Netherlands 303 Sqn acheives 4,500th SAR flight since 1959

Netherlands 303 Sqn acheives 4,500th SAR flight since 1959


(automatic translation of Dutch press release)

An AB-412 helicopter of the 4500th Defense last night rescue flights conducted since the establishment of 303 Squadron in 1959. A man with medical problems had last night a matter of urgency to Vlieland Medical Center Leeuwarden be charged.

Home to 303 Squadron at Leeuwarden Air Base and its main task of rescuing pilots from the sea. Besides carrying the AB-412’s regular patients of the Frisian Islands to hospitals on the mainland. During exercises on the Range Vliehors and air exercises over the North Frisian is a helicopter squadron on standby Vlieland.

Fellow rescuers
North-Holland, Maritime Airbase De Kooy in Den Helder, there is day and night ready for a helicopter rescue. As regards a Lynx helicopter from 860 Squadron. The two helicopter teams can each take over tasks or work in Search and Rescue operations.

Both units to assist the Coast Guard rescues, disasters and calamities. The rescue helicopters are part of the Defence Helicopter Command of the Royal Air Force.

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