Russian Helicopters features Mi-8MTV1 Simulator at KADEX-2016

Russian Helicopters features Mi-8MTV1 Simulator at KADEX-2016

6-Jun-2016 Source: Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters, part of State Corporation Rostec, will showcase a mobile training simulator of the Mi-8MTV1 helicopter, which was developed by the VR-Technologies Design Bureau and premiered at the MAKS 2015 international airshow.  The cutting-edge technology allows pilots to simulate flights in an environment close to reality.

The Mi-8MTV1 mobile special training simulator that will be shown at KADEX-2016 has a cabin, which is a full-size mockup with a visual system and a unique motion system, as well as workstations for an instructor and an operator.  The unit is mounted on a wheeled chassis, which allows to transport the system quickly without dismantling it.  The Mi-8MTV1 simulator also has a self-contained electric power plant that can be used when there is no electricity.

“The upgraded mobile special simulator allows to train pilots for around the clock flights, in any weather conditions, and for operating helicopters in emergency situations,” said VR-Technologies Design Bureau’s CEO Alexander Okhonko.

The upgraded simulator has a more powerful computer system and a more advanced flight mission control interface, as well as a new motion system.

The simulator’s new visual system displays real-life and high-definition terrain images including such small details as local flora.  In addition, the system allows to simulate flights over sea. And the motion system simulates longitudinal, lateral and vertical acceleration during helicopter movement, taxiing, takeoff and landing and brings training close to reality.

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