US-Ohio Accidents

07-Jun-22 N600TA Enstrom F28F Greenville, US-Ohio (2F)

Helicopter remained upright in heavy landing.  Fire reported.  One report states “Charles Zimmer, 34, the registered owner of the aircraft, was pulled to safety and treated at the scene before he was flown to Miami Valley Hospital with life-threatening injuries. His wife, Krista Zimmer, 35, was pronounced dead at the scene, he said.” Another report... Read more

19-Nov-21 N221HG Robinson R22 Dayton, US-Ohio

Tail rotor struck ground on take-off... Read more

29-Jan-19 N191SF Bell 407 Zaleski, US-Ohio (3F)

The helicopter departed Mount Carmel Grove City hospital and was flying to Holzer Meigs hospital in Pomeroy to pick up a patient.  Contact was lost and the wreckage was found in a wood about three and a half hours later. Troopers located the wreckage of a Bell 407 helicopter east of State Route 278 and... Read more

30-Apr-15 N558CP MD Helicopters MD500E New Albany, US-Ohio

Emergency field landing during missing person search due to warning light illumination.  Second of two incidents to same aircraft on same day.  Photo here... Read more

30-Apr-15 N558CP MD Helicopters MD500E Hilliard, US-Ohio

Emergency landing a night in a vacated car park of a retail store, shortly after midnight.  First of two incidents to same aircraft on same day. Photo here... Read more

29-Sep-14 N557CP MD Helicopters MD500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Precautionary night landing in Hamilton Road near Groves Road.  It was determined that the helicopter had a faulty gauge.... Read more

03-Aug-14 N553CP MD Helicopters 500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Emergency field landing at night.  Press suggestion it may have run out of fuel... Read more

29-Jul-14 N89ZC Hughes 500D Bellefontaine, US-Ohio

Helicopter involved in underslung chainsaw operations, cutting back trees for a new bike track.  Helicopter crashed into the trees.  No immediate indication of cause.  Pilot Leo Boucher seriously injured... Read more

24-Apr-14 N43691 Rotorway Exec 162F Magnetic Springs, US-Ohio

Emergency landing in cornfield, which got set alight and several acres were burned.  Both occupants airlifted to hospital – owner 81-year-old Henry Brecher of Columbus and 50-year-old Todd Cramer of Dublin.... Read more

31-Mar-14 Eurocopter EC130 Chillicothe, US-Ohio

EMS helicopter AOG on scene at night, blocking highway... Read more

07-Mar-14 N761P Sikorsky S76C+ Bucyrus, US-Ohio

Engine fire forced Cleveland Clinic helicopter to make emergency landing.... Read more

13-Nov-13 N556CP MD Helicopters 500E Grandview, US-Ohio

Emergency landing in sports field.  Mechanic called and problem solved... Read more

15-Apr-13 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Highland Heights, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing and maintenance team called out after unexpected torque split... Read more

14-Jun-12 MD Helicopters 500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Emergency landing in school field after chip light illuminated... Read more

05-Jun-12 MD Helicopters 500E Columbus, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing in public park after warning light illuminated... Read more

27-Dec-11 N319AE Bell 206L4 Columbiana, US-Ohio

Helicopter made precautionary landing in soccer field beside the Upper Room Fellowship church due to poor weather on ferry flight back to base after dropping patient at hospital.  Landing site was soggy ground and helicopter started to sink, thus hovered short distance to parking lot and then ground handled to covered area... Read more

10-Dec-11 N164CF Eurocopter AS365N2 Dayton, US-Ohio

Emergency landing due to mechanical issue.  Upon inspection by the mechanic, a clogged left hydraulic filter was found which had made the collective feel stiff. After replacement, the aircraft was returned to service.... Read more

13-Sep-11 N625CF Eurocopter AS365N3 Dayton, US-Ohio

On final approach to Miami Valley Hospital’s south helipad, the aircraft struck a bird. The pilot continued with his landing. The aircraft was inspected and no damage was found. It was returned to service.... Read more

04-Aug-11 N135AN Eurocopter EC135P2 Marysville, US-Ohio

Crew found bullet hole in aircraft and remains of bullet inside, under the cabin floor.  Unsure of location of occurrence, helicopter grounded at Marysville... Read more

18-Jul-11 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Cleveland, US-Ohio

Smoke started to appear out of the aft air conditioning vents inflight. Safe... Read more

02-Jul-11 N117UC Eurocopter BK117 Cincinatti, US-Ohio

Birdstrike, unscheduled landing and no damage was found... Read more

19-Jun-11 Sikorsky HH-60M Turtlecreek Township, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing after problem with one engine... Read more

17-Jun-11 Sikorsky UH-60 Massillon, US-Ohio

Emergency landing after smoke in cockpit.... Read more

23-Apr-11 N614S Rotorway Exec Lawrence Township, US-Ohio

Pilot Jay Dubert, 46, sustained very minor injuries when attempting an emergency landing at 3:47 p.m. The helicopter tipped, causing damage to the rear of the aircraft and the rotors, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol... Read more

10-Apr-11 N91SV AgustaWestland AW109E Toledo, US-Ohio

Engine Oil Hot Light illuminated, engine shut down and a run on landing was performed without further incident... Read more

02-Apr-11 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Cleveland, US-Ohio

After landing, port side hydraulics compartment cowling was discovered open, and had contacted the main blades in flight – but only taking paint off, not damaging them.  One camlock was missing from the cowling... Read more

26-Nov-10 N728AB Eurocopter EC135 Loudonville, US-Ohio

Precautionary landing made in field. Appears to have flown on without further issue.... Read more

21-Jul-09 N95RZ AgustaWestland A109E Toledo, US-Ohio

21-Jul-09 N95RZ AgustaWestland A109E Toledo, US-Ohio... Read more

16-Jul-09 N63SV AgustaWestland A109E Toledo, US-Ohio

16-Jul-09 N63SV AgustaWestland A109E Toledo, US-Ohio... Read more

29-Jun-09 Chesterville, US-Ohio

29-Jun-09 Chesterville, US-Ohio... Read more

30-May-09 N298SD MD Helicopters H369A Baltimore, US-Ohio

30-May-09 N298SD MD Helicopters H369A Baltimore, US-Ohio... Read more

25-Apr-09 N95RZ AgustaWestland AW109 Toledo, US-Ohio

25-Apr-09 N95RZ AgustaWestland AW109 Toledo, US-Ohio... Read more

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