Airbus helps Hungarian Air Ambulance become a digital organisation

Airbus helps Hungarian Air Ambulance become a digital organisation

4-Jun-2020 Source: Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters is helping Hungary’s largest civilian operator become a digital organisation capable of capturing, storing and then analysing the rich amounts of data generated from its day-to-day helicopter operations, turning them into continuous improvement actions.


At Heli-Expo 2020, Hungarian Air Ambulance became the first helicopter operator to purchase a complete end-to-end solution, from digitisation to analytics, through a close collaboration with Airbus Helicopters.


The three-year contract will deploy Airbus Helicopters’ Connected Services for Hungarian Air Ambulance’s new fleet of nine second-hand H135 helicopters.

The operator aims at putting in place all the bricks of a data-driven organisation, in order to begin harnessing and learning from their data all along the operational chain.


“Airbus Helicopters’ Connect Services department collects data from aircraft and our customers’ information systems to provide them with pertinent solutions,” says Stéphanie Bonnefoy-Fourie, Vice President Connected Services at Airbus Helicopters. “Hungarian Air Ambulance’s maintenance, logistics and flight operations, through being digitised and analysed, sets the stage for this customer to benefit from time savings and useful data, translating to greater fleet availability, operational safety and cost optimisation.”

With this new contract, Hungarian Air Ambulance will roll out the core group of digital services: the Fleet Keeper digital technical logbook; the new Flightastic digital pilot logbook and compliance monitoring system; Airbus’ homegrown Fleet Master maintenance information system (for small and medium-sized operators); and digital log cards, which trace the entire maintenance history of a single component. The operator has also purchased Flight Analyser analytics, thus becoming the first customer of this service.

Flight Analyser analyses flight data to prevent situations that could have led to an incident. Every flight session is checked and analysed on a daily basis by Airbus Helicopters teams composed of experienced pilots, aviation safety specialists and data-software experts, based on customers’ requirements and procedures. All relevant pieces of information are highlighted and transferred to the operator’s safety managers for validation.

The system also correlates this data with weather data and environmental context such as sky coverage and obstacles that might be present at the time of a potential event.


By doing so, the operator’s current burden with regard to data analysis is reduced by more than 70%. This time savings can then be allocated to straightforward EMS operations.

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