US-California Accidents

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12-Sep-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Springville, US-California (1F)

57-year-old volunteer Shane Krogen fell about 50 feet from a helicopter during a marijuana-eradication effort in Tulare County and died... Read more

11-Sep-13 N7836S Bell 47G5 King City, US-California

Substantially damaged in force landing on road... Read more

28-Aug-13 N922SD MD Helicopters MD500E Easton, US-California

Emergency night landing in school field after experiencing unusual rotor blade vibration.  Attended to by engineer next day on site.  Pilot named by CBS47 as Johnny Reyes... Read more

04-Aug-13 N90146 Bell 206B Gonzales, US-California

Crashed into Braga Ranch lettuce field near Chualar River Road in Gonzales after reported engine failure. Pilot Doug Walker was not injured. Helicopter ended up on its side, tail boom cut by main blades... Read more

24-Jun-13 N419MA Bell 222UT Barstow, US-California

Landed close to a highway and suffered unknown damage... Read more

19-Jun-13 N90301 Bell 206B Redding, US-California

Precautionary landing on a logging road... Read more

06-Jun-13 N915BW Robinson R44 Los Angeles, US-California

Pilot experienced mechanical issue, made immediate heavy landing, bounced and fell onto its side.  Four POB minor injuries only.... Read more

10-May-13 Irvine, US-California

Sheriff helicopter made emergency field landing after reporting engine problems... Read more

16-Feb-13 Woodland, US-California

Helicopter was powered-up but still on the ground, when the engineer reached in through the open door and hit a lever, causing it to take off to a few feet altitude and then crash onto its side away from the engineer.  A second person was present, but it is unclear from the press report whether they... Read more

10-Feb-13 N59518 Bell 206B Acton, US-California (3F)

Three killed when a JetRanger went down at 3.42am on a reality TV shoot on a remote ranch.  Helicopter had been supplied via Crossbow Helicopters, who act as brokers between film companies and helicopter operators.  Photos posted of this 206 on Orbic Air’s website (example) in the last few weeks indicate that it carried their... Read more

08-Jan-13 N911PT Bell OH-58C Lemoore, US-California

Helicopter on agricultural ops crashed near HWY 41 and Harlan Ave. near the Fresno Co and Kings Co border... Read more

03-Jan-12 N14841 Bell 47G5A Huron, US-California

Hit powerlines (note, reg assumed correct but FAA accident report states it is a 47J whereas register and MSN suggest G5A)... Read more

02-Jan-13 N828AC Bell 206 Delano, US-California (1F)

Helicopter was one of a pair on low level frost control flight over a vineyard.  Weather reported as foggy.  Pilot named as Karen L. Johnson, age 62... Read more

12-Dec-12 Sikorsky MH-60R North Island NAS, US-California

Heavy landing, all 4 POB hospitalized, post crash fire, live ammunition on board... Read more

07-Dec-12 N818CE Hughes 500D Valencia, US-California

Substantial damage after unsecured item from cabin struck aircraft... Read more

25-Nov-12 N4204A Robinson R44 Corona, US-California (1F)

Helicopter exploded after striking fuel bay canopy.  Sole occupant pilot was killed.  Occurred at 11.08pm local time.  The casualty was later named as owner James Belcher... Read more

19-Nov-12 N222RX Bell 222U Santa Maria, US-California

Post flight inspection revealed damage following bird strike... Read more

17-Nov-12 N911FA Bell OH-58A Altadena, US-California

Low level collision between one helicopter landing and the other taking off from the adjacent pad.  N911FA ended up on its skids, main blades missing and damage to rear cabin area after apparently being hit by main blades of N98BM.  Boom of N911FA still attached (just) but fallen to ground at tail.  Six to hospital,... Read more

17-Nov-12 N96BM Bell OH-58A Altadena, US-California

Low level collision between one helicopter landing and the other taking off from the adjacent pad.  N98BM ended up on its skids, main blades missing and damage to front cabin area after apparently being hit by main blades of N911FA.  Six to hospital, two in each helicopter plus two on the ground.  On Monday 19th,... Read more

11-Nov-11 Carlsbad, US-California

Out of control fixed wing veered off runway and struck parked/unattended helicopter... Read more

29-Oct-12 N905HA Bell 407 Bakersfield, US-California

Blade delamination caused unusual vibration levels which prompted crew to investigate and then change aircraft before they took off... Read more

19-Sep-12 N222GR Bell 206 Mammoth Lakes, US-California

Tail rotor struck ground.  Helicopter had been working on powerlines at the time of the accident.  Helicopter caught fire and burned out – also causing a 1.5 acre brush fire... Read more

27-Aug-12 N503DR Bell OH-58C Escalon, US-California

Pilot Bill Cavanaugh, was taken to San Joaquin General Hospital following crash on agricultural operations.  His son told a TV station that his father had over 20,000 hours of flying experience... Read more

27-Aug-12 N925TV Eurocopter AS350B2 Hollywood, US-California

Emergency landing of media helicopter due to oil leak and heavy smoke flume in the air.  Helicopter was operating for KTLA Channel 5.  Pilot was Tim Lynn... Read more

13-Jul-12 N45VX Eurocopter SE313B Glenn, US-California

Landed hard and rolled onto its side.  Aircraft destroyed  ... Read more

13-Jul-12 N45VX Eurocopter SE313 Glenn, US-California

Flipped over on landing.  Night landing assumed, given time listed as 0740Z in California... Read more

06-Jul-12 N617HP Eurocopter AS350B3 Trinity Alps, US-California

One serious injury after rotor blades hit disembarking passenger – CHP crew member Tony Stanley, who was getting out to help pick up injured hiker Jeremy Kilburn – both were then airlifted to Mercy Medical Center in Redding... Read more

03-Jul-12 N499DF Bell UH-1H Willits, US-California

Cal Fire helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing.  No injuries, minor damage... Read more

24-Apr-12 N969W Bell B206B Arvin, US-California

Agricultural ops, crashed in field... Read more

11-Apr-12 Eurocopter MH-65C Salinas, US-California

Emergency landing after crew began to smell smoke in the cockpit and reported that the engine was acting unusual.  MH-65C assumed on the basis that the CGAS San Francisco website states they currently operate four of these (and no other types)... Read more

15-Mar-12 N290SH Robinson R22 Palo Alto, US-California

Engine trouble on approach.  Pilot was only occupant, and was not injured.  After the landing, the helicopter was on its side in about a marshy area near the side of a lake (see photos in third link below)... Read more

02-Mar-12 Scripps Ranch, US-California

“Approximately five pieces of wood cribbing came loose from a helicopter load and fell to the ground in an unoccupied open space along the Sunrise Powerlink about four miles south of Interstate 8 and four miles east of Loveland Reservoir,” the company said. “No one was injured.”... Read more

29-Feb-12 N341HP Eurocopter AS350B3 Napa, US-California

Tailboom damaged during autorotation landing... Read more

27-Feb-12 N177FS Robinson R44 Glendale, US-California

During post-maintenance run-up, helicopter fell on its side, caught fire and was destroyed... Read more

25-Feb-12 Scripps Ranch, US-California

Crash occurred during windy flight conditions, the FAA said. The hard landing bent the tail boom of the aircraft and damaged the skids, among other things. No one was hurt.... Read more

25-Feb-12 N118MD Eurocopter AS350B2 El Cajon, US-California

Damaged in heavy landing.  Registration per FAA prelim report, but is not a valid registration(!)... Read more

22-Feb-12 168039 Bell UH-1Y Yuma, US-California (5F)

Mid air accident between AH-1W and UH-1Y of the US Marine Corps during a night-time exercise  Total of 7 fatalities, 2 in the AH-1W, five in the UH-1Y. The five in the UH-1Y were named later as Capt. Michael M. Quin, 28, of Purcellville, VA, Sgt. Justin A. Everett, 33, of Clovis, CA, Lance Cpl.... Read more

22-Feb-12 160107 Bell AH-1W Yuma, US-California (2F)

Mid air accident between AH-1W and UH-1Y of the US Marine Corps during a night-time exercise  Total of 7 fatalities, 2 in the AH-1W, five in the UH-1Y.  The two in the AH-1W were named later as Maj. Thomas A. Budrejko, 37, of Montville, CT and Capt. Benjamin N. Cerniglia, 31, of Montgomery, AL See... Read more

22-Feb-12 N43921 Bell 47 (M74 Wasp) Farmington, US-California

Crashed in open, flat field during agricultural ops... Read more

19-Feb-12 N7508Y Robinson R22 Rio Vista, US-California

Crashed into field after mid-air collision with fixed-wing Beech Bonanza.  Minor injuries.  R22 pilot was experienced fixed wing pilot logging night hours as a student.... Read more

05-Feb-12 N807LE Robinson R44 Modesto, US-California

Emergency landing on school field shortly after refuelling at Modesto Airport.  No damage... Read more

16-Jan-12 N728PG Robinson R44 Huntington Beach, US-California

Pilot reported smoke in the cabin and brought the craft down as a precaution on the junction of Pacific Coast Highway and Magnolia at 9.40am local.  1POB, not injured.... Read more

22-Dec-11 Sikorsky MH-60S Bridgeport, US-California

All five members of a Navy helicopter crew are reported to be unhurt after crashing during a training mission on the edge of the Sierra Nevada.... Read more

12-Dec-11 N3202X Bell 206B Woodland Hills, US-California

Precautionary landing after “Engine out” warning.  Maintenance engineers attended scene and reportedly “repaired the faulty wiring”... Read more

27-Oct-11 N61PJ MD Helicopters MD500D Colusa, US-California

During powerline maintenance flight,  p[ilot made emergency field landing.  Skids broken, tail boom sliced, main blades ripped off.  Pilot to hospital... Read more

27-Sep-11 N9158R Bell 47D1 Ahwahnee, US-California

The Madera County Sheriff’s Department and Cal Fire as well as paramedics are on scene of a downed private helicopter.  2 POB to hospital, one by road, one by air... Read more

22-Sep-11 N1088Y Hughes 269C Ramona, US-California

Substantially damaged in field landing... Read more

19-Sep-11 Bell AH-1W Camp Pendleton, US-California (2F)

The helicopter went down at approximately 1:00 p.m. Monday in a training area in the southeast corner of Camp Pendleton.  A small brush fire broke out as a result of the crash. Fire crews are on scene working to contain the flames.  The two fatalities were later named as Capt. Jeffrey Bland, 37, and 1st... Read more

04-Sep-11 N205WW Bell 205 Tehachapi, US-California

commercial pilot sustained minor injuries; the helicopter sustained substantial damage to the tail boom from impact forces... Read more

01-Sep-11 N205PJ Bell UH-1H French Camp, US-California

Landed hard on uneven terrain and rolled onto its left side... Read more

29-Aug-11 Eurocopter HH-65 Manila, US-California

A Coast Guard MH-65 on hoist training out of  CGAS Humboldt Bay safely completed an emergency landing in a parking lot near Arcata Bay following an electrical malfunction caused a significant amount of smoke in the cabin.  All four members aboard the helicopter have been reported safe and without injuries.... Read more

24-Aug-11 Bell-Boeing MV-22 Fresno-Yosemite, US-California

Hydraulic problem en route from Idaho to San Diego in Southern California.... Read more

21-Aug-11 N948DS Bell 47G.4 Los Banos, US-California

Struck powerline during agricultural ops... Read more

14-Aug-11 N475AL Bell 47G.3B.2 Los Banos, US-California

Crashed in orchard during agricultural ops... Read more

09-Aug-11 Bell 222 Oasis, US-California

Emergency landing in field... Read more

06-Aug-11 Rotorway Exec 162F Chino Hills, US-California

At touchdown, the helicopter had some forward speed, the landing skids dug into the terrain, and the helicopter pitched nose down. The main rotor struck the ground and also severed the tail boom, and the helicopter rolled onto its left side.... Read more

20-Jul-11 N1375X Bell 47G5 Watsonville, US-California

Helicopter owner Frank Gomes said he had finished spraying the field and had turned the crop duster over to his apprentice for a practice run. “The practice didn’t go all that well today,” Gomes said, declining to comment further.... Read more

06-Jul-11 Bell UH-1Y Camp Pendleton, US-California (1F)

The helicopter, belonging to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, crashed on a training flight shortly before noon Wednesday in the San Mateo Area of Camp Pendleton killing one of the seven on board.  The deceased serviceman was later named as Sgt. Trevor Cook, 25, of Orleans, N.Y.... Read more

03-Jul-11 Bell 206B Brentwood, US-California

Crop spraying helicopter crashed from low level during turn... Read more

02-Jul-11 Eurocopter AS350B2 Huntington Park, US-California

Night emergency landing after reporting a mechanical problem.... Read more

21-Jun-11 N38EA Bell B206 Cosumnes River Preserve, US-California

Landed hard during practice autorotations, fell onto its side, then causing a grass fire which consumed the helicopter and 15-20 acres of grassland.  Pilot not injured... Read more

19-Jun-11 N139HA Hiller UH-12E Lost Hills, US-California

Engine problems during turn at low level while spraying at 100ft agl.  Landed heaviliy and rolled over... Read more

10-Jun-11 N237AC Erickson S64F Plaster City, US-California

While setting an elecriticy tower within a utility right-of-way two miles SE of Plaster City, three of the helicopter’s four hooks holding up a tower section released. While hanging from the remaining hook, the structure was slowly lowered to the ground and, once on the ground, was released. The tower subsequently tipped over. No one... Read more

07-Jun-11 N237AC Erickson S64F Plaster City, US-California

San Diego Gas & Electric’s helicopter was involved in an incident when a section of a transmission tower carried by the helicopter fell approximately 200- feet to the ground. No one was injured.... Read more

04-Jun-11 N8336X Robinson R44 Nipomo, US-California

Precautionary landing in field after pilot “sensing something was wrong”.  Later flown to Santa Maria Public Airport for further assessment... Read more

01-Jun-11 N68012 Hiller UH-12E Stockton, US-California

Tail rotor struck tree and helicopter crashed into orchard... Read more

27-May-11 N222DW Brantly B2 Hayfork, US-California (1F)

Flight plan for the overdue helicopter had it going the 30 miles from Hayfork to Weaverville and then back to Hayfork Friday.  Search crews found the helicopter’s wreckage and pilot’s body in a remote area around 3:15 p.m.  Student pilot later named as registered owner Mor Applebaum.... Read more

18-May-11 Bell B206 Los Angeles, US-California

A police helicopter made an emergency landing on a soccer field near the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after a warning light came on indicating a possible problem.   [Type not confirmed, but photo shows B206 in a parking lot – is this at the soccer field?]... Read more

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