$100M lawsuit over 2012 AS355 Bahamas accident withdrawn

$100M lawsuit over 2012 AS355 Bahamas accident withdrawn

3-Jan-2014 Source: Turnberry Associates

Bob Martinez, a lawyer for Jeffrey Soffer, chairman and chief executive of Turnberry Associates, said today that Daria Pastouhkova Gogoleva has voluntarily withdrawn a $100 million lawsuit filed last month in federal district court in Miami against Mr. Soffer and others over a helicopter accident that occurred in 2012 in The Bahamas. The accident resulted in the death of Lance Valdez, Ms. Gogoleva’s husband.

“We were not surprised by the decision to withdraw this lawsuit, which was riddled with factual errors and unfounded accusations,” Mr. Martinez said. “The case collapsed just a few weeks after the lawsuit was filed and widely publicized by the other side and before we even had a chance to respond, confirming that it was a frivolous lawsuit.”

The complaint did not name Mr. Soffer’s wife, Elle Macpherson, as a defendant but mentioned her as part of an effort to grab headlines.

The lawsuit was filed months after Ms. Gogoleva resolved claims involving the accident in a settlement with Mr. Valdez’s insurance carrier that was carefully reviewed by at least four highly experienced lawyers representing her and a guardian ad litem for the Valdez children and was approved by a judge of the Florida Probate Court.

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