EC135 Accidents

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09-Mar-22 N162MW Airbus EC135P1 Lincoln, US-Nebraska

Bird strike.  2 POB, neither injured... Read more

11-Jan-22 N531LN Airbus EC135P2 Drexel Hill, US-Pennsylvania

Pilot reported difficulties while flying and made emergency landing in built-up area – it appeared to be circling at low level in this doorbell footage  All four on board, including a baby of 2 months old, got out without further injury. Air Methods statement : Today an Air Methods owned aircraft experienced an accident in... Read more

07-Sep-21 N138HN Airbus EC135P2+ Martinsburg, US-Virginia

Background: On the morning of the incident the flight crew based at KMRB in Martinsburg, WV was preparing to transition from a spare aircraft back into their normal duty aircraft which had just recently come out of a 1000-hour maintenance interval. The pilot-in-command for the day shift elected to move the spare aircraft (N102HN) off... Read more

07-Sep-21 N102HN Airbus EC135P1 Martinsburg, US-Virginia

Background: On the morning of the incident the flight crew based at KMRB in Martinsburg, WV was preparing to transition from a spare aircraft back into their normal duty aircraft which had just recently come out of a 1000-hour maintenance interval. The pilot-in-command for the day shift elected to move the spare aircraft (N102HN) off... Read more

15-May-21 N134AM Airbus EC135 Jacksonville, US-Florida

Emergency field landing after bird strike... Read more

08-Dec-20 F-HJAF Airbus EC135T1 Bonvillard, France (5F)

Helicopter was carrying an air rescue crew on a training mission when it fell from an altitude of (5,900ft). The surviving pilot raised the alarm at around 19:10 local time (18:10 GMT) after managing to escape from the helicopter. The crew onboard consisted of two pilots – one in training – along with two winch operators and... Read more

15-Nov-20 N442ME Airbus EC135 Williamsport, US-Pennsylvania

Bird strike left six inch hole in chin bubble window FAA just reported this as “Stat 13” which is a callsign and not a registration, but our research identified it as N442ME... Read more

24-Feb-19 9H-VIP Airbus EC135 Valetta, Malta

Helicopter damaged at Malta International Airport after the temporary hangar covering the aircraft collapsed in high winds.  Structure seen in image to be tangled up and resting on top of the rotors... Read more

13-Feb-19 D-HJMD Airbus EC135P2 Neustadt an der Orla, Germany

EMS helicopter landed in a skate park and became entangled with a skateboarding “grind pole”. Helicopter slightly damaged, but roaded out for inspection before flying again.... Read more

04-Jun-17 OE-BXY Airbus EC135 Hochsteiermark, Austria (2F)

During hoist operations with the rescuer and two patients being lifted, the wire separated from the helicopter causing all three to plunge into a ravine. The police rescuer age 28 and a woman aged 48 died from their injuries and a 47 year old man is seriously injured.  It is unknown why the wire separated... Read more

25-May-17 N62UP Airbus EC135 New Castle, US-Delaware (1F)

Air ambulance on training flight. Crash shortly after take off, killing the pilot. No patients or medical crew were on board.  Pilot named as Michael Murphy... Read more

27-May-17 N914ET Airbus EC135 Tyler, US-Texas

N914ET was on the return trip back to their base when they had a bird strike. They diverted to a local airport to do a precautionary landing and check for damages. No injuries were associated with this incident. There was no damage noted by the pilot or crew. The aircraft returned to base without further... Read more

25-Feb-16 D-HVBB Eurocopter EC135T2+ Bimöhlen, Germany (2F)

Police helicopter crashed killing two and the third is in a critical condition.  More news awaited.  D-HVBB registration to be finally confirmed... Read more

18-Nov-15 N36RX Eurocopter EC135P2e Apple Valley, US-California

The crew was conducting an approach to a landing zone inside of a public safety training center. During the approach, a towel was sucked up into the Fenestron tail rotor system resulting in substantial damage. The towel came out of an unsecured trailer next to the landing zone.... Read more

07-Nov-15 VH-GKK Airbus EC135T1 Cooranbong, Australia (3F)

Crashed in remote area killing all three on board – owner Richard Green, his wife Carolyn and their travelling companion, John Davis, a renowned documentary film-maker. Mr Green used his helicopter as a “flying camper van” and frequently went to obscure locations – and this meant that a search party was not launched for over... Read more

26-Feb-15 N834CS Airbus EC13P2e Vacaville, US-California

Precautionary landing shortly after take-off... Read more

03-Feb-15 N105VU Eurocopter EC135T2+ Nashville, US-Tennessee

Vanderbilt LifeFlight aircraft suffered bird strike, minor damage to windshield and safe emergency landing... Read more

04-Jan-15 G-EMAA Eurocopter EC135T2 Biddulph, UK

Precautionary landing due to fog and ended up parked overnight.  No damage... Read more

15-Dec-14 348 Eurocopter EC135 Lacul Siutghiol, Romania (4F)

Crashed into a lake around sunset, killing all 4 POB... Read more

12-Dec-14 Eurocopter EC635T2+ Samarra, Iraq (2F)

Reported shot down by Islamic State group militants... Read more

30-Nov-14 C-26 Eurocopter EC135T2 San Miguel, Chile

The helicopter landed on scene at a road accident involving an intoxicated driver whose car hit a Carabineros vehicle.  With rotors turning, a fire department vehicle got too close and clipped the blades.  Initially the helicopter spun 90 degrees on the ground before the damage caused the tail boom to break off a few seconds... Read more

13-Jun-14 N555YE Eurocopter EC135P2+ Lanai, US-Hawaii

Safe emergency landing after engine failure... Read more

26-Jan-14 D-HDRL Eurocopter EC135P2 Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Landed at a ski resort.  With the rotors still turning and the crew still in the aircraft, it slid 30m down a slight (but snowy) slope until it hit a snowmobile and a sign, damaging a main rotor blade and the rear cabin area (see video of accident)... Read more

14-Jan-14 LN-OOI Eurocopter EC135P2+ Solihøgda, Norway (2F)

Air Ambulance helicopter struck powerlines (video) on final approach to road traffic accident landing site.  Norsk Luftambulanse has confirmed two of its employees have died in the accident.  Fatalities confirmed here as pilot Bjorn Nergård and doctor Anders Nakstad with the paramedic Sondre Bjartland seriously injured... Read more

29-Nov-13 G-SPAO Eurocopter EC135 Glasgow, UK (10F)

EC135 helicopter crashes onto roof of a crowded bar during a live music gig at approx 10.25pm.  Ten fatalities – the three in the helicopter and seven on the ground.  32 to hospital, of which 14 with serious injuries.  Statements issued so far include those from Scottish Police, helicopter operator Bond Air Services, manufacturer Eurocopter,... Read more

09-Nov-13 N911KB Eurocopter EC135P1 Shreveport, US-Louisiana

Pilot and two engineers uninjured in crash on post-maintenance test flight.  Helicopter ended up on its side.  Helicopter is contracted to Shreveport-based Life Air Rescue... Read more

04-Sep-13 N911ET Eurocopter EC135P2+ Tyler, US-Texas

Post-flight inspection revealed remains of small bird on barrier screen for oil cooler inlet. No damaged identifed.... Read more

17-Aug-13 D-HZSG Eurocopter EC135T2i Bielefeld, Germany

Plastic bag blown up into tail rotor.  EMS Helicopter roaded out from landing site... Read more

12-Aug-13 Eurocopter EC135 Meidling, Austria

“Christopherus 9” helicopter found with 9mm bullet hole through rotor blade.  Date/location of incident unknown, but 12-Aug-13 the most likely date according to report and given location is base of this helicopter – Meidling Heliport, Vienna... Read more

16-May-13 D-HLDM Eurocopter EC135P2 Ochsenfurt, Germany

EMS helicopter landed on scene and stabiliser end-plate pierced car windscreen... Read more

07-May-13 N911ET Eurocopter EC135P2+ Tyler, US-Texas

Bird strike on pilot’s chin window on approach to base.  No damage... Read more

06-May-13 N911SV Eurocopter EC135 Reed Point, US-Montana

Bird strike broke windshield while flying over Reed Point under NVG conditions.  The pilot determined that the aircraft was safe to continue the flight to base at the Billings airport.  No injuries.... Read more

27-Apr-13 HB-ZJE Eurocopter EC135P1 Grenchen, Switzerland

Rotorwash from departing EC135 HB-ZJE caused blades on parked MD500E D-HMGD to strike and damage tail boom.  Pilot of EC135 listed as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

25-Apr-13 HU26-18 Eurocopter EC135P2+ Los Galayos, Spain

Blade strike and ensuing heavy landing caused skids to deform.  Fortunately helicopter did not fall over the edge of the mountain, but it was very close.  Helicopter was registered HU26-18 and carried code “09-312”... Read more

12-Apr-13 G-HBOB Eurocopter EC135T2+ Sunningdale, UK

Aircraft grounded after problem involving netting across an astroturf sports field at a school.  Needed engineer before it could fly, stayed overnight and departed next morning.... Read more

03-Jan-13 N534LN Eurocopter EC135P2 Marshalltown, US-Iowa

Helicopter went tech at highway landing site... Read more

20-Sep-12 N911CK Eurocopter EC135T1 Naples, US-Florida

Bird strike to upper cowling and rotor system, during night flight. Maintenance cleaned and inspected finding no damage... Read more

01-Sep-12 N577LF Eurocopter EC135P2+ Escambia County, US-Florida

Hit by laser while circling potential EZ landing site.  Source identified, arrest made... Read more

24-Aug-12 N862NC Eurocopter EC135T2+ Roanoke Rapids, US-North Carolina

Intoxicated person approached helicopter outside pilot’s peripheral vision while at flight idle and with the patient on board being stabilised.  New helipad lacked chain or fence to stop anyone approaching pad, which is adjacent to public-access area... Read more

24-Aug-12 N136KY Eurocopter EC135P2 Pope Army Airfield, US-North Carolina

Transmission chip light came on. Power reduce and an emergency landing was made at Pope Army Airfield which was about 3-4 miles away without further incident... Read more

12-Aug-12 N892T Eurocopter EC135T1 York, US-Pennsylvania

Helicopter went AOG and was grounded for four days on a helipad which averages six EMS landings per week... Read more

02-Aug-12 G-HOLM Eurocopter EC135T2+ Denham, UK

Industry sources tell us (with photo evidence provided) that the helicopter took off with clamshell rear doors still open.  Tower alerted pilot who returned to the airfield.  Some items fell from the helicopter in the interim.... Read more

27-Jul-12 D-HUTH Eurocopter EC135 Treis-Karden, Germany

Helicopter contacted and broke powerlines on EMS flight as “Christoph 10”.  Note – Registration is NOT confirmed, but is a recently ex-factory new delivery which was assigned to the “Christoph 10” base, and photos here show D-HUTH... Read more

24-Jul-12 N824AH Eurocopter EC135T2+ Lawrence, US-Massachusetts

Emergency Services text stated :-  North Andover| Special| 492 Sutton St|MSP Helo Air-4 making a precautionary landing at Lawrence Airport- aircraft disabled in the runway.| 00:30.  “Air 4” is N8924AH from the name on the tail (see photo)... Read more

19-Jun-12 270 Eurocopter EC135P2 Borrisoleigh, Ireland

EMS helicopter down – reported wire strike – 3 POB  – no patient on board.... Read more

11-Apr-12 N135WJ Eurocopter EC135P2 Palm City, US-Florida

Emergency landing while en route to an accident scene – smoke in the cockpit.  Registration assumed as this is the only helicopter operated by Martin County on this work and our report stated “Martin County LifeStar”... Read more

06-Apr-11 N244AM Eurocopter EC135P2+ St Augustine, US-Florida

Ingested plastic carrier bag on final approach to land on road to pick up accident victim.  Aircraft went U/S and patient continued by road.  Mechanic called to clear aircraft for flight.... Read more

20-Feb-12 G-NWAA Eurocopter EC135 Lancaster, UK

Window smashed by vandals after helicopter went AOG and had to be parked up overnight.  North West Air Ambulance have confirmed helicopter registration and date – note that the BBC are reporting the wrong date in their story... Read more

17-Nov-11 N389PH Eurocopter EC135P2+ Jackson, US-Mississippi

AirCare helicopter suffered bird strike and landed safely despite a hole in the wind shield.  Pilot to hospital.  On board burns victim patient onward to hospital by land ambulance... Read more

13-Oct-11 PH-MAA Eurocopter EC135T2+ Hilversum, Netherlands

Bird strike – broke a hole in the canopy just to the port side of the nose... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HRGR Eurocopter EC135P2+ Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

09-Aug-11 G-POLA Eurocopter EC135P2+ Birmingham, UK

Footage released of rioter pointing gun at helicopter... Read more

04-Aug-11 N135AN Eurocopter EC135P2 Marysville, US-Ohio

Crew found bullet hole in aircraft and remains of bullet inside, under the cabin floor.  Unsure of location of occurrence, helicopter grounded at Marysville... Read more

27-Jul-11 N861NC Eurocopter EC135T2+ Fayetteville, US-North Carolina

Near miss with C17 military transport plane.  Helicopter pilot took evasive action... Read more

30-Mar-11 OE-BXF Eurocopter EC135P2+ Achensee, Austria (4F)

4 died when EC135 crashed into a lake – check links for many photos and other info.... Read more

04-Mar-11 N235DH Eurocopter EC135P1 Boston, US-Massachusetts

A Eurocopter Ec135 of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Airborne Response Team “D-HART” made a precautionary landing at the busy Boston Logan Airport today after the pilot reported difficulties with one engine.... Read more

02-Mar-11 OK-BYD Eurocopter EC135T2 Slany, Czech Republic

Heavy landing during night training flight.  Accident occurred around 2000 hours local.  Skids collapsed.  Tail boom failed at root, but did not separate from the cabin.  Helicopter shipped back to manufacturer for checks (see here)... Read more

06-Jan-11 N329PH Eurocopter EC135P2 Reisterstown, US-Maryland

A medevac helicopter en route to a Caroll County hospital made an emergency landing in Reisterstown Thursday night, Baltimore County police said.... Read more

03-Jan-11 D-HDEC Eurocopter EC135P2 Berlin, Germany

Air Ambulance role, landed in city centre to pick up construction worker patient.  Landed too close to a car park barrier, and downwash caused barrier to rise up into rotor disc.... Read more

31-Dec-10 N385PH Eurocopter EC135 Weyers Cave, US-Virginia

Mid-air collision with Cessna 172 N2876L in which two people died.  Helicopter landed safely.  No patient on boad.  Crew listed as pilot Paul Weve, co-pilot and nurse Joseph Root and flight nurse Carolyn Booke.... Read more

26-Nov-10 N728AB Eurocopter EC135 Loudonville, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing made in field. Appears to have flown on without further issue.... Read more

22-Oct-10 N135WJ Eurocopter EC135P2 Jupiter, US-Florida

Emergency generator light turned on and the pilot reported the smell of electrical smoke in the cockpit,... Read more

26-Dec-09 D-HHTS Eurocopter EC135P2 Münster, Germany

Sudden loss of engine power on final approach, heavy landing with some damage... Read more

03-Dec-09 D-HEOY Eurocopter EC135 Seefeld, Austria

Hit a railway cable while filming the new Tom-Cruise-movie “Knight and Day”. The helicopter only suffered minor damage and landed safe after the incident.... Read more

8-Sep-09 N919WM Eurocopter EC135 Raleigh, US-North Carolina

8-Sep-09 N919WM Eurocopter EC135 Raleigh, US-North Carolina... Read more

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