Russian Helicopters debuts at Defexpo India 2016

Russian Helicopters debuts at Defexpo India 2016

30-Mar-2016 Source: Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters, part of State Corporation Rostec, will take part in Defexpo India 2016, which is held 28 – 31 March, in Quitol, Goa, India.   During one of the most significant exhibitions in South Asia, the holding company will showcase its newest Mi-38 and Ka-226T helicopters. 

“We intend to strengthen our positions in the South Asian market by increasing sales of products and by offering after-sale services for helicopters.  Currently, there are more than 400 Russian-made helicopters operated in India, which plans to increase the fleet of Russian rotorcraft,” said Russian Helicopters’ CEO Alexander Mikheev.

India is known as the main buyer and operator of Russian-made military helicopters but the country also expresses interest in buying civilian rotorcraft.  Currently, India operates such civilian helicopters as the Mi-172.  Also, the holding company is now involved in a tender to supply an additional shipment of two Mi-172 helicopters.

The product line of Russian Helicopters at Defexpo India 2016 will consist of multirole helicopters: the medium transport passenger Mi-38s and the light Ka-226Ts. 

Coaxial, maneuverable compact Ka-226T was developed to perform transport and special tasks in any weather conditions around the clock.  Without a tail rotor, this helicopter is safe to use on small pads and in rough terrain.  Ka-226Ts can be used as an ambulance, police, search and rescue or transport and passenger helicopters.

The visitors of Defexpo India 2016 will be shown Ka-226T in its medical verions.  In such mode, the helicopter is equipped with litters for patients, with oxygen tanks and medical equipment necessary to administer first aid.  For medical personnel, the Ka-226T’s cabin is equipped with folding seats.  

The future flagship of the Russian helicopter industry, the medium multirole Mi-38 is assembled only from Russian made components, will be of much interest for the visitors.  Compared to other helicopters in its class, Mi-38 boasts higher speed, load lifting and passenger capacity.  The helicopter can be operated around the clock, in adverse climatic and weather conditions.   The use of a modern avionics complex (which utilizes the principle of a “glass cockpit”) helps to increase flight safety and makes it possible for the crew to faster interpret the displays and navigate through the flow of incoming information.  Mi-38 can be used for cargo and passenger transportation, including the VIP modification, as well as a flying hospital or helicopter for offshore operations.  In December 2015, Mi-38 received type certification and is now ready for overseas deliveries.

As part of the business program at Defexpo India 2016, Russian Helicopters will have negotiations with the leading Indian aviation company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and the Indian state transport company Pawan Hans Limited, which is responsible for the operation of Mi-172 helicopters, as well as with other organizations.  Russian Helicopters also are planning to have feature presentations of Mi-38 and Mi-171A2 helicopters for Pawan Hans Limited.

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