Agreement signed for Mi-171 production in Brazil

Agreement signed for Mi-171 production in Brazil

19-Dec-2012 Source: Rostechnologii

[Electronic translation] On Friday, December 14, “Russian Technologies” and the largest arms manufacturer in Brazil Odebrecht Defensa e Technologia signed a memorandum of technology partnership. Cooperation to the design and creation of a joint venture for the production of helicopters, air defense systems, marine engineering and other areas.

The delegation of the Brazilian company Odebrecht, which is a subsidiary of Odebrecht Defensa e Technologia, paid a visit to Moscow on 15-18 October 2012. The negotiations reached an agreement on a joint venture in Brazil to assemble helicopters produced in Russia – the first stage of the entire line of E-171, establishing service centers for maintenance of Mi-35M and the development of an integrated air defense system in the interests of the Brazilian armed forces. “Rosoboronexport”, “Russian Helicopters” and Odebrecht Defensa e Technologia following talks in October signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding. Odebrecht company declared its readiness to discuss the creation of a strategic technology alliance with the “Russian Technologies”.

Cooperation may involve technology transfer, joint ventures, subcontracting and other agreements. For coordination and cooperation that a joint working group.

“Brazil – our long-time business partner. For example, the Air Force of Brazil are armed with Russian multi-purpose attack helicopters Mi-35M, the next batch of which the contract “Rosoboronexport” was delivered in August this year – said deputy general director of “Russian Technologies” Dmitry Shugaev. – The signing of the memorandum will bring this cooperation to a new level, including the start joint development and production of military and civil engineering. ”

Russian-Brazilian military-technical cooperation is implemented in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement signed in November 2008. During this time in Brazil was delivered Russian weapons and military equipment for about 306.7 million dollars.

“Russian Technologies” – a Russian corporation created in 2007 to promote the development, production and export of high-tech products for civil and military purposes. It is comprised of 663 organizations, of which 12 are being formed holding companies in the defense industry, 5 – in civilian industries. Organization “Russian Technologies” are located in the 60 subjects of the Russian Federation and export their products to the markets of over 70 countries. Net income in 2011 amounted to 45.6 billion rubles, the tax payments to the budgets of all levels to reach 100 billion rubles.

Odebrecht Defensa e Technologia – Brazilian company, established in April 2011 for the implementation of major high-tech projects in the field of defense and security. Part of an industrial group of companies «Odebrecht». General Manager – Roberto Simoens.

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