Union members receive letter regarding changes at Boeing Philadelphia

Union members receive letter regarding changes at Boeing Philadelphia

10-Feb-2011 Source: UAW Local 1069

Copy of letter from President of UAW local 1069 to members

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday the Company notified us of their decisions on the Chinook Off-Load Packages.  For the first time we were able to save more jobs than were lost.  From a manpower standpoint if all of that work would have stayed, the company projected to hire 164 new jobs.  Based on their decision we have been able to secure 83 of those jobs.

The Company has committed to us to retrain on Company time all affected Sheet Metal Assemblers (Labor Grade eight) to Aircraft Technician (Labor Grade ten).  More importantly per our Contract agreement, the company cannot layoff any bargaining unit employees as a result of this off load.

Brothers and Sisters, one lost job is one job to many.  We reached out to the Company through many channels to stop this offload.  We have seen this before and it has not been successful.  We have seen the mistakes by their own admission at other Boeing sites.  We will continue to fight these issues vigorously until they come to their senses.  I guess they haven’t learned their lesson from the previous sub par vendors.

Your hard work and commitment has produced one of the best years we have ever had.  I urge you to continue to perform at your highest level.  UAW local 1069 workers are the best and build the best.  Never give the Company a reason to say anything different.

Lastly I want to thank all the EI Facilitators and EI Teams for their hard work and effort in this fight.  Working collectively has always been our greatest strength. I am prouder than ever to represent each and everyone of you and show the Company that we always Stand United.

Reminder to all Sheet Metal Assemblers: If you are interested, please be sure to put in transfer requests for Aircraft Technician jobs.

In Solidarity,

Christopher Owens, President

UAW Local 1069

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