MI-38 series production planned for 2016-2017

MI-38 series production planned for 2016-2017

1-Oct-2015 Source: Russian Helicopters

[electronic translation] Director General of the Kazan Helicopter Plant, deputy general director of the holding”Russian Helicopters” Vadim Ligay shared with the magazine “Expert” secrets of success of the Kazan helicopter manufacturers. 

– Vadim, as the Kazan Helicopter Plant is experiencing economic situation in the country and in the world?

– In recent years, we have made a serious leap. Three years ago we talked about the fact that the growth curve of production should soon be smoother because the business we have specific, based on high technologies. In a technique such as helicopters, is never constant high demand. Now for the general situation in the world and is characterized by instability in the economy and in politics. We, of course, the main trends of the monitors, but the helicopter from all these troubles, too, depends.

To reduce the risks, we are actively engaged in the production of new equipment, expanding the line. We plan that the annual sales growth we will reach 10-15%.

– Do you plan to increase the share of CVD in the domestic market?

– Now our share – about 37%. As part of the development of the holding company “Russian Helicopters” We plan to increase the proportion of CVD due to new models.It is, first of all, the helicopter “ANSAT”, and to the launch of the Mi-38, we expect that it will be the main supply of the Russian market.

– Is it possible to increase the share of exports?

– Speaking of the foreign market, the sales geography of Kazan helicopters – the 90 countries of the world. Feature of our product is that it lives a long time and is updated less frequently. Accordingly, we are working on those markets where has long been a presence, maintenance of aircraft, supply of spare parts.

The fact is that we are in tough competition with the industrialized countries, which themselves are the developers and manufacturers of helicopters – is the United States and Western Europe. We certainly do not harbor any illusions: we were not expected and is unlikely to be allowed into these markets. But new markets, geographically close to the countries of our presence, we are constantly looking for.

– I would like to learn more about new developments of the company – models “ANSAT” and Mi-38.

– As to the first, for the speedy withdrawal of the helicopter on the market, it was decided to adjust the program “Ansat” subject to the availability requirements for the helicopter to the traditional hydro-mechanical system. Certificate of AR IAC, allowing helicopters to begin commercial operation “ANSAT” not related to the transport of passengers was received in August 2013. Supplement to Type Certificate, allows the passengers on the commercial market, was received in December 2014. Last May, during the VIII International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia-2015 was received addition to the certificate for modification of the helicopter “ANSAT” medical module, and in August 2015 as part of the MAKS-2015 – approval of major changes – improving system stability. CTR-A system will be included as standard.

Attachments KHP helicopter program “ANSAT” in the order of $ 80 million. In aviation, the payback period is not as fast as in the production of consumer goods, the usual stages of production technology – the decade. Accordingly, the payback period – not less.

– What are the characteristics of this helicopter will be upgraded in the near future?

– Comprehensive modernization of the structure allows to take into account all the needs of operation for the most specific tasks and is implemented in the following areas. First of all, the improvement of the passenger version of the helicopter to the conditions of increased comfort – the installation of additional lighting, ventilation, heating, thermal and acoustic insulation, air-conditioning system. Medical helicopter version provides a quick conversion from him in medical assistance and back. In addition, ground-based equipment to service expanded depending on the needs of operators and currently includes all the elements necessary for routine maintenance of equipment. Simplify and streamline routine maintenance of equipment. To increase the range of flight upgraded fuel system – in the drafting of installation avariestoykoy fuel system for 750 kg of fuel and installation of additional fuel tanks up to 200 kg.

– What is the fate of Mi-38?

 Mi-38 – very good helicopter. It began its design in 1981, when it was decided on the need for a modernized Mi-8M. Since then, the program has moved far from the initial concept, it is now fundamentally different machine, for operational and technical and economic performance surpassed the “veteran” of Russian helicopters – Mi-8. Initially, the launch of this helicopter took place on the tripartite agreement of Russia, Canada (she had to put the engine) and France (avionics).

But our Western partners in the middle of the project it had left: first the French left – and we had to deal with avionics: the company “Transas” fully developed digital glass cockpit. And before the certification of the project and came out with its Canadian partner, engines – the ban imposed the US State Department. But as they say, there is a silver lining: now there is a Russian engine TV7-117V – development of “Klimov”. With a delay, but the Mi-38 is now out for certification, and the characteristics of his very good. During the test he set several world records: the speed of flight and static ceiling. The helicopter turned out, as we say, beautiful.

– You can voice the performance characteristics of Mi-38?

– During the 14th World Cup Helicopter Sport (August 22-26, 2012), Mi-38 set a new world altitude record in the class E-1h, category FAI helicopter take-off weight of 10 000 to 20 000 kg, breaking height 8600 meters.

The helicopter features a modern shestilopastny rotor with high traction and low vibration. The blades are made of composite materials. The rotor hub structure applied elastomeric bearings do not require lubrication. X-shaped tail rotor of the helicopter provides excellent handling and low noise. The main engines have a power output of the front and are located behind the main gearbox, which significantly reduces the noise level in the cabin. Integrated on-board equipment of the Mi-38 forms the information-control field, allowing to operate in the most difficult conditions. The complex provides an instrumental approach for the second category ICAO, automatic flight route, approach and missed approach, the automatic stabilization of the helicopter hovering and all flight regimes.

– Where do you see the markets for this model?

– If the promotion of the Mi-38 is holding “Helicopters of Russia” focuses primarily on traditional Russian helicopter markets. That Russia and other CIS countries, the nations of Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Thanks to the technical solutions of the Mi-38 is superior to other helicopters in its class in payload, and many passenger flight characteristics. At the August International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015 holding “Helicopters of Russia” presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, King of Jordan, Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates and other representatives of foreign delegations prototype of the Mi-38 in the VIP-equipment.

– When can we expect series production of the Mi-38?

– LSC has made on the fuselage of the first production helicopter. Currently, pre-production of the Mi-38 is at the final stage of production tests – performed 112 of the 180 scheduled flights. By the end of 2015 it is planned to complete the certification work and to get a certificate of type Mi-38 helicopter. Start mass production of the Mi-38 plan in 2016-2017.

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