Ka-62 to receive bird-impact proof glass

Ka-62 to receive bird-impact proof glass

15-Jul-2014 Source: Rostec

Heterogeneous electrically heated glass for aircraft was tested at the proving grounds of FGUP ONPP Tekhnologiya, which is a subsidiary of the RT-Chemcomposite.  The safety glass, which was created on the basis of a unique technology, was able to pass strength tests.

“The safety glass, as well as technologies that were developed and used to produce it, are key indicators of the scientific-technical potential of the holding,” noted RT-Chemcomposite Holding Manager Kirill Shubsky.

The heterogeneous material demonstrates the best silicate (which is traditional for aircraft applications) as well as organic properties of glass. The front-facing part of the product, which is made of a thin silicate layer, provides increased drag resistance. In the near future the safety glass will be able to be electrically heated.  The inner layer, which is made of organic glass, makes the product very strong while reducing overall weight at the same time.

The product can withstand the impacts of birds weighing 1 kg shot out of a compressed air unit at a speed of 270 km/h.  Thus, it was confirmed that the product complies with the basic requirements for ensuring the safety of the pilot during collisions with birds (by preventing direct break-through failures).

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