Helibras website hacked

Helibras website hacked

5-Jan-2011 Source: HeliHub.com

Helibras, the Brazilian based Eurocopter subsidiary, has had its website hacked.   An unknown group or organisation posing under the name “BaRaCK_ObaMa” has filed two news items on the Helibras website on 5th January.

Both stories carry a “Happy New Year” notice with a Disney cartoon and the website address of a blog hosted on the Brazilian site of Google subsidiary Blogger.  The story concludes with “Greetz” and four words which appear to be handles (online pen names) for sympathisers – one of which ties back to a 20-year old living in the Dominican Republic.

The action appears to be a prank, but the use of Barack Obama’s name may imply something directed at Helibras itself.

[see also this screenshot of Helibras website]

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