Mil Mi-28 Night Hunter fleet grounded

Mil Mi-28 Night Hunter fleet grounded

16-Feb-2011 Source:

The Mil Mi-28 Night Hunter has been grounded following a fatal crash yesterday – see safety report at 15-Feb-11 Mil Mi-28N Budyonnovsk, Russia (1F).  A Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman said the crash of the Mil Mi-28 Night Hunter attack helicopter occurred Tuesday in the Budyennovsk district of the Stavropol region.

Reports vary on the detail of the accident, mostly reporting that The helicopter suffered a gearbox or an engine failure at approx 2000′ agl and had a subsequent uncontrolled landing.  Both occupants were taken to hospital, the pilot later dying from his injuries.  The co-pilot is not throught to have life-threatening injuries.

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