Heli Aviation reviews successful attendance at China Heli Expo

Heli Aviation reviews successful attendance at China Heli Expo

12-Sep-2013 Source: Heli Aviation

[electronic translation] On the 2nd CHINA HELICOPTER EXPOSITION in the port city of Tianjin, the power spectrum of Heli Aviation enthusiastic visitors from around the world. From the 5th to 8 September 2013 was the Cabri G2 at the booth of Heli Aviation is one of the show highlights this year.

The CHINA HELICOPTER EXPOSITION is specifically geared to the helicopter market and by 2011, the second edition of Asia’s largest helicopter exhibition was held this year. In addition to the global industry leaders such as Eurocopter Heli Aviation presented its comprehensive range of services, on the subject of helicopters. Focus on training as a helicopter professional and private helicopter pilots in the Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY about the many helicopter services to distribution of Guimbal Cabri G2.

The stand is located on Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter counted in this year’s exhibition highlights in high demand and were also the information of our present Chinese flight students who are currently completing their pilot training at the TRAINING ACADEMY in Augsburg. The attendance at the Heli Aviation booth was immense, and our team of five times was nearly overrun.Many of the visitors knew the Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY with her before the show and our helicopter training helicopter pilot “Made in Germany” is in high demand globally as well as the Heli Aviation continuing education on the subject of helicopters. When it comes to the education of future helicopter pilots, the training already experienced pilots as well as the education and training of complete crews, then at the international prospects is the Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY in Augsburg, the number one flight schools and training centers in Germany. To use the world’s largest Cabri G2 training fleet of seven helicopters and the opportunity during their training period in the TRAINING ACADEMY Augsburg Apartments Heli Aviation amazed as well as the commitment of the Heli Aviation team that stretches beyond training to joint leisure activities. Not least because our company may welcome many of the very positive impression on prospective customers as their customers and looks forward to their training or retraining in China or in the TRAINING ACADEMY in Augsburg.

The reforms in the release of Chinese airspace at low altitudes increases in the coming years, especially the demand for training places for private or commercial helicopter pilot (PPL (H) / CPL (H)) is a multiple of. In 2010 were only 206 helicopter at the Civil Aviation Administration of China, it should be recorded as 1500 civil helicopters in the next 10 years.

Whether it Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY graduates from China’s largest training academy for civil aviation by the Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC) or the Dalian Police were – they all agree: In China, the demand for helicopter pilots in the coming years will continue to grow and training opportunities in the country are very limited. For the helicopter pilots, the aviation crews and ground personnel required in future Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY offers the ideal international training opportunities and conditions. Heli Aviation has in various off – continuously demonstrated and further education on the subject of helicopter that graduates meet the TRAINING ACADEMY their upcoming deployment requirements professionally.

Currently in China helicopters are needed mainly for control and monitoring tasks. In the future, it is planned by the government to use helicopters even with air transport, forest fire fighting, as well as enhanced cartography work.Not only on land but also over the water specialists will then be asked.Because due to the high demand for energy and its partial coverage through renewable energy and the offshore service sector is thus very strong increase in importance.

For these growing areas Heli Aviation offers the best conditions to train future helicopter pilots for all tasks professionally. The team of experienced flight instructor TRAINING ACADEMY has, from the wide range of Heli Aviation, has enormous practical experience. Our flight instructors pass on their knowledge and their know-how in the individual training as a helicopter pilot.


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