Mil Mi-8MSB certified in Belarus

Mil Mi-8MSB certified in Belarus

6-Oct-2013 Source:

Belarus has this week certified the higher-powered Mil8 MSB model, according to Interfax. In FAA terms, this model is an STC upgrade of a standard Mi-8, and has been put forward by Ukraine’s Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant.  There is some disquiet about the model in Russia, where some detractors are referring to it as “the Ukrainian Mi-8”.

On a certification test flight, the Mi-8MSB climbed to 4,500m (14,763 ft) in 7 minutes.

The standard engine for the Mi-8 has been the TV2-117, originally designed by the Isotov Design Bureau, who ran the first prototype in 1962.  Not long after, Isotov were taken over by Klimov, and Motor Sich are working with Klimov on the latest variant.  The TV2-117 developed a maximum of 1,700hp, while the new TV3-117MA-SBM1V has a 2½ minute rating of 2,800hp, a 65% increase.  The new engine weighs in at 295kg, some 39kg lighter than the TV2-117, and just these two statistics point to the benefits of an engine upgrade.  The full specifications of the TV3-117MA-SBM1V can be found here.

Nikolai Vanesev – Moscow correspondent

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