Sikorsky in engine talks with Motor Sich

Sikorsky in engine talks with Motor Sich

31-Jul-2012 Source:

The Ukraine branch of Russian news agency Kommersant is reporting that Sikorsky are in talks with local engine manufacturer Motor Sich.  A feasible possibility is discussions for re-engining S61 models with the VK-2500 engine that powers the Mi-17 – given the political storm now brewing in the US over the purchase of ten further Mi-17s for operation in Afghanistan, putting higher-power engines in an S61 airframe may be the way of achieving the operational requirements without resorting to purchasing completed Russian-built helicopters.

Sikorsky has confirmed in the media that talks have taken place, but would not be drawn on where they were heading.  Serious technical issues are reported, and whether these can be resolved is merely speculation at this time.

Nikolai Vanesev – Moscow correspondent

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