R&D results in new HH-65 deck handling solution

R&D results in new HH-65 deck handling solution

7-Oct-2011 Source: US Coast Guard


The reduced manning requirement and expected increase in aviation operational tempo for the National Security Cutter (NSC) has served as a catalyst to develop NSC program requirements for an automated Securing and Traversing System (STS). Currently, Coast Guard H-65 helicopters and legacy cutters use a deck-lock system called TALON that secures an aircraft to the flight deck and then relies on a combination of aviation detachment and cutter-based personnel to conduct manual launch, recovery and traversing methods needed to support ship-helicopter operations. The April 2011 alternatives analysis for the H-65/NSC STS suggested that a TALON Remote Aircraft Mover (RAM) system might be an optimal alternative for the NSC to support automatic launch and recovery in ship-helicopter operations.


The Coast Guard Research and Development Center (RDC) was requested to assist in validating the findings of the alternatives analysis and support final STS selection through a series of land- and cutter-based feasibility assessments of the Multi-Aircraft Nose/Tail Interface System-Shipboard Helicopter Handler (MANTIS-SHH) Remote Aircraft Mover (RAM) system with a Coast Guard H-65.

This project will:

  • Modify the MANTIS-SHH RAM system to enable compatibility with the H-65 nose wheel tire assembly;
  • Demonstrate MANTIS-SHH abilities to traverse the H-65 on an airfield ramp (land-based demonstration); and
  • Conduct preliminary pier-side and underway shipboard demonstrations aboard the NSC Bertholf.
  • Generate a report that:
    • Identifies potential system deficiencies;
    • Investigates system compliance with current policies for ship-helicopter operations;
    • Determines the viability of alternatives analysis acquisition cost estimates based on project findings (i.e., actual technical readiness level appraisal, potential non-recurring engineering costs, etc.); and
    • Proposes a potential shipboard concept of operations for the RAM system.

At any given time, the Coast Guard Research and Development Center is working on more than 80 projects that support the Coast Guard’s short, medium and long range requirements across all major missions.

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