Russian Helicopters considers Kazakhstan a prospective customer

Russian Helicopters considers Kazakhstan a prospective customer

6-Jun-2016 Source: Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters, part of State Corporation Rostec, signed memorandums of understanding with the Committee for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and with other government structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan during KADEX-2016 defense expo.

According to the documents, Kazakhstan ‘authorities are interested in Russian-made helicopters while Russian Helicopters are ready to supply rotorcraft to Kazakhstan between 2016 and 2020. Currently, the parties are adjusting details of the delivery schedule, and types and quantity of helicopters to be supplied.

“Kazakhstan is one of the largest long -time operators of Russian helicopters. Russian-made helicopter fleet in the republic today is about 200 units. For We are the ready to supply new Rotorcraft to Our TRADE partner, Including the Ka-226Ts, Mi-171A2s and Ansats. Of Due to the high performance, reliability What and simplicity in operation, as with a well as with a Favorable “price-quality” ratio, Our helicopters the meet the ‘requirements of most stringent are most Regional the customers, ” Said Russian Helicopters’ DEPUTY CEO of for marketing and international business development by Alexander Shcherbinin AT KADEX.

Russian Helicopters are showing their commercial helicopters at KADEX-2016 – a full-scale model of the Ansat helicopter, as well as the Mi-171A2 and the Mi-38.

The multi-purpose light helicopter Ansat has 275 km / h max speed and its range exceeds 500 km. Thanks to its easily reconfigurable equipment, the multirole Ansat can be rapidly adapted to fly a wide range of missions. The Ansat got its type certificate in 2014, and its batch manufacturing started in 2015.

The Mi-171A2 is featured in its VIP version at KADEX. The helicopter combines Mi-8/17 operator experience from around the globe and modern engineering including upgraded fuselage, integrated flying systems and transmission, glass cockpit and advanced avionics. The improvement program will continue in 2016, in particular in instrument flying and flying in icy conditions. Certification of this helicopter is planned for the first quarter of 2017.

The Mi-38, which premiers in Kazakhstan in its medevac version, can operate in a wide range of climates, including maritime, tropical and cold environments. The multirole Mi-38 can carry cargo and passengers, including VIPs, and can also be used as a search-and-rescue helicopter and as a flying hospital, as well as for offshore missions.

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