Maxcraft Avionics receives STC for Garmin GTN750H Navigator in AS365

Maxcraft Avionics receives STC for Garmin GTN750H Navigator in AS365

29-Jan-2020 Source: Maxcraft Avionics

Maxcraft Avionics Ltd, one of the largest avionics shops in Canada, has achieved the first FAA STC authorizing the Garmin GTN725H or GTN750H Navigator to be installed in a series of Airbus Helicopter Dauphin models including SA-365N, SA-365N1, AS-365N2 and AS-365N3. The system is fully approved to conduct LPV and LNAV/VNAV coupled approaches. This new FAA STC # SR04413NY follows Maxcraft’s initial Canadian TCCA STC # SH19-9.

In addition, Maxcraft has received FAA STC approval for installation of the Garmin GTX-345R or GTX-335R ADS-B Transponder along with Garmin’s GTS-825 TAS or GTS-855 TCAS into the same series of Airbus Dauphin helicopters. This new FAA STC # SR04414NY follows Maxcraft’s initial Canadian TCCA STC # SH19-10

To complete the package, Maxcraft also received FAA STC approval to install the Latitude SkyNode S200 Satellite Communication and Tracking System providing a complete safety enhancement package for the renowned Dauphin Helicopter. This new FAA STC # SR04412NY follows Maxcraft’s initial Canadian TCCA STC # SH19-8

The medium weight multipurpose twin-engine has been utilized in both civil and military operations for over 40 years.  The versatile Dauphin helicopter has accumulated more than 5.5M flight hours and currently operates in over 60 countries. With 825 delivered, the newly certified avionics suite will increase efficiency, safety, and capabilities.

The Garmin GTN Navigator is a complete GPS/NAV/COM/MFD with high resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, georeferenced charting, traffic target surveillance, and multiple weather options. Touch screen capabilities provides intuitive and easy access to navigation, radio tuning and multifunction display features. Paired with the GTX345 Transponder, which meets global ADS-B Out compliance for any altitude with 1090ES, and with ADS-B “In” you have the ability to display weather (FIS-B) and traffic data (TIS-B) where available.

“We developed these STCs because we believe the AS-365 Dauphin is a superb helicopter with potentially many years of useful life remaining” stated Daryl MacIntosh, CEO Maxcraft Avionics.

Integration of the Garmin GTS 825/855 Traffic System on the Airbus models provides real-time active surveillance that generates aural and visual traffic advisories, with single pilot operation the Garmin traffic features CLEAR CAS technology provides tracking of up to 45 targets and depicts 30 intruder threats at a time. For operations that require communications for air/ground crew the Latitude SkyNode S200 Satellite Communication and Tracker System is the lightest and flexible aeronautical communications device. Providing phone and data service from anywhere, it exceeds flight tracking requirements mandated by US and Canada Forestry agencies.

Maxcraft holds two additional recent Canadian STCs for which the FAA approval is pending. STC # SH19-11 approves the Garmin HTAWS option and STC # SH19-40 approves installation of Whelen LED external lights (Position, Anti-Collision & Strobe).


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