Portuguese operator EMA marks 5,000 hours of Ka32 operations

Portuguese operator EMA marks 5,000 hours of Ka32 operations

17-Feb-2011 Source: HeliHub.com

On last January 16, 2011, EMA (Empresa de Aerial Media, Ltd) marked 5,000 hours with their Ka32 fleet – Kamov 32A11BC, registration CS-HMM, was the actual helicopter which flew the milestone , under the command of pilot  José Mendes, co-pilot Joana Santos and winch operator Bruno Martins.  This achievement comes after only three years of operating the type.

In addition to the hours invested in training both flight and operational training of forces and security services and assistance of the MAI, the Kamov Ka32 fleet have fulfilled the following missions over the 5,000 hours:-

  • 1517 flights fighting forest fires, including 18,397 water drops
  • 105 search and rescue flights, rescuing 102 people;
  • 42 patients transported in medical evacuation missions
  • 18 organs transplant flights
  • 89 border surveillance flights, of which 42 under the program Frontex border control Mediterranean Europe, with several detections of illegal migrants
  • 77 flights as part of homeland security
  • 22 surveillance flights and visual reconnaissance.

This performance provides a good note on the aircraft are comprehensive, fundamental to the concept of permanent fleet of helicopters serving the Portuguese State.

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