eurocopter AS350B3 Eagle Pass, US-Texas

During a practice autorotation, after the helicopter landed, it slid about 8-10 feet forward and the skids sunk into soft terrain and rolled over.  No injuries reported to 2 POB... Read more

05-Oct-13 MD Helicopters MD500 Paducah, US-Texas (1F)

Joshua Fitts, 34, of West Hurricane, Utah, was killed about 12:20 p.m. when the tail rotor of the McDonnell Douglas helicopter crashed after clipping a transmission line pulley, called a sheave... Read more

29-Aug-13 N8051E Bell 47G Wichita Falls, US-Texas

Lost power – force landing in field... Read more

05-Aug-13 N8688F MD Helicopters MD500D Lamesa, US-Texas (2F)

Two workers have fallen to their deaths when a cable suspending them hit a power line they were inspecting – the pair were later reported here as 25-year-old David Edward Oliveira of Turlock, CA and 26-year-old Christoper Geoffrey Breed of Moscow, ID.  Helicopter landed safely with no damage... Read more

26-Jul-13 N287Q Enstrom F28A Danbury, US-Texas

Crashed and burnt out.  2 Medevac’d to hospital... Read more

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