US-California Accidents

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08-Jun-22 Bell-Boeing MV-22B Glamis, US-California (5F)

Crashed and burnt out, all five on board received fatal injuries.  The deceased were named here as Capt. Nicholas P. Losapio; Capt. John J. Sax; Cpl. Nathan E. Carlson; Cpl. Seth D. Rasmuson; Lance Cpl. Evan A. Strickland.  The aircraft was operated by Marine Medium Tiltrotor (VMM) Squadron 364, based at MCAS Camp Pendleton.  VMM-364... Read more

16-Feb-22 N72297 Bell UH-1 Coalinga, US-California (1F)

Helicopter involved in agricultural ops crashed under unknown circumstances – sole occupant pilot received fatal injuries – named here as Steven Wilson, 53 🚁💨 Inquiry Begins Into Fatal Helicopter Crash Near Coalinga Federal investigators have begun an inquiry into what caused a helicopter to crash near Coalinga, killing pilot Steven Wilson, 53, of Shafter. Full... Read more

28-Oct-21 N27TK Bell 206L3 Covelo, US-California

Low level photo mission with door off.  Passenger removed jacket which was sucked out, caught on the stabilizer and then the tail rotor, causing helicopter to crash.  Pilot and three passengers reported as not injured, but helicopter reported as substantially damaged... Read more

28-Oct-21 N4058C Robinson R22 Riverside, US-California

Emergency landing on the shoulder of Interstate 15.  The helicopter is so new, it is still registered to the manufacturer and not yet to the first customer... Read more

01-Aug-21 N7000J Robinson R66 Colusa, US-California (4F)

The Colusa County Sheriff’s Office named the four individuals as William Bernard Vann, 67, Suzanne Marie Vann, 60, and Bobbie Lee Keaton, 62, all of Williams, and Charles Thomas Wilson, 71, of Rocklin.... Read more

07-Jul-21 N911KW Bell 212 Weed, US-California

Firefighting helicopter ditched into Lake Shastina, from where it was picking up water.  US Forest Service reported that the pilot was able to swim/walk away... Read more

09-May-21 N40YB Bell 206B Chino, US-California

FAA : Aircraft made an off airfield landing for unknown reasons. Pilot and 3 passengers not injured... Read more

09-Jan-21 N4035S Sikorsky S-64F Oakland, US-California

Helicopter was lifting an air conditioning units from street level to the roof of the Elihu Harris State Building (1515 Clay Street) when the load dropped. No injuries were reported.... Read more

05-Nov-20 N505AJ Bell 505 Chino, US-California

Aircraft sustained heavy autorotation landing.... Read more

06-Nov-20 N109EX Leonardo AW109S Boyle Heights, US-California

Landing accident on hospital roof top pad, bringing in a donated heart for transplant from Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa.  3 POB all got themselves out of the wreckage.  Each needed medical attention. This video shows the helicopter spinning just prior to touch-down, suggesting a tail rotor issue.  Another video here, different angle.... Read more

09-Oct-20 N3181F Bell UH-1F Willets, US-California


27-Aug-20 ??-????? Sikorsky MH-60M San Clemente Island, US-California (2F)

US special forces UH-60M crashed with two fatalities and three injuries. Two fatalities were named as Staff Sgt. Vincent Marketta, 33, and Sgt. Tyler Shelton, 22... Read more

24-Aug-20 N386HQ Bell 205A.1 Laverne, US-California

Tail rotor double delamination discovered during post flight inspection... Read more

14-Aug-20 16???? Schweizer MQ-8B Point Mugu, US-California

Main blade clipped building, causing unmanned helicopter to crash... Read more

30-Jul-20 N160LA Sikorsky S70A Santa Clarita, US-California

Blade strike while training in mountainous area. Helicopter continued take-off and departed location with rotor blade noise clearly “non-standard” Analysis of the helicopter’s tracks have suggested the date was 26-Jul-20 but this is not confirmed.  Having been very active daily for two straight weeks, it was then not flying for four days.  The video was... Read more

26-Jan-20 N72EX Sikorsky S76B Calabasas, US-California (9F)

This accident took the lives of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. More details to follow when facts can be established rather than relying on media speculation... Read more

04-Jan-20 N92785 Aerospatiale SE3130 Mokleumne Hill, US-California

Aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances in Mokleumne Hill. The occupants escaped prior to the helicopter bursting into flames.... Read more

18-Oct-19 N7060J Bell 47G5 King City, US-California

Rotor blades struck tail boom during run-on landing... Read more

28-Dec-18 N8319T Robinson R22 Hayward, US-California

Remained upright in very heavy emergency landing on golf course after tail rotor birdstrike reported.  Tail hit ground, skids collapsed.  Training flight from nearby Hayward Executive airport – instructor and student not seriously injured... Read more

20-May-17 6595 Airbus HH-65 Berkeley, US-California

Emergency landing after the autopilot system failed and a crew member smelled something electrical burning.  Helicopter removed from site by road back to base at CGAS San Francisco... Read more

05-May-17 N981RR Robinson R44 Santa Barbara, US-California

Two passengers and a pilot were taking a waterfront tour, when the R44 experienced mechanical problems and an emergency landing was made.  The helicopter struck two vans near a golf course and caught fire, but all three occupants got out before the flames broke out. Operator was Santa Barbara Helicopter Tours, who lease it from... Read more

10-Dec-15 N408FC Bell 407 McFarland, US-California (4F)

EMS helicopter “went down in dense fog in an area known to have overhead powerlines”, killing all four on board – pilot, flight nurse, flight paramedic and patient... Read more

18-Nov-15 N711BE Airbus AS350B3 Carlsbad, US-California (2F)

Landing on trolley pad went wrong – aircraft tipped back and hit tail on ground twice, then lurched forward and crashed, breaking off the main blades and tail.  Lack of tail rotor then started the fuselage spinning on the ground, which it did dozens of times (see track in this video) before gradually coming to... Read more

18-Nov-15 N36RX Eurocopter EC135P2e Apple Valley, US-California

The crew was conducting an approach to a landing zone inside of a public safety training center. During the approach, a towel was sucked up into the Fenestron tail rotor system resulting in substantial damage. The towel came out of an unsecured trailer next to the landing zone.... Read more

24-Oct-15 N911WL Airbus AS350B3 Folsom Lake, US-California

Partial loss of engine power during autorotation flare. Hard landing.French report says “substantial damage” but local press report shows... Read more

15-Aug-15 N120LA Bell 412EP Whittier, US-California

Emergency landing in a cemetery, during which the main blades sliced the tail boom off.  Helicopter substantially damaged but remained on its skids... Read more

14-Aug-15 N15HX Bell 205A-1 La Verne, US-California

Struck powerlines and made a controlled landing in Angeles National Forest.  Substantially damaged... Read more

23-Jul-15 N520NS Robinson R22 Corona, US-California

Substantially damaged after “force landing in the dirt” (FAA)... Read more

12-Jul-15 N498PT Airbus AS350B Bridgeport, US-California

On landing, object flew out and struck blades... Read more

08-Jul-15 N3QY Bell 206L4 Sacramento, US-California

Force landed on school property.  FAA has no other details, but industry forum suggesting engine failure.  Helicopter is operated by TV station KCRA... Read more

29-Jun-15 Airbus MH-65 San Francisco, US-California

Landing accident on post maintenance test flight.  ended up on its side... Read more

20-Jun-15 N4427F Bell 47G5 Salinas, US-California (1F)

Crashed in low level agricultural work after impacting a fence, killing pilot Frank Gomes Jnr.  Ground crewmen who worked for the operator had just refilled the fertilizer tank on the helicopter prior to its last departure. When the helicopter did not return for its scheduled rinse load the crewmen drove out to the field to... Read more

27-May-15 N138HA Hiller UH-12E Wasco, US-California

Crashed from low level into an onion field during agricultural operations.  Pilot seriously injured, including both legs broken and 80% burns in the post-crash fire... Read more

11-May-15 Bell AH-1W South Gate, US-California

Emergency landing Monday in the bed of the Los Angeles River near South Gate due to electrical problem.  No injuries to 2 POB or damage to the helicopter.  Military registration not known, but carries squadron code 423 by the nose... Read more

17-Apr-15 N103CG MD Helicopters MD520 Burbank, US-California

Bird strike, breaking an antenna. Safe emergency landing made... Read more

15-Apr-15 Sikorsky CH-53E Solana Beach, US-California

Emergency landing on public beach after reported oil leak... Read more

01-Mar-15 N960LA Airbus AS350B2 Santa Clarita, US-California

Sheriff helicopter made emergency landing in fields of Hart High School due to lightning... Read more

27-Feb-15 N4774S Bell 47G2A Ivanhoe, US-California

Agricultural aircraft hit powerlines and came down in orange orchard.  Pilot seriously injured and airlifted to hospital... Read more

26-Feb-15 N834CS Airbus EC13P2e Vacaville, US-California

Precautionary landing shortly after take-off... Read more

01-Feb-15 N510KJ Robinson R44 Calexico, US-California

Pilot experienced a loss of engine power during turn on approach – autorotation unsuccessful due to low altitude. The helicopter landed hard and rolled onto its right side, resulting in substantial damage to the forward fuselage and tailboom.... Read more

20-Jan-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Ramona, US-California

Routine night training mission.  Helicopter ended up on its side.  2 injured... Read more

19-Jan-15 N3202Q Bell 206 Calabasas, US-California

Emergency landing in baseball field.  Engineer called.  No damage.... Read more

04-Sep-14 N217HP Eurocopter AS350B3 Lincoln, US-California

Heavy autorotation landing, damaging helicopter... Read more

02-Sep-14 N516PJ MD Helicopters MD500D Willow, US-California

Pilot Ron Chaplin injured when helicopter came down during low level powerline work... Read more

28-Aug-14 N991SD Airbus AS350B3 Hemet, US-California

The Riverside County Sheriff press release says “On 08/28/2014 at approximately 11:00 AM the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Aviation Unit was conducting training exercises with a department helicopter. While low-flying over the Hemet / Ryan Airport runway the helicopter crashed. Sheriff’s personnel operating the helicopter were transported to a local area hospital for treatment of... Read more

18-Jul-14 N47DT Bell 47G2A Merced, US-California

Agricultural ops – crashed in field after hitting powerline... Read more

03-Jun-14 N78291 Rotorway Exec 162F Merced, US-California

Crashed into field and landed on its side in crop over 1m tall.  Only skids visible in photos... Read more

26-May-14 Weaverville, US-California

Homebuild helicopter, according to press story.  Pilot to hospital... Read more

23-May-14 N4081H Robinson R22 Santa Paula, US-California (1F)

County fire spokesman said the helicopter apparently clipped and downed power lines before crashing. A brush fire broke out that burned less than an acre before it was put out.  Fatal injuries to sole occupant pilot – named here as Philip Margolis... Read more

18-May-14 N16414 Bell 47G Bakersfield, US-California

Skid caught on ground handling trailer on take-off and rolled onto its side... Read more

03-May-14 N7895B Bell 47G Whittier, US-California

Partial engine failure and hard landing and roll-over onto port side.  Minor injuries to 2 POB.  100 gallons of fuel spilt, but no fire.... Read more

27-Apr-14 N606BP MD Helicopters MD600N Adelanto, US-California

Crashed on take-off, hit ground hard and rolled over.  THe helicopter appears to have lost its anti-torque system, causing it to start to spin as it lifted off.  Significantly damaged.  One of three POB airflifted to hospital... Read more

27-Mar-14 N497E Bell OH-58A Tehachapi, US-California

Helicopter was damaged in hard landing around 1.48am, but the pilot was able to regain control and fly it back to the Tehachapi Airport.... Read more

17-Mar-14 N229LA Eurocopter AS350B2 Los Angeles, US-California

Emergency night landing around 1.30am in stadium parking lot.  Engineer called... Read more

20-Jan-14 N916PD Bell OH-58A Sacramento, US-California

Precautionary landing in public park.  Engineer called... Read more

09-Dec-13 N36MV Hiller UH-12E Chowchilla, US-California

Helicopter was hovering low over orchards on a standard frost-mitigation operation.  Problem at low level after the helicopter had been running for about 10 hours straight (bar fuel stops), and landed in crop with main blades striking tail boom on the way.  Pilot Stephen Streeter.... Read more

05-Nov-13 N70KA Robinson R44 Newport Beach, US-California (1F)

Passenger opened door and jumped out over the ocean near Balboa Pier.  Rescuers performed CPR on the beach but he was pronounced dead at hospital.  The pilot’s father described in an interview how his son tried in vain to stop the other passenger jumping out.  A suicide note was found later, and the deceased’s relatives... Read more

01-Nov-13 N916PD Bell OH-58A Folsom Lake, US-California

Wire strike.  Wire cut by fitted “wire strike protection system” and helicopter landed safely.  Slight damage on nose where wire first struck, and port windshield broken.... Read more

11-Oct-13 N206KK Bell 206L1 Seely, US-California

Force landed in the desert due to smoke in the cabin.  Pilot and two passengers got out OK.  Helicopter consumed by fire... Read more

29-Sep-13 Bell 47G Guadalupe, US-California

Struck powerlines on agricultural operations, cutting power to around 500 homes.  In ensuing manoeuvre, main blades cut tail boom.  Pilot not injured... Read more

13-Sep-13 N15LA Sikorsky S70A Sylmar, US-California

Emergency landing on hillside. Helicopter needed roading out for repair. The helicopter was en route to a brush fire in the city of La Verne... Read more

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