Helibras presents upgraded Brazilian Army Pantera K2

Helibras presents upgraded Brazilian Army Pantera K2

17-Apr-2013 Source: Helibras

[electronic translation]  The Helibras brought to your booth at LAAD – Defence & Security 2013 to pilot Panther K2 unit that has been completely modernized and will be presented to the Army Aviation (Avex), held that, from now on, all evaluations of interventions carried in the helicopter.

The Panther K2 was fitted with new wiring, new hood, new Arriel engine 2C2CG with 40% more power than its predecessor, and a new panel glass cockpit with four-axis autopilot, allowing more autonomy, greater speed and lower workload for helicopter pilots.

The retrofit, as it is called the great modernization, a process is quite advantageous for the operator. The service has a cost equivalent to 35% on average of the value of a new aircraft. After the speeches, the aircraft will gain another 25 years of life.

The Army will use the K2 in rescue missions, defense, search and rescue and logistical support at different bases between the Amazon and South. Prior to that, will be evaluated by Avex for three months. Among other models, the Brazilian Army operates 32 units of Pantera.

To Helibras, the modernization program has brought the domain knowledge being important and useful in enabling the company to carry out other activities within the process of expansion.


  • Troop transport: 1 or 2 pilots + 10 fighters
  • Transport plan: 1 or 2 pilots + 8 seats comfort


  • Weight max. takeoff: 4,300 kg
  • Weight max. takeoff with external load: 4,300 kg

Performance with maximum weight

  • Fast cruising speed: 279 km / h
  • Range max. with standard tank: 827 km


  • AS 565 MB – Payload (including fuel w / mission): 1920 kg
  • AS 565 UB – Payload (including fuel w / mission): 1962 kg
  • Hook load capacity: 1600 kg

Motor AS 565

  • 2 turbines TURBOMECA ARRIEL 2C
  • Max power. Takeoff (per engine): 651 shp
  • Max power. Continuous: 800 shp


  • Length (with rotor turning): 13.68 m
  • Fuselage length: 12.11 m
  • Height: 3.51 m
  • Main rotor diameter: 11.94 m


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