Spain ships three Tigers to Afghanistan

Spain ships three Tigers to Afghanistan

28-Mar-2013 Source: Spanish Military

[electronic translation] In his first combat mission, the ‘Tiger’ capacities to provide protection and security to our forces in retreat

Three helicopters ‘Tiger’ Battalion Attack Helicopter (BHELA) No. 1, located at the base ‘Coronel Sánchez Bilbao’ de Almagro (Ciudad Real), have been embarked today on a transport plane ‘Antonov’ for transfer to the base of Herat.There will be received by BHELA components 1, which since March 19 are in Afghanistan.

In his first combat mission, the ‘Tiger’ vast capabilities provide protection and security to our forces in the retreat started. Two rotations are planned, each composed of 32 military, including pilots, mechanics and general staff personnel.

During the past six months, the unit has developed various exercises in Chinchilla, Agoncillo, Bardenas, Almagro and Colmenar Viejo to evaluate the capabilities and readiness of crews and maintenance personnel.

The ‘Antonov’ plans to take off early in Herat  March 27.



The deployment of the ‘Tiger’ HAP (Helicopter Support and Protection), known as the French version, is the first step in consolidating the attack helicopter in the Army. In his first combat mission, the HA-28 ‘Tiger’ vast capabilities provide the benefit of the safety and security of our forces in the retreat.

Could define the helicopter ‘Tiger’ as a true “weapon system” equipped with a 30mm cannon in the nose and can carry up to four missiles together ‘Mistral’ (air to air) and 44 68 mm rockets (air- land).

The helicopter HA-28 ‘Tiger’ presents the narrow-body configuration (to offer the lowest possible target in the axis of attack), wings with mountings for arms and auxiliary fuel tanks and two cabins in tandem. The difference with respect to other attack helicopters is that the shooter holds the upper rear cockpit and the pilot the lower front. In the ‘Tiger’, the pilot is responsible, primarily, to pilot the aircraft, and the shooter, along with co-driver, is the commander of the tactical mission and responsibility of it.

The helicopter will be deployed is equipped with a defense system consisting of radar whistleblowers (which alerts you when you are detecting radar) missile whistleblowers (which detects when the enemy launches a missile), whistleblowers laser (detects if a laser beam incident on the helicopter, indicating it is being designated as target). Also available as a pitcher countermeasures chaff and flares to deceive and divert the missile fired at the helicopter.

Each of the two rotations is composed of 32 people, including pilots, mechanics and general staff personnel. On 1st rotation will be eight officers, 15 NCOs and nine troop and in the 2nd rotation seven officers, 16 NCOs and nine troop. In principle, it is envisaged that the duration of each is four months.


In addition to the tactical and technical helicopters, each and every member of the rotations have been trained according to the training set for the individual combatant gun target practice long and short, both day and night, physical tests, vaccines and multiple conferences regulations deployment area and security measures to behold.

The preparation done by pre-deployment unit consisted of performing various exercises to evaluate the capabilities and readiness of crews and maintenance personnel. There have been the following:

  • From 23 to 29 September 2012 in the firing range of Bárdenas Royals. Cannon fire and rockets.
  • From 19 to 23 November 2012 in Chinchilla CENAD. Cannon fire and rockets.
  • From 14 to 18 January 2012 on the basis of Agoncillo (Logroño). Mountain flying training.
  • From 21 to 24 January 2013 in Chinchilla CENAD. Cannon fire and rockets.
  • On February 25 the CENAD Chinchilla. Shot of chaff and flares.
  • Common training observers fire air (OFA, s) on the basis of Almagro, from 12 to 16 November 2012 and 10 to 14 December 2012.
  • Exercise ‘High Terrain’ in three phases. From November 2012 to March 2013 in simulation centers and Colmenar Viejo Almagro, during which from the two locations have “flown” the three models of helicopters, ‘Tiger’, ‘Chinook’ and ‘Cougar’, which deployed in Afghanistan.

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