Rostvertol to supply a third Mi-26TC to China

Rostvertol to supply a third Mi-26TC to China

13-Apr-2010 Source: Rostvertol

In March 2010 Rostvertol plc and Lectern Aviation Supplies Co. Ltd (China) signed a contract on delivery of a new Mi-26Tc helicopter to China. This is already the third Mi-26TC sold to the People’s Republic of China. The same as the first two helicopters the third Mi-26TC is being purchased mainly for extinguishing fires and liquidating consequences of emergency situations.

The cooperation between Rostvertol plc and Lectern Aviation Supplies Co. Ltd is lasting for more than five years since the Rostov enterprise entered the Chinese market. In April 2006 during the visit of the Rostvertol plc specialists to China and agreement was signed between Rostvertol and Lectern Aviation on establishing a joint Russian- Hong Kong enterprise. In October 2006 such an enterprise was established – Rostvertol Helicopters China Limited – what substantially helped in promotion of the Rostvertol plc products in China.

The first Mi-26TC (certified modification of the Mi-26T) was obtained by China Flying dragon Special Aviation Company in May 2008. Initially, in 2007, the helicopter was handed over for lease for a 3-years period, however the Mi-26TC showed its worth in extinguishing serious fires in the Chinese provinces, in transporting bulky cargoes and in liquidating consequences of earthquakes, and China Flying Dragon bought it out before the lease term expired.

In November 2008 during the international air show China’2008 a contract on sale of the second Mi-26TC to the Chinese air carrier Qindao Helicopters Special Aviation Co. was signed. The helicopter was delivered to China in July 2009 where it is successfully used for extinguishing fires and liquidating consequences of emergency situations.

The Mi-26T helicopter is of stable demand in the world’s market. At present the main operators of this helicopter besides Russia itself and the CIS countries are such countries as China, India, Venezuela, Greece. The Mi-26T is often used on lease conditions in many European, Asian and African countries.

Mi-26(T) – a unique helicopter capable of carrying cargoes weighing up to 20 tons in the cargo compartment or on the external sling.
Usage of a wide spectrum of additional removable equipment allows in a short period of time transforming the basic transport helicopter into one of the following versions:

  • fire-fighting – with VSU-15A water-discharging device of 15 tons of capacity on the external sling intended for extinguishing and localizing fires;
  • refueling – provides operative delivery of 14 040 litres of diesel or aviation fuel;
  • troopers-carrying – provides transportation of 82 fully-equipped troopers (rescuers);
  • medical – provides transportation of 60 stretcher cases with three medical attendants; in extreme situations the helicopter can carry up to 200 persons.

The helicopter is used for carrying out humanitarian missions, liquidation of consequences of natural calamities with such international organizations as UN, UNIDO, UNESCO, NATO, etc.

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