US-Utah Accidents

08-Oct-22 N874BB Bell 505 Moab, US-Utah

Two occupants, both with minor injuries. Further details awaited... Read more

13-Jan-21 N7480F Hughes 300C Spanish Fork, US-Utah

Field landing after reported engine failure on a training flight. No injuries reported to 2POB... Read more

11-Dec-19 N65RS Enstrom F28 Bluffdale, US-Utah

Aircraft crashed under into a field near Redwood road, after the pilot lost the tail rotor and started spinning.... Read more

09-Sep-15 N253HP Airbus AS350B3 Draper, US-Utah

Rope became entangled in main rotor during a manoevre with one skid on a rock ledge while hovering,  Pilot Kent Harrison made some aggressive manoevres to avoid ground crews nearby, during which the tail hit a nearby cliff face.  Helicopter continued spinning, but pilot regained some control and continued to a safer landing zone and... Read more

12-Jul-15 N441MM Robinson R22 Panguitch, US-Utah

Pilot Duane Fielding, of St. George, and his 14-year-old son/passenger were not seriously injured.  Gust of wind while in a low hover led tail to touch the ground, causing the helicopter to become unstable and crash... Read more

16-Dec-14 N352SL Airbus AS350B2 Bicknell, US-Utah

Loss of power at 20ft agl, heavy landing... Read more

02-Dec-14 N3234U Robinson R44 Bountiful, US-Utah (2F)

Main rotor and mast separated shortly after take-off from Sky Park Airport on post-maintenance test flight to track and balance the blades.  Two fatalities named later as Claus Hauer and Bruce Orr... Read more

13-Nov-14 N425U Eurocopter AS350BA Panguitch, US-Utah

Rolled onto its side on landing, 2 POB, one slight injured, other not injured.... Read more

11-Sep-14 N142MA Bell 407 Moab, US-Utah

Sole occupant pilot injured in crash – helicopter was on survey work for Greenriver Energy... Read more

29-Apr-14 N37929 Hughes OH-6 Boulder, US-Utah

FAA: “Went into an embankment and rolled onto its side”. One TV station reported it as a hard landing during a mission aimed at livestock predator control.... Read more

06-Apr-14 N13HG Robinson R22 Range Creek, US-Utah (2F)

Pilot Robin Venuti, 38 and passenger Albert Rubio killed when helicopter crashed in “treacherous terrain” on elk-hunting flight... Read more

05-Feb-14 N3211N Bell 206B Bountiful, US-Utah

Fell onto its side on take-off in snowy conditions... Read more

06-Dec-13 N2066W MD Helicopters 500E Monticello, US-Utah

Force landing during animal capture operation... Read more

08-Jul-13 N712U Robinson R22B American Fork Canyon, US-Utah

28 year old instructor and 24 year old student – both seriously injured.  Crashed onto rocky mountain side and rolled some way down a slope.... Read more

28-Jun-13 N7187B Robinson R44 Beaver Dam, US-Utah

“crashed under unknown circumstances” says the FAA.  Pilot was solo student... Read more

24-May-13 N45UH Eurocopter EC145 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

Bird strike and bird entered cockpit. AirMed 4 landed safely on the helipad at Kennecott mine. There were no injuries... Read more

15-Dec-12 N393LE Robinson R22 Logan-Cache Airport, US-Utah

Tipped over onto its side on landing.  Training flight... Read more

17-Aug-12 N208WM Robinson R22 Spanish Fork, US-Utah

Training flight, reportedly practicing autorotations.  CFI Gary Hansen sustained bad head injuries, student only minor injuries.... Read more

03-Sep-11 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Heber City, US-Utah

Three injured – pilot reported entered autorotation after engine failure.  Pilot named as Ken Heidorn and passengers were Suzanne Tanner and her 15-year-old son... Read more

23-Apr-11 N109RX AgustaWestland A109K2 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

Bird strike en route.  No injuries reported... Read more

06-Apr-11 N268SH Robinson R22 South Valley Regional Airport, US-Utah

Hard landing on training flight  – skids splayed out although helicopter remained upright.  Tail boom sliced by main blades.... Read more

01-Mar-11 N206BY Bell B206 Tooele Valley Airport, US-Utah

Very heavy landing on long-line training flight.  Helicopter ended up on starboard side with boom separated.... Read more

03-Feb-11 N441TB Robinson R44 Ogden, US-Utah

Run on landing on wet mud performed which ended in the helicopter on its side, tail boom apparently severed by the tail which ended up close to the fuselage.... Read more

22-Nov-10 N408UH Bell 407 Ogden, US-Utah

AirMed was responding to a rollover on I-84 when the rotor struck a metal pole on the side of the road. The craft raised 10 feet in the air and began tipping on its side before the pilot brought it down hard on both skids, which splayout out.... Read more

27-Sep-10 N6122 Bell 206L3 Logan, US-Utah

Foreign object debris struck main blades on takeoff. Landed without further incident... Read more

18-Aug-09 N430UH Bell B430 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

18-Aug-09 N430UH Bell B430 Salt Lake City, US-Utah... Read more

25-May-09 N5699N Enstrom F280C Ogden, US-Utah

25-May-09 N5699N Enstrom F280C Ogden, US-Utah... Read more

28-Mar-09 N430UH Bell B430 Salt Lake CIty, US-Utah

28-Mar-09 N430UH Bell B430 Salt Lake CIty, US-Utah... Read more

19-Mar-09 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Wendover, US-Utah

19-Mar-09 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Wendover, US-Utah... Read more

12-Mar-09 N90764 Robinson R22 Skull Valley, US-Utah

12-Mar-09 N90764 Robinson R22 Skull Valley, US-Utah... Read more

26-Feb-09 N430UT Bell B430 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

26-Feb-09 N430UT Bell B430 Salt Lake City, US-Utah... Read more

01-Feb-09 N944U Robinson R44 Ogden, US-Utah

1-Feb-09 N944U Robinson R44 Ogden, US-Utah... Read more

8-Jan-09 N168SH Robinson R44 West Valley City, US-Utah

8-Jan-09 N168SH Robinson R44 West Valley City, US-Utah... Read more

31-May-08 N268SH Robinson R22 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:  The student’s improper use of the anti torque pedals during a practice hover autorotation, which resulted in the helicopter rolling over. Additional causes of the accident were the certificated flight instructor’s inadequate supervision of the maneuver and delayed remedial action.... Read more

18-Jun-07 N712U Robinson R22B Park City, US-Utah

21-year-old flight instructor on a cross-country training flight with a student .  The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:  The pilot’s failure to maintain rotor RPM during hover taxi. A contributing factor was the high density altitude weather condition.... Read more

08-Apr-06 N921U Robinson R22B Tooele, US-Utah

On a training flight, the helicopter struck the ground in a level attitude, the front of the left skid caught in the soft uneven ground, and the helicopter rolled left.  The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be: The pilot’s failure to maintain control of the helicopter during the takeoff... Read more

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