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30-May-22 F-HMFA Airbus H125 Borse, France

During a flight between two construction sites, the pilot and the rear passenger, who was also a pilots, felt the helicopter sink to about thirty meters from the ground. The pilot decides not to attempt a recovery manoeuvre, given the presence of people on the ground near the landing area. The contact with the ground is... Read more

12-Sep-21 F-ZBQG Airbus EC145 Villard-de-Lans, France (1F)

Helicopter was involved in the rescue of a mountain biker in the area of the Vercours ski resort near Villard-de-Lans.  Helicopter reportedly contacted cables and crashed, then consumed by fire.  One fatality, two serious (Pilot and SAMU Doctor) and two less serious injuries (two Gendarmes) – the latter four evacuated to hospital in Grenoble for... Read more

03-Apr-21 F-HPTI Guimbal G2 St-Georges-de-Reneins, France

Training flight – sloping ground –  student hovers and places the helicopter facing the wind. At fifteen meters above the ground, a clicking sound is heard by the crew and the instructor takes over. He made a U-turn to land where he had just taken off. During landing, landing slid downwind, the helicopter bounces then... Read more

12-Jan-21 F-HAGO Schweizer 300CBi Eze, France

Helicopter made an emergency landing on a mountain top and ended up nose down in the snow with its sliced tail boom pointing skywards and part of the tail rotor on the ground beside it  ... Read more

08-Dec-20 F-HJAF Airbus EC135T1 Bonvillard, France (5F)

Helicopter was carrying an air rescue crew on a training mission when it fell from an altitude of (5,900ft). The surviving pilot raised the alarm at around 19:10 local time (18:10 GMT) after managing to escape from the helicopter. The crew onboard consisted of two pilots – one in training – along with two winch operators and... Read more

26-Jul-20 F-GNLM Airbus AS350 Clermont-Ferrand, France

When hovering from the park point for take-off, the pilot loses control yawing to the left. The helicopter landed very hard. Investigators report aircraft destroyed... Read more

25-Nov-19 Airbus AS532 Liptako, Mali (11F)

Around 19:40, during the maneuver to prepare for the engagement of the enemy, the Cougar helicopter and a Tiger collided, crashing close to each other. None of the embarked soldiers survived. A rescue and safety operation of the accident zone is underway. Many ways of the Barkhane force are still engaged. Thirteen soldiers died in combat are... Read more

25-Nov-19 Airbus EC505 Liptako, Mali (2F)

Around 19:40, during the maneuver to prepare for the engagement of the enemy, the Cougar helicopter and a Tiger collided, crashing close to each other. None of the embarked soldiers survived. A rescue and safety operation of the accident zone is underway. Many ways of the Barkhane force are still engaged. Thirteen soldiers died in combat are... Read more

22-Feb-19 F-HSOX Airbus EC145 Bidarray, France

Air Ambulance on approach to land – a sheet from a farm building broke loose and embedded in the blades of the helicopter, causing it to turn through 180 degrees, landing heavily from low level. The crew consisting of a doctor, a nurse, a pilot and a flight assistant were unharmed but shocked [Wrongly quoted... Read more

31-Jan-19 F-HRCR Guimbal G2 Pierrevert, France

During reconnaissance to land on a golf course, the helicopter suddenly rotates left on its yaw axis, falls from a height of 5 to 10 m by making several turns on itself, and collides with the ground on one of the courses of the golf course.  Two POB, one reported seriously injured, the other lightly... Read more

05-Nov-18 F-WSPM Rotorway Exec 162F Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France

The helicopter takes off in the wind. It reaches the altitude of about 20m and makes a 180 ° to head south. Shortly after this U-turn, the aircraft tilts to the left about 45 °, falls rapidly and hits the ground violently.... Read more

03-May-17 F-HUSH Robinson R44 II Monléon-Magnoac, France

Helicopter sank into the ground on landing and then tilted backwards. The pilot applies more power but loses control of the helicopter which falls onto its side. BEA 2017-0233... Read more

03-Dec-15 73-QL Cicare CH-7 Albens, France

Skid collapsed in heavy landing after striking wires – which the pilot had not seen due to being distracted by direct sunlight... Read more

05-Nov-15 F-GLSF Robinson R22 Andernos les Bains, France

On return from a local flight, pilot stabilizes the hovering helicopter, turns round before starting a fast forward about 5 m height. After about 300m the pilot the helicopter pitched up to stop hovering. He then receives a uncontrolled increase in engine speed and fails to reduce power. He loses control in rotation, the right... Read more

24-Oct-15 F-GOLH Airbus EC130 Megève, France

Sightseeing flight – failed to take-off, lost height and rolled over on landing.  Only one of the 7 POB was not injured.  Registration to be confirmed – Type, Colour scheme and operator match to our records... Read more

16-Sep-15 F-HCSC Airbus AS350B3 Boisses, France

Two of Tignes ski patrol were seriously injured in the crash at 8.15am.   There were four trackers on board, in addition to the pilot and a mechanic, to be dropped to reactivate the remote avalanche triggering devices after maintenance period occurred this summer.... Read more

04-Aug-15 D-HBRM Hughes 500C Ramatuelle, France

Substantially damaged in autorotation landing after pilot noticed a decrease in engine power... Read more

05-Jul-15 Elisport CH-7 Gruffy, France

Crashed into field and burned out.  Pilot seriously injured. Helicopter type to be confirmed... Read more

27-Jun-15 F-PPCO Rotorway 162F Montséret, France

Engine failed, and  helicopter fell onto its side during autorotation landing. Pilot and his passenger/wife got out OK... Read more

18-May-15 OH-HNR MD Helicopters MD500D Bocognano, Corsica

During a low level flight prior to attending to vegetation near powerlines, pilot noticed a decrease in engine power.  The subsequent autorotation avoiding powerlines and buildings led to a hard landing and completely burnt out in post crash fire in the garden of a house.  2 POB seriously injured... Read more

22-Apr-15 F-HLOU Robinson R44 Lyon, France

Date assumed given posting date of the incident on Facebook.  Helicopter had been peppered with over 100 lead shots from close range, causing damage the tail boom close to the root... Read more

12-Mar-15 F-HOLA Guimbal G2 Plateau de Matheysine, France

The instructor explained that during a go-around after practice approach altitude on a field, the helicopter suddenly made several turns to the left around the yaw axis.  He managed to land in a snowy field at about 5400 ft.... Read more

05-Mar-15 F-GOLT Robinson R44 Beaune, France

Extensively damaged – hired by PPL from Hélitravaux.  3 POB all to hospital.... Read more

13-Nov-14 F-PGVH FAMA K209 Aubenas, France

The pilot landed on runway 36. During translation to reach the taxiway, the helicopter tilts right and a main rotor blade struck the ground. The helicopter is destabilized and collides with the ground. The two people on board were evacuated by a witness and the helicopter caught fire.... Read more

02-Oct-14 HB-ZJC Eurocopter EC130 Bart, France (5F)

Helicopter took off from Lausanne, Switzerland and has crashed in France – reportedly just prior to landing at Montbéliard – Courcelles Aerodrome. Weather reported as foggy and press report says that pilot was looking for a gap in the cloud to land at the airfield.  Five of seven POB killed when helicopter landed on a... Read more

11-Sep-14 G-CDMG Robinson R22 France

The subject helicopter was noted at 5.15am local time on 12-Sep-14 on a trailer at Calais ferry port bound for the UK.  Given it is based UK, there must have been some reason that it was not flown back to the UK.  Incident date 11-Sep-14 thus approximate... Read more

25-Jul-14 F-GMHZ Eurocopter EC120B Chateaublanc, France

Very heavy landing – remained upright but skids splayed out and main rotors chopped tail boom.  Photos here and here... Read more

17-Feb-14 F-HBVC Eurocopter EC120 Tabaille-Usquain, France

On approach to land when something caused main blades to slice tail boom, causing helicopter to crash from low level into a field .  The two occupants were not injured... Read more

14-Feb-14 Cicare CH-7T Lalbenque, France (1F)

Helicopter crashed killing solo pilot Didier Deschoolmeester... Read more

10-Jan-14 F-GIZR Enstrom F28A Saint-Amans-des-Cots, France

Pilot observed a significant reduction in engine noise and a different regime. The helicopter slowly loses the height. The pilot decided to land in the countryside. A 2 meters on the ground, the device drops abruptly. One of the main rotor blades struck the ground in front of the camera then severed the tail boom.... Read more

20-Dec-13 F-GPJG Robinson R44 Gironde, France (4F)

Four suspected died, of which one body found, when helicopter crashed into a river.  The occupants was Chinese billionaire Lam Kok, his son, an interpreter plus the pilot who had just sold his vineyard to Mr Kok... Read more

04-Dec-13 F-GKMP Eurocopter AS350B3 Massif du Grand-Arc, France

Training situation – hydraulic failure exercise.  After the instructor has reset the hydraulic circuit, the pedals remain blocked causing loss of control and impact with terrain... Read more

29-Nov-13 F-PMRA Rotorway Exec 162F Bédoin, France

When showing off by the instructor, the motor stops at height of about 4 m. The instructor makes a running landing. The helicopter rolled onto its side.... Read more

12-Nov-13 F-HTOM Eurocopter AS350B3 Serre Chevalier, France (2F)

Helicopter was involved in loadlifting work in connection with the construction of a ski lift... Read more

26-Oct-13 F-GPKA Robinson R22B Torreilles, France

Following a decrease in engine power, the pilot entered an autorotation. Upon landing at a solar power plant, the helicopter struck a photovoltaic panel and rolled onto its side.  Probable write-off... Read more

14-Oct-13 F-HAJJ Eurocopter EC130 Antraigues sur Volane, France

Helicopter contacted power lines on take off from Antraigues sur Volane (07) for flight to Castle Cachard (07)... Read more

16-Sep-13 F-GXRF Robinson R44 Font-Romeu, France

Pilot allowed rotor speed to decay too low on final approach – hit ground hard and rolled onto its starboard side... Read more

18-Aug-13 F-GHHT Robinson R22 Bourg-Jasseron, France

Engine failure, autorotation, rolled over on landing... Read more

28-Jul-13 N66001 Robinson R66 Mont Outheran, France

Main rotor struck tail boom during tailwind landing... Read more

06-Jul-13 F-HBEA Guimbal G2 Cabri Fleurac, France have been given the following statement on 10 July by the manufacturer:- “We at Helicopteres Guimbal are of course much worried that a recent accident involved a Cabri. We are even more frustrated to learn the distorted reports that appeared in the press. The following is what we know from our point and from... Read more

04-Jun-13 F-GSOE Eurocopter AS350B3 Livet-et-Gavet, France

Helicopter was involved in aerial work.  Helicopter struck63,000 volt powerline while turning, and caused local power failure.  Extent of damage to helicopter not yet known... Read more

02-Jun-13 F-GMLZ Robinson R22 Brest, France

Helicopter crashed into the fuel pumps, ending upside down impaled on them.  No fire.  Two injured... Read more

20-May-13 Eurocopter EC145 Allier, France

Wire strike during low-level rescue operation to try and save a kayaker in flood waters.  Successful emergency landing in adjacent meadow without further damage.  Part of wire impaled in main blade(s)... Read more

20-May-13 F-HHFA Eurocopter EC120 St Tropez, France

Crashed on a football pitch with the tail boom having been cut off.  Substantially damaged... Read more

01-Mar-13 F-GPGM Eurocopter SA316B Chattonay, France (1F)

Collided with trees and crashed into a lake killing the pilot... Read more

05-Feb-13 F-GYBH Eurocopter AS350B3 Cormet-de-Roselend, France

Pilot chose to make precautionary landing due to deteriorating weather.  Helicopter rolled over when landing on snowy surface... Read more

17-Jan-13 F-GZFJ Eurocopter AS350B2 St Julien-Molhesabate, France

Pilot lost visual reference when landing on a snowy surface. Heavy landing, damaged skids and tail boom... Read more

03-Nov-12 F-RAUU Eurocopter AS555AN Toussus-le-Noble, France

Loss of control in the hover during post-maintenance test flight, and hit hangar.  3 injured, aircraft total loss.... Read more

03-Sep-12 EC-IVT Robinson R44 Valouse, France (2F)

R44 routing from Switzerland through France to Spain.  Had taken off from Clermont-Ferrand, destination Le Luc in the Var region.  Father and son killed in the accident. Controlled flight into terrain. Aircraft destroyed... Read more

31-Aug-12 F-GPHE Eurocopter AS350B3 Argeles-Gazost, France

Four injured when helicopter came down after hitting cables.  The helicopter was involved in maintenance work on the cables.  Two were “ejected”, from an underslung cradle, and two were in the helicopter.  Pilot Joel Prisse  has dislocated shoulder and crew Philippe Pournin has multiple lower limb fractures.  Aircraft destroyed... Read more

25-Aug-12 F-GTEJ Robinson R44 Brison-Saint-Innocent, France

Struck low-level power cables on final approach due to the pilot having the sun in his eyes.  Helicopter ended on starboard side.  60- year old pilot suffered concussion, head injury and scratches... Read more

22-Aug-12 F-GHLF MD Helicopters 500E Lancon-de-Provence, France

High level of vibrations during landing phase.  Helicopter landed hard and rolled over.... Read more

25-Jul-12 Eurocopter AS532AL Verdon Gorge, France (6F)

AS532AL on a pre-delivery test flight out of Marignane crashed killing all six occupants.  Some reports are suggesting it struck wires but that is not confirmed... Read more

20-Jul-12 F-GIZR Enstrom F28A St Croix Vallee, France

Tail rotor struck ground taking off from sloping ground... Read more

14-Sep-11 F-HFBI Eurocopter AS350B3 Vallorcine, France (4F)

Tail rotor struck a cable while on a reconaissance flight.  Two occupants thrown clear of the helicopter and two trapped inside.  Piloting the helicopter was Jacques Fouque, an experienced pilot and mountain guide, the engineering director of the Emosson dam Regis Desmus, Jean-Marc Mermillod, from IG3M a company specialising in lifts and cable work and... Read more

11-Jul-11 EI-MUL Robinson R44 Meribel, France

Pilot Kevin Mullarkey, age 67, an Irishman now resident in Kuwait.  Passenger was Gerard David, age 70, a member of the Meribel Flying Club, were involved in a crash which resulted in the helicopter catching on fire and severely burning both men.... Read more

09-Jul-11 OO-HNE Robinson R44 Luzoir, France (2F)

52 year old pilot from Belgium, and 37 year old passenger was Italian but lived in Belgium for many years.  Both killed... Read more

11-Jun-11 Bell 47G Champniers, France

Tourist flight.  Pilot claimed to have been caught in a wind vortex.  Helicopter Destroyed... Read more

09-Jun-11 F-GPSI Robinson R44 Bourg-Ceyzériat, France

Instructional flight, takeoff without hydraulic assistance, ended up on its side... Read more

11-May-11 Eurocopter SA341 Rose, France

Precautionary landing in field after engine problems... Read more

29-Apr-11 F-PJMI Dynali H2 Bezouce, France (2F)

Two fatalies – Jean-Michel Mazet, a dentist in Margate (Gard) and Jean-Louis Durant, a Narbonne, an instructor pilot in Pezenas... Read more

02-Mar-11 Eurocopter AS532 Salses-le-Château, France (1F)

Shortly after take off from the military base of Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque, a door of the aircraft opened.  One occupant tried to secure it, but appears to have dragged out by suction, falling  into the waters of a pond.  A second crew member went to assist and was also sucked out.  One later died in the hospital... Read more

09-Dec-10 G-CBVL Robinson R22 Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France (2F)

R22 crashed in a steep sided valley while en route from Sospel to Avignon. French press named the deceased as Martin Rutty and Simon Lichtenstein... Read more

07-Dec-10 Eurocopter AS350 Breil-sur-Roya, France (3F)

The helicopter had been chartered by the General Council of Alpes-Maritimes. On board was the pilot, a geologist from the General Council and an employee of the company “Heaven Climber”, specializing in work in steep areas.... Read more

22-Sep-10 Eurocopter SA341 Plaisance-du-Gers, France

Gazelle from 5RHC was involved in low level training, and crashed in an open field.... Read more

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