Russian Helicopters demonstrates VIP Mi-171A2 and Mi-38 to Presidential flight

Russian Helicopters demonstrates VIP Mi-171A2 and Mi-38 to Presidential flight

21-Nov-2013 Source: Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of Rostec State Corporation, carried out testing of the new Mi-171A2 and Mi-38 helicopters at the National Helicopter Building Centre (NHBC) in Tomilino, Moscow Region. The tests were attended by Vladimir Kozhin, Chief of the Presidential Property Management Directorate. The NHBC is currently carrying out the first round of testing on the medium multi-role Mi-171A2 and the third round of tests on the transport and passenger Mi-38. The helicopters were demonstrated at the MAKS-2013 airshow in August, and can be used for VIP transport and corporate purposes.

In line with the testing programme, the Mi-171A2 successfully completed testing of its on-board systems and new Klimov BARK-6S-7V automatic engine management system, which increases engine efficiency in various modes of operation. It is expected that the developer will start ground tests and flight-testing of the Mi-171A2 by the end of December 2013. The NHBC is simultaneously carrying out the latest stage in the third phase of testing for a prototype Mi-38 fitted with Russian-made TV7-117V engines by Klimov, including ground-based testing.
Vladimir Kozhin was briefed on the progress of testing of the new Russian-built helicopters. He praised the potential of the Mi-38 and Mi-171A2, and noted that Russia has always been a leading producer of medium and heavy-lift helicopters. Kozhin stressed that today’s Mi-8 series helicopters are the mainstay of the fleet of the Russia Special Flight Detachment, which provides air transport services for senior state officials.

The new multi-role Mi-171A2 and the new transport and passenger Mi-38 are core projects for Russian Helicopters in the medium sector and can be configured in specialised VIP versions.
The Mi-171A2 is the latest addition to the Mi-8/17 series, and combines the long operating experience of these helicopters with the latest technologies. It provides the highest levels of reliability, safety and comfort.

The legendary Mi-8/17 series is a firm favourite in the corporate and VIP transport market. Its spacious, full-height cabin offers unique possibilities for tailored fitting-out and finishing and provides the greatest possible comfort for passengers. Combining the traditional qualities of this famous series with the latest technologies, the latest Mi-171A2 offers more possibilities than ever before. Thanks to a whole range of innovations, the helicopter’s flight capabilities have been significantly improved, including greater range, cruising speed and lift capacity, while noise levels have been significantly reduced. A suite of modern on-board radio-electronic equipment reduces pilots’ workload and makes flying more efficient.
Following the successful testing of the first Mi-171A2 prototype, it is planned to complete work and start testing of the second prototype. Work is currently ongoing at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. Russian Helicopters plans to obtain certification for the Mi-171A2 by the end of 2014 and to start deliveries to customers from 2015.

The Mi-38 also has a whole range of competitive advantages for use as a corporate and VIP helicopter. It can operate in a range of climatic conditions. Thanks to its capacious passenger cabin, low levels of noise and vibration and numerous innovations, the Mi-38 offers the highest levels of comfort in its class. A high cruising speed of 285 km/h and range of 1,200 km when using auxiliary fuel tanks give the Mi-38 an additional edge.

The Mi-38 programme is financed by the Russian government. The fourth prototype – the final version before the helicopter enters serial production – will be assembled at Kazan Helicopter Plant. It will differ from the third prototype in having a shock-resistant fuel system by Aerazur and larger window openings. The Mi-38 is slated to enter serial production in 2015.
In August 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Rostvertol, a Russian Helicopters company, during an official visit to Rostov-on-Don. The President was briefed on the latest developments in military and commercial helicopters, and was also shown a model of the passenger cabin of the VIP version of the Mi-38 being designed in collaboration with AirTaxi-Service, which creates VIP interiors for Russian-built helicopters.

The Russia Special Flight Detachment is a federal state aviation enterprise reporting to the Presidential Administration. It provides air transportation services for state officials, and has high requirements for all aircraft.

Photos: Mi-38 interior above, Mi-171A2 interior below



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