STC for Rebtech’s Medical Infusion Pump Mount in Bell 206/407

STC for Rebtech’s Medical Infusion Pump Mount in Bell 206/407

16-Apr-2012 Source: Rebtech

As part of an ongoing expansion of product offerings, REB Technologies, Inc. (REBTECH) has received an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the installation of an intravenous (IV) medical pump mounting system.  The mount can accommodate up to three SPACE Infusion Pumps manufactured by the global medical products company, B. Braun Medical, Inc., and applies to the 206A/B, 206L, and 407 series helicopters. The SPACE IV pump is widely used during medical patient transport and features a compact and lightweight design for easy transport and flexibility.  The modern pump also contains a comprehensive internal drug dosage library with integrated safety features to mitigate incorrect infusion delivery rates.

During the design and development phase of the project, Portlock Aviation, LLC and company owner, Jim Kettles, provided air medical consultation and guidance to REBTECH while representing B. Braun on the project. The mounting system was developed with a universal design that can easily accommodate additional airplane and helicopter model types using the initial STC basis.  Military specifications were also taken into consideration for potential military fixed and rotary wing aircraft applications.  Each mount allows for one IV pump to be installed with an optional bracket that can provide for an additional two pump assemblies.

The mount and bracket assembly can also be utilized in ground or marine vehicles and REBTECH is also developing a lower cost version that does not require the stringent aviation tolerances. REBTECH foresees an additional demand for popular air medical aircraft model types, and can further adapt the STC to meet these requirements upon request.

About REBTECH:  REBTECH, a division of REB Technologies, Inc. is a global industry leader providing advanced military and civil night vision aircraft lighting systems.  Based in Bedford, Texas, the company has extensive experience developing night vision lighting for cockpit, cabin and crew stations as well as night vision systems for external airframe applications.  REB Technologies has several FAA approved supplemental type certificates (STC) and has performed lighting modifications and installations for military and civil customers in over 8 different countries.  REB Technologies provides FAA approved instrument repair, overhaul and modification in addition support of developmental requirements for REBTECH and their customers. REBTECH can provide additional design, engineering and developmental services for military or civil aircraft applications upon customer request.  For further information regarding REBTECH or any of its offerings, please contact Greg Winchell at 817.658.9747 or by visiting the company’s website at

About B. BRAUN: B. Braun is a leading manufacturer of infusion therapy and pain management products with an environmentally-friendly focus. Guided by the company’s “Sharing Expertise®” philosophy, B. Braun addresses the critical issues of infection prevention, medication safety and environmental responsibility by promoting best practices that help clinicians reduce medication errors, prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) and achieve sustainability objectives.

Consistently recognized by Frost & Sullivan and KLAS for its medical technology and support services, B. Braun employees share their knowledge with colleagues and customers to improve working processes in hospitals and medical practices and to enhance the safety of patients and healthcare professionals. For more information regarding B. Braun Medical, Inc. and their products, contact Jennifer Bernsen at or by visiting

About PORTLOCK AVIATION, LLC: Portlock Aviation, LLC offers expert helicopter related consultation services as well as helicopter sales of all turbine helicopter model types.  Utilizing well over thirty years of professional helicopter experience with an extensive operational, sales and management background, owner and industry veteran, Jim Kettles employs a pragmatic and sensible approach to the helicopter business.  Additional information regarding Portlock Aviation, LLC can be found at or by calling 817.247.7192.

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