Air-Methods Accidents

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16-Apr-22 N808LF Airbus AS350B3 Phoenix, US-Arizona

Rotors running refuel – FBO attendant was pulling the grounding cable from the fuel truck and the cable struck the main rotor blades Helicopter operates as “Native Air 7” from a base at Payson, AZ  ... Read more

11-Jan-22 N531LN Airbus EC135P2 Drexel Hill, US-Pennsylvania

Pilot reported difficulties while flying and made emergency landing in built-up area – it appeared to be circling at low level in this doorbell footage  All four on board, including a baby of 2 months old, got out without further injury. Air Methods statement : Today an Air Methods owned aircraft experienced an accident in... Read more

07-Sep-21 N138HN Airbus EC135P2+ Martinsburg, US-Virginia

Background: On the morning of the incident the flight crew based at KMRB in Martinsburg, WV was preparing to transition from a spare aircraft back into their normal duty aircraft which had just recently come out of a 1000-hour maintenance interval. The pilot-in-command for the day shift elected to move the spare aircraft (N102HN) off... Read more

07-Sep-21 N102HN Airbus EC135P1 Martinsburg, US-Virginia

Background: On the morning of the incident the flight crew based at KMRB in Martinsburg, WV was preparing to transition from a spare aircraft back into their normal duty aircraft which had just recently come out of a 1000-hour maintenance interval. The pilot-in-command for the day shift elected to move the spare aircraft (N102HN) off... Read more

15-May-21 N134AM Airbus EC135 Jacksonville, US-Florida

Emergency field landing after bird strike... Read more

19-Dec-20 N574AM Airbus AS350B3 Driggs, US-Idaho

Starboard transmission cowling flipped up into the main rotor shortly after departure... Read more

05-Dec-20 N625CF Airbus AS365N3 Dayton, US-Ohio

At approximately 140 KIAS, the right rear passenger door came open. The PIC had also heard and felt a change in the aircraft. PIC immediately slowed down the aircraft and the flight nurse in the back of the aircraft while still seat-belted was able to close the door. Upon safe landing and exiting of the... Read more

26-Oct-20 N530H Airbus AS350B3 Arenas Valley, NM

The helicopter sustained substantial damage and the sole occupant pilot was seriously injured.... Read more

03-Jul-15 N390LG Airbus AS350B3e Frisco, US-Colorado (1F)

With pilot and two paramedics on board, the helicopter started spinning shortly after take off and crashed about 20 seconds later, causing fatal injuries to pilot Patrick Mahany.The helicopter hit a parked pickup truck and travel camper and the helicopter was consumed by the ensuing fire. Flight paramedic Dave Repsher was burned in the crash... Read more

06-Mar-15 N356AM Airbus EC130 St Louis, US-Missouri (1F)

Security video shows helicopter search light spinning to the left. The video shows that the helicopter entered a steep descent and impacted the side of the hospital building and parking lot at night.  Operated by Air Methods for ARCH Air Medical.  Pilot named here as Ronald Rector... Read more

03-Feb-15 N105VU Eurocopter EC135T2+ Nashville, US-Tennessee

Vanderbilt LifeFlight aircraft suffered bird strike, minor damage to windshield and safe emergency landing... Read more

25-Oct-14 N108LN Airbus AS350B3 Denver, US-Colorado

Hit flock of ducks on practice approach, breaking the windshield.  Helicopter landed with no further damage... Read more

24-Jun-13 N419MA Bell 222UT Barstow, US-California

Landed close to a highway and suffered unknown damage... Read more

07-Jun-13 N106LN Eurocopter AS350B3 Grande Prairie, US-Texas

Air Methods training flight.  Accident at around 22:30 hours local time. Two POB injured and airlifted to a hospital in Arlington... Read more

24-May-13 N45UH Eurocopter EC145 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

Bird strike and bird entered cockpit. AirMed 4 landed safely on the helipad at Kennecott mine. There were no injuries... Read more

02-May-13 N209LF Eurocopter EC130 Walnut Hill, US-Florida

EMS Helicopter grounded after technical (electrical?) fault on take-off.  Patient on board and taken onwards by ground ambulance... Read more

18-Apr-13 N137HN Eurocopter EC130B4 Huntington, US-West Virginia

Laser strike in cruise with patient on board.  No detrimental effect to mission or crew on board  ... Read more

15-Apr-13 N408GA Bell 407 New River, US-Arizona

We have a recent report in of an emergency landing at 10.28pm of an EMS helicopter near the junction of New River and Cross Mountain roads in New River, Arizona – northern outskirts of Phoenix.  Air Methods operating for “Guardian Air”... Read more

03-Jan-13 N534LN Eurocopter EC135P2 Marshalltown, US-Iowa

Helicopter went tech at highway landing site... Read more

02-Jan-13 N334AM Eurocopter EC130 Cromwell, US-Oklahoma

Very heavy field landing of an EMS helicopter – helicopter was headed from Seminole Airport to the Creek Nation Community Hospital in Okemah.  Skids collapsed, main blades sliced tail boom.  All four POB injured, noting that no patient was on board.... Read more

05-Nov-12 N905HA Bell 407 Bakersfield, US-California

“Hall Medevac 1” made emergency landing after bird strike while en route to pick up patient... Read more

29-Oct-12 N905HA Bell 407 Bakersfield, US-California

Blade delamination caused unusual vibration levels which prompted crew to investigate and then change aircraft before they took off... Read more

10-Oct-12 Bell 407 Minneapolis, US-Minnesota

Chin window damaged by patient trolley and helicopter taken out of service until new parts fitted.  Life Link III operate five Bell 407s – N404LL through N408LL so presumably one of these was the subject aircraft... Read more

06-Sep-12 Bell 407 Hibbing, US-Minnesota

Night bird strike, cracking search light housing.  Landed safely... Read more

01-Sep-12 N577LF Eurocopter EC135P2+ Escambia County, US-Florida

Hit by laser while circling potential EZ landing site.  Source identified, arrest made... Read more

24-Aug-12 N862NC Eurocopter EC135T2+ Roanoke Rapids, US-North Carolina

Intoxicated person approached helicopter outside pilot’s peripheral vision while at flight idle and with the patient on board being stabilised.  New helipad lacked chain or fence to stop anyone approaching pad, which is adjacent to public-access area... Read more

24-Aug-12 N136KY Eurocopter EC135P2 Pope Army Airfield, US-North Carolina

Transmission chip light came on. Power reduce and an emergency landing was made at Pope Army Airfield which was about 3-4 miles away without further incident... Read more

21-Aug-12 N911CH Eurocopter BK117B1 Bedford, US-Massachusetts

#2 engine low oil pressure illuminated and engine lost power in landing phase. Otherwise uneventful landing... Read more

15-Aug-12 N911CH Eurocopter BK117B1 Lawrence, US-Massachusetts

Door fell off on take off. Landed without further incident... Read more

26-Jun-12 N911KX Bell 407 Pleasantville, US-Iowa

Helicopter went AOG for unknown reason and was roaded out from field landing.  We are 99% sure this was N911KX, although the press photo shows the registration etc all covered up.  Compare to this photo of N911KX which is known to be based in Iowa.... Read more

11-Apr-12 N135WJ Eurocopter EC135P2 Palm City, US-Florida

Emergency landing while en route to an accident scene – smoke in the cockpit.  Registration assumed as this is the only helicopter operated by Martin County on this work and our report stated “Martin County LifeStar”... Read more

06-Apr-11 N244AM Eurocopter EC135P2+ St Augustine, US-Florida

Ingested plastic carrier bag on final approach to land on road to pick up accident victim.  Aircraft went U/S and patient continued by road.  Mechanic called to clear aircraft for flight.... Read more

01-Apr-12 N911KX Bell 407 Pella, US-Iowa

Cockpit indication led pilot to make emergency landing at night.  Aircraft later checked out and cleared to fly... Read more

28-Mar-12 N124AM Bell 407 Odenville, US-Alabama

While en route to a medical emergency at Steele, LifeSaver 1 from Birmingham was struck by a goose and landed in the parking lot at Margaret Elementary School. ** NOTE ** Registration is assumed from operator website.  The FAA repors code “LSV1” which refers to “LifeSaver 1” and recent photos on the LifeSaver 1 facebook... Read more

17-Feb-12 N390AM Eurocopter EC130 Paris, US-Tennessee

Emergency landing after bird strike with mallard duck and cracked windshield.... Read more

16-Feb-12 N63CF Eurocopter AS365N Dayton, US-Ohio

Rapid yaw to the left on take-off, which the pilot managed to control and bring the helicopter back to a safe landing.  Mechanic found tail/rotor servo cannon plug was coated with residual oil... Read more

12-Dec-11 Bell 407 Gadsden, US-Alabama

Damaged in hangar prior to being put into service.  Fixed wing aircraft manoevred and struck helicopter twice, causing two long scratches, which are reported as “relatively minor” were then covered up using a marker pen.  All activity caught on hangar video surveillance.  Gadsden Police on the case... Read more

10-Dec-11 N164CF Eurocopter AS365N2 Dayton, US-Ohio

Emergency landing due to mechanical issue.  Upon inspection by the mechanic, a clogged left hydraulic filter was found which had made the collective feel stiff. After replacement, the aircraft was returned to service.... Read more

03-Dec-11 N431MA Bell 222U Pahrump, US-Nevada

Tailrotor struck a mound of dirt on landing... Read more

13-Nov-11 N330SL Eurocopter BK117 Carbondale, US-Illinois

Main rotor struck tail boom on shut down... Read more

20-Sep-11 N131LN Eurocopter EC130 Georgetown, US-Kentucky

Tail rotor chip light illuminated during patient transfer.  Safe precautionary landing made in church car park.  Second helicopter attended to complete patient transfer... Read more

19-Sep-11 N937AM Eurocopter AS350B2 Hobe Sound, US-Florida

The EMS pilot took off with patient on board, but shortly after take off not notified the on-scene engine crew that they had smoke in the cockpit and were declaring an emergency.  Landed safety and patient to hospital by land ambulance... Read more

13-Sep-11 N625CF Eurocopter AS365N3 Dayton, US-Ohio

On final approach to Miami Valley Hospital’s south helipad, the aircraft struck a bird. The pilot continued with his landing. The aircraft was inspected and no damage was found. It was returned to service.... Read more

26-Aug-11 N352LN Eurocopter AS350B2 Mosby, US-Missouri (4F)

Pilot had reported that he was calling in to a nearby airport for refuel shortly before.  Air Ambulance crashed in open countryside killing the three crew – Randy Bever, 47, a nurse, Chris Frakes, 36, a paramedic, and James Freudenberg, 34, the pilot – and the patient Terry Tacoronte, 58... Read more

27-Jul-11 N861NC Eurocopter EC135T2+ Fayetteville, US-North Carolina

Near miss with C17 military transport plane.  Helicopter pilot took evasive action... Read more

27-Jul-11 N808LF Eurocopter AS350B3 Aurora, US-Washington

Tail rotor drive shaft cover separated from the aircraft during post-maintenance positioning flight... Read more

20-Mar-11 N145LF Eurocopter EC145 Putnam, US-Connecticut

While loading patient, an ED technician dressed in a blue plastic gown came sprinting around from the far side of the aircraft.  The pilot was able to intercept this individual but not before he had come under the rotor disk and near the tail. While loading patient at Day Kimball Hospital, Putnam, CT, an ED... Read more

19-Dec-10 N549AM Eurocopter AS350B2 LaMonte, US-Missouri

Reported as engine failure at 200ft on take-off and very heavily subsequent landing with skids failing and fuselage impacting the ground.  Helicopter remained upright. 3 injured... Read more

22-Nov-10 N408UH Bell 407 Ogden, US-Utah

AirMed was responding to a rollover on I-84 when the rotor struck a metal pole on the side of the road. The craft raised 10 feet in the air and began tipping on its side before the pilot brought it down hard on both skids, which splayout out.... Read more

05-Nov-10 N905HA Bell B407 Madera, US-California

On landing at the hospital, fuel sprayed over the 11 persons in the landing area... Read more

22-Oct-10 N135WJ Eurocopter EC135P2 Jupiter, US-Florida

Emergency generator light turned on and the pilot reported the smell of electrical smoke in the cockpit,... Read more

21-Aug-09 N137KY Eurocopter EC135 Lexington, US-Kentucky

21-Aug-09 N137KY Eurocopter EC135 Lexington, US-Kentucky... Read more

18-Aug-09 N430UH Bell B430 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

18-Aug-09 N430UH Bell B430 Salt Lake City, US-Utah... Read more

10-Aug-09 N243AM Eurocopter EC135 Winston Salem, US-North Carolina

10-Aug-09 N243AM Eurocopter EC135 Winston Salem, US-North Carolina... Read more

14-Jul-09 N235UW Eurocopter EC135 Madison, US-Wisconsin

14-Jul-09 N235UW Eurocopter EC135 Madison, US-Wisconsin... Read more

16-May-09 N394LG Eurocopter AS350B2 Simla, US-Colorado

16-May-09 N394LG Eurocopter AS350B2 Simla, US-Colorado... Read more

7-May-09 N433UM Bell B430 Michegan, US-Michigan

7-May-09 N433UM Bell B430 Michegan, US-Michegan... Read more

30-Apr-09 N Thermal, US-California

30-Apr-09 N Thermal, US-California... Read more

28-Mar-09 N430UH Bell B430 Salt Lake CIty, US-Utah

28-Mar-09 N430UH Bell B430 Salt Lake CIty, US-Utah... Read more

10-Mar-09 N145SU Eurocopter EC145 , US-California

10-Mar-09 N145SU Eurocopter EC145 , US-California... Read more

5-Mar-09 N136DU Eurocopter EC135 , US-

5-Mar-09 N136DU Eurocopter EC135 , US-... Read more

26-Feb-09 N430UT Bell B430 Salt Lake City, US-Utah

26-Feb-09 N430UT Bell B430 Salt Lake City, US-Utah... Read more

23-Feb-09 N122SL Eurocopter BK117 St Louis, US-Missouri

23-Feb-09 N122SL Eurocopter BK117 St Louis, US-Missouri... Read more

5-Feb-09 N137LN Eurocopter EC135 Philadelphia, US-Pennsylvania

5-Feb-09 N137LN Eurocopter EC135 Philadelphia, US-Pennsylvania... Read more

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