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20-Oct-21 PR-ITT Robinson R66 Ponta Porã, Brazil (2F)

Brazilian airport authority Infraero refers to the flight as “illegal”. Helicopter was carrying 246kg of cocaine, crashed and burned out in an open field, killing both occupants, named here as Matheus Henrique dos Santos Venancio (aged 20) and Pedro Augusto Boim (aged 24).  Image issued by Police... Read more

21-Sep-21 PP-NTB Robinson R66 Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil

Damaged beyond repair after hangar collapse in storm... Read more

28-Jun-21 PT-SUS Airbus H125 Jequitai, Brazil

The aircraft took off for a medical flight at around 12:35 UTC from Mario Ribeiro (SBMK) aerodrome, Montes Claros – MG, in order to land outside a helipad, in the municipality of Jequitaí – MG. A pilot, a technical crew member, a doctor and a nurse are on board. During the final approach, an obscuring dust cloud... Read more

02-Jun-21 PR-OTF Leonardo AW139 Ocean Courage rig, Brazil

Helicopter ended on its side after a landing on an offshore rig during a night training flight.  The crew suffered light injuries and evacuated the aircraft.   The offshore deck fire crew were on hand and extinguished a small fire which was causing smoke, but no flames. Helios photo... Read more

06-Jan-21 PR-WVW Robinson R44 Vila Velha, Brazil (2F)

Helicopter was on final approach to land at its base airport Vila Velha en route from Guarapari and suddenly lost height from 200ft to the ground.  Both occupants in the helicopter received fatal injuries.  They were named in this report as pilot Octavio Schneider Guieroz (68) and his girlfriend Lucimara Poleto (52). Video of accident... Read more

11-Dec-20 PP-MSA Bell 206B Angra dos Reis, Brazil (1F)

Helicopter crashed after striking a wire.  Pilot died in the accident – and was named here as Eurico Azevedo... Read more

13-Sep-20 PP-MRA Airbus AS350 Arapiraca, Brazil

The aircraft took off to carry out a local flight, with the purpose of conducting police patrol, with two pilots, an air operator and two policemen on board.On the return, during the taxi in the central area of ​​the apron, there was loss of control of the aircraft, which carried out two turns of approximately... Read more

11-Feb-19 PT-HPG Bell 206B Jabaquara, Brazil (2F)

Helicopter crashed on Anhanguera Highway in Sao Paulo and hit the front of a truck that was passing by, and was consumed by fire.  Two fatalities, including journalist, presenter and broadcaster Ricardo Boechat.  Ronaldo Quattrucci also died in the accident.  Brazilian defence department confirmed the registration of the Bell 206... Read more

14-Jan-19 PP-ECF Airbus AS350BA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1F)

While in a low hover during a rescue mission, the helicopter crashed into the water.  One police officer was trapped inside the wreckage and was later pronounced dead.  He was named in this report as Felipe Marques de Queiroz.  The others on board were named here as Major Alves, Major Albuquerque and Sargentos Morais Helicopter callsign... Read more

01-Jan-19 PR-RMZ Robinson R44 Ubatuba, Brazil (1F)

Helicopter on a scenic flight crash landed in a residential street, killing a pedestrian.  The three on board the helicopter were not seriously injured... Read more

29-May-15 PR-ADA Airbus AS355N Atalaia do Norte, Brazil (5F)

The helicopter took off to perform a patient removal flight to Tabatinga. At approximately 19 NM from Tabatinga, the aircraft collided with treetops and, as a result of this shock came to impact against the ground and caught fire.... Read more

20-May-15 PR-POL Airbus AS350B2 Ibateguara, Brazil

During a go-around manoeuvre, the helicopter cut a low voltage power cable and landed a few metres ahead of the intended spot.   After removing a piece of cable from the rotorhead, and inspecting the aircraft, it was flown 70km back to base .... Read more

02-Apr-15 PP-LLS Airbus EC155B1 Carapicuiba, Brazil (5F)

Crashed onto the roof of a house during a post-maintenance test flight. Video footage indicates items fell from the helicopter in flight prior to impact. Pilot was named as Thomaz Rodrigues Alckmin, son of Sao Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin, and three of the other four fatalities were engineers working for Helipark.... Read more

10-Mar-15 PT-YPB Robinson R22 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Emergency landing in “Bosque da Barra” swamp on a training flight after bird strike to tail rotor. Minor damage only, from photos... Read more

01-Feb-15 Robinson R22 Nova Lima, Brazil

Very heavy landing on training flight on steeply sloping ground.  skids splayed out and cabin touched ground but main blades apparently undamaged.  Both flight instructor Diego Ramos, 35, and student Eduardo Dias, 41, were taken to hospital... Read more

27-Jan-15 PR-BGA Airbus EC225 Campos dos Goytacazes , Brazil

The engine number 2 caught fire as the aircraft was taxying in. Substantial damage restricted to the right hand side engine... Read more

10-Jan-15 PR-HPR Robinson R44 Santa Monica, Brazil (1F)

The pilot was killed and an occupant was seriously injured after a helicopter crashed in the PR-576 highway, in Santa Monica, Paraná.  Post crash fire.  Helicopter reportedly hit a large bird, and wires during emergency landing... Read more

27-Dec-14 PT-HNC Helibras HB350B Bertioga, Brazil (5F)

Crashed into Mangrove swamp not long after take-off from Condo Iporanga in Guaruja when en route to Sao Paulo, killing all five on board.  This included Marcelo Muller, grandson of the founder of the Muller beverage company, his wife Lumara Rocha Müller, their 2 year old daughter Georgia and her nanny Raquel dos Santos Vilas... Read more

17-Dec-14 PR-BGR Eurocopter EC225 Macae, Brazil

While the helicopter was hovering prior to departure from an oil platform, the crew heard a strong noise followed by vibration and instability of the helicopter. The pilot commanded an immediate landing on the deck, with the helicopter touching the floor in an abrupt manner.  17 POB.  Substantially damaged... Read more

13-Dec-14 PT-YPW Robinson R44 Buritama, Brazil

Crashed shortly after take-off.  Local press reports indicate that either the pilot was not licenced, or the aircraft did not have a current airworthiness certificate, or both.  2 POB – unnamed pilot and his passenger, named as Giorgio da Silva Souza... Read more

07-Dec-14 PT-YHP Robinson R44 Terra Boa, Brazil

Helicopter was not authorized scenic flights in the state of Parana, crashed shortly after takeoff, injuring the four occupants of the aircraft. The airworthiness certificate had expired over two years earlier... Read more

20-Sep-14 PR-CIG Robinson R44 Fama, Brazil (2F)

Helicopter crashed into lake during a scenic flight, although Military Police reported that this type of operation was not permitted for this helicopter and/or pilot.  Pilot Abitbol Bruno Nogueira de Andrade got out (and reportedly fled the scene) while the two passengers were trapped inside and drowned.  Press report stated “According to police, the driver... Read more

31-Aug-14 PT-YFD Robinson R44 Candoi, Brazil

Failed to gain height on climb out and struck powerlines causing helicopter to come down – see amateur footage of take-off  A total of six were on board – four adults and two children under 10 – and the helicopter was operating short joyride flights from the Festa do Charque event... Read more

23-Aug-14 PR-NEO Airbus EC130B4 Goianira, Brazil

Intended landing point was on a football pitch as part of an election campaign by Alexandre Baldy. When it was about to land, the main rotor blades collided with the cross-bar of the goal and the wire fence surrounding the football pitch. Fragments of the cross-bar were cast at a distance of 41 meters, perforating... Read more

25-Jul-14 PR-HSC Eurocopter AS350B2 Novo Progresso, Brazil

Hit wires on final approach, leading to emergency landing in an area to the side of a highway. The aircraft sustained substantial damage to the windshield, upper cowling and tail boom.... Read more

07-Jun-14 PT-YJJ Helibras AS350B Rio Araguaia, Brazil (5F)

The aircraft departed from a camping area on an island of the Araguaia River  at 1.30am, destined for a helipad in the town of Aruanã. Soon after getting airborne, at a distance of approximately 700m from the point of origin, while still on the departure axis, the aircraft crashed into the ground, killing all five on... Read more

03-May-14 PT-HTQ Bell 206L3 LongRanger Aquiraz, Brazil

Reports of a “bang” and loss of control and pilot Arcelino Matos Brito put the helicopter down into the water close to the short.  6 POB including the deputy mayor of Aquiraz Callou Marcos Barros, and two aged 11 and 14, all got out safely, helped to the shore by beachgoers.  Video of recovery of... Read more

02-May-14 PR-FPL Eurocopter EC120 Luiziania, Brazil

During the approach for landing as part of a hydraulic failure training, with the aircraft already sustaining “ground effect”, a high level of vibration occurred . In the sequence, the aircraft skidded to the left and rolled, colliding with the ground. The aircraft sustained breakage of the main rotor blades and tail boom. It also sustained substantial... Read more

26-Apr-14 PR-HFC Eurocopter AS355 Oroco, Brazil

The helicopter yawed to the left moments before landing, and the tail rotor ended up hitting some bushes. There was substantial damage to the tail rotor blades... Read more

23-Mar-14 PP-SSP Robinson R22B Ribeirão Preto, Brazil (2F)

Crashed in corn field with two fatalities... Read more

18-Feb-14 PT-YFV Robinson R22B Barra de Guratiba, Brazil (2F)

Training flight accident, crashed into the sea near a rocky coast.  One fatality named here as Sergio Mauro, 24... Read more

15-Feb-14 PT-YMF Robinson R44 Villa Fatima, Brazil (2F)

Crashed into a forest area killing both on board.  There is some local controversy as the helicopter had reportedly been rebuilt after a fatal accident in 2007 and local law does not allow an aircraft which has been “written off” to be rebuilt in any way.  Some close-up photos at the accident scene of various... Read more

12-Jan-14 PP-ABW Robinson R22B Santa Maria Madalena, Brazil

Training accident – landed in the tops of the trees in a mountainous area.  Both occupants injured – named as Alcemir Campos Pereira, 39, and  Gabriel Silva Mataruna Assunção, 23.... Read more

12-Jan-14 Robinson R22 Santa Maria Madalena, Brazil

Both occupants injured on training flight after landing on top of trees.  Occupants named as Alcemir Campos Pereira, 39, and Gabriel Silva Mataruna Asuncion, 23... Read more

19-Dec-13 PT-HLU Eurocopter AS350B Carlos Prates, Brazil

While on autorotation training, the aircraft made an abrupt run-landing with low main rotor rotation. One of the blades of the main rotor hit the upper surface of the tail-boom... Read more

30-Nov-13 Robinson R66 Capitolio, Brazil

Blown over in high winds when parked on grass helipad.  Estimated date based on posting of photo in Facebook... Read more

20-Nov-13 PR-MXM Robinson R66 Guaiba Island, Brazil (1F)

Sole occupant pilot Nelson Juliani Blanco, age 33, died in the accident... Read more

10-Nov-13 PR-HBE Eurocopter AS355N Almeirim, Brazil

During a low altitude flight with external load, the pilot heard a strong noise coming from the tail rotor blades, followed by a tendency to turn to the left. He depressed the right pedal completely and reduced power in order to diminish the torque. He managed to touch the ground in a stabilized manner, but after hearing a highpitch... Read more

27-Oct-13 PT-HZQ Eurocopter AS350B2 Ilheus, Brazil

Crashed from low level after the pilot apparently lost control – ended up on its starboard side on the runway.  No serious injuries to 3 POB... Read more

22-Oct-13 PR-GPM Eurcopter AS350B2 Mucuge, Brazil

Skids ripped off and tail boom damaged in run-on landing at 50 knots after pilot had engine failure indications at 100ft altitude... Read more

15-Oct-13 PR-EKN Eurocopter EC145 Itapipoca, Brazil

The aircraft was about to land in a soccer pitch. The pilot suffered a momentary spatial disorientation due to the dust raised by the helicopter main rotor wash. In face of the unexpected difficulty, the pilot proceeded to land with an excessive pitch-up attitude, causing the tail rotor protective rod and the left lower vertical... Read more

12-Oct-13 PT-YSS Eurocopter AS350B2 Cotegipe, Brazil

The aircraft took off on a mission to monitor sources of fire in the region. Thirty minutes into flight, the aircraft was at an altitude of 2 000 ft AGL and at a speed of 100 KIAS, when the warning light indicating iron-dust in the engine illuminated. This was followed by a strong noise, and... Read more

04-Oct-13 PT-HTU Bell 206B São Caetano, Brazil

Written off when it crashed into a road in built-up area.  Three of the four occupants and a passing pedestrian were injured.  Authorities indicate that the helicopter’s AMI (Annual Inspection Maintenance) and CA (Certificate of Airworthiness) expired in June and April 2012 respectively.... Read more

21-Aug-13 PR-IVE Eurocopter EC120B Sao Paulo, Brazil

Post maintenance test flight.  Pilot saw the low oil pressure alert when flying at 1,200ft AGL and performed an autorotation for landing on the Marginal Tiete Avenue which was busy with traffic.  While trying to avoid the traffic, the landing flare caused the helicopter to hit a low concrete wall, causing teh tail boom to separate.... Read more

07-Aug-13 PT-YSM Sikorsky S76A Macae, Brazil

Engine fire.  YouTube video shows parked S76, rotors stationary, with smoke billowing from the engine compartment.  Two crew departed the aircraft without injury – no passengers appeared to be on board... Read more

31-Jul-13 PR–MIL Schweizer S300CBi Guarapiranga, Brazil

Force landing in Guarapiranga reservoir in shallow water.  Police training flight.... Read more

07-Jul-13 PT-HCH Bell 206B Icém, Brazil

4 POB, three minor injuries, one serious injury.  Crashed in open farm land... Read more

04-Jul-13 PR-DCM Robinson R44 II Corumbá of Goiás, Brazil

Crashed into trees and ended up on its side. Pilot Alexandre Dionísio de Oliveira and passengers Marksuel Carlos de Moura Reis e Marcelo Pedreira Pinheiro had minor injuries while third passenger Danilo Pereira de Abreu needed hospital treatment.  Video from inside the helicopter can be seen here (description there says “The pilot did a bad approach and tried... Read more

04-Jul-13 Sikorsky S76A Macae, Brazil

Emergency field landing after reported engine problems.  Landed safely with no other damage.  10 POB. No injuries... Read more

15-Jun-13 PR-RGM Robinson R44 II Nova Lima, Brazil

Emergency landing on shoulder of main road after reported engine failure... Read more

14-Jun-13 PR-HRZ Bell 212 Teffe, Brazil (2F)

No details given in press statement on circumstances of this fatal accident... Read more

30-May-13 PR-DJC Eurocopter EC130 Guaramiranga, Brazil

The aircraft was on the ground and the rotors were turning, when the pilot left the cockpit in order to assist the passengers to disembark. The aircraft tumbled to the left, when nobody was in control.  One of the passengers already in the helicopter – José Carlos Pontes, 61, president of the group Marquise –... Read more

09-May-13 Robinson R22 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Training accident, helicopter ended up on its starboard side in local park... Read more

08-May-13 PT-HML Eurocopter AS350 Morro da Urca HP, Brazil

Approach to helipad with tail wind – ended up in trees adjacent to the heliport. Helicopter believed to be on sightseeing tour.  Five people injured Cláudio Cobo Fernandes, Marcos Estaca da Silva Nunes, Disney da Silva Ribeiro Lopes Júnior, along with pilot Ricardo de Resende Herter and co-pilot Murilo Cesar da Silva Saibro.  Damage to main... Read more

02-May-13 PP-EIH Eurocopter AS350BA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Five hospitalised after police helicopter crashed on training flight.  Landed upright with significant vertical forces.  Helicopter was executing a series of low orbit firing passes when the main rotor blades struck treetops and it spiraled into the ground.... Read more

27-Mar-13 PT-HUW Bell 412 Campos Basin, Brazil

Offshore operation for Petrobras, ditched in the sea, three POB got out OK... Read more

26-Jan-13 PR-HBE Eurocopter AS355N Ipixuna, Brazil

When on finals, pilot noticed master caution light illuminated, and an indication of low oil pressure in engine No.2.  Shut down immediately, got out and noticed fire from the exhaust – used extinguisher to quell the fire but was not fully successful.  N2 turbine had got jammed.... Read more

21-Jan-13 PR-JBN Bell 206B Jaragua, Brazil (1F)

Crashed and hit house killing one of four on board... Read more

03-Jan-13 PR-DUB Robinson R66 Caraguatatuba, Brazil (2F)

Details unknown.  Helicopter “missing from radar screens” and not found until 15 days after the accident... Read more

29-Dec-12 PP-BRJ Eurocopter AS350B2 Copacabana, Brazil

Crashed into the sea while trying to rescue a swimmer – helicopter had approached to a low hover and then appears to suddenly lose height into the water (see YouTube video)... Read more

16-Dec-12 PR-IJU Robinson R22 Guarapiranga Dam, Brazil

Training accident, both occupants injured.  Aircraft written off... Read more

11-Dec-12 PT-YSW Eurocopter AS350BA Goiania, Brazil

Flight aimed at demonstrating a landing with hydraulic failure.  With the hydraulic control was disconnected, the pilot made the approach to the runway, and attempted to make a vertical landing (zero speed with the helicopter hovering). With the aircraft hovering, the pilot lost control of the helicopter, and the tail boom hit the ground. The... Read more

22-Nov-12 PP-MEJ Robinson R22 Marica, Brazil

Turned over during attempted landing.  Landed on port side with tail boom separated... Read more

21-Nov-12 PR-UTJ Robinson R22 Serra da Grota Funda, Brazil (2F)

Crashed in a wooded area on training flight.  Instructor Silvestre Travassos Neto, 34, and student Felipe Barreto, 18, died at the scene... Read more

31-Oct-12 PT-HNE Eurocopter AS350B3 Sorocaba, Brazil

Heavy landing and ended up colliding with firefighting equipment that was in the area. The helicopter sustained serious damage to its tail rotor, to the right hand side baggage compartment, and to both landing skids.... Read more

25-Oct-12 PR-MPL Robinson R44 Sento Sé, Brazil

Pilot named as Múcio Pereira Júnior, 31.  Passengers were Rafael Cavalcanti and Alan Magalhães Souza, both 29.  Level of damage not apparent from reports, which confirm it crashed in a forested area... Read more

24-Oct-12 PP-MAQ Robinson R22 Porto Alegre, Brazil

Training accident, lost control during ground taxi in gusty conditions up to 22 knots of wind.  Helicopter landed and turned over onto its starboard side.  Student pilot Maycon Nogaroli, 35, was not injured.  Instructor Samir Nagib Murr, 32, was hospitalized with head injuries.... Read more

25-Sep-12 PT-HSN Bell 206B Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Very heavy landing – main blades appear completely intact.  All 4 POB injured, two seriously... Read more

24-Sep-12 PR-JRG Robinson R22 Guarulhos City, Brazil

Training accident.  Photos show location was near pylon – were cables involved?... Read more

23-Sep-12 Bell 430 Belem, Brazil

Main blades clipped pole while in low-level hover-taxi.  From photos, this could well be PR-YRG (49084) but that is not confirmed... Read more

21-Sep-12 PR-CHQ Sikorsky S76C++ Cabo Frio, Brazil

Blown over onto its side by high winds when parked unattended on the apron – photo... Read more

20-Sep-12 PR-DKK Eurocopter EC130 Itamaraju, Brazil (1F)

Crashed on night flight.  Helicopter was 30 days old with 50 hours on the airframe.... Read more

20-Aug-12 PT-HZE Eurocopter AS350B Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Came down suddenly short of intended landing point while on approach on a training flight.  Student Edvaldo Francisco dos Santos (a Major in the Military Police), 46, suffered a fractured spine, and flight instructor John Bosco da Cunha, 62, a fractured right tibia.... Read more

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