Royal Aeronautical Society announces rotorcraft summer conference

Royal Aeronautical Society announces rotorcraft summer conference

6-Apr-2017 Source: HeliOffshore

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) rotorcraft summer conference Technology Friend or Foe – Operations in an increasingly complex environment builds on previous automation conferences, to consider the impact of technological changes to onshore rotorcraft operations. Cockpit automation in onshore operations are more likely to be affected by the changes in airspace management that are that are being introduced in Europe and North America. Rotorcraft continue to operate in the lower levels of airspace that will be increasingly populated by Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). These operations are likely to be conducted in an unprecedented environment of data/information generation interchange, and if handled well, could introduce ‘sense and avoid’, obstacle and terrain clearance, and operational and route planning, meaning that free flight in airspace could be conducted with minimum risk.
Sir Christopher Coville will be the keynote speaker, and the conference programme will cover:
  • the potential, and challenges of introducing automation in Para-public and General Aviation operationsthe future integration of UAS and rotorcraft in an increasingly crowded lower airspacehow States have leveraged Performance Based Navigation to improve their coverage in Degraded Visual Environmentshow manufacturers intend to support future operations in challenging environments with varied scenarios.

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