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30-Apr-14 Bell 206B Gold River, Canada

Problem on take off from logging site, emergency landing during which main blades chopped tail boom.  Operator has two Bell 206s – C-GSEE (451) and C-GLOG (3186).  Minor injuries to 4 POB... Read more

29-Apr-14 C-GREU Bell 205A.1 Vernon, Canada

Tail rotor clipped windsock on take-off for training flight.  Minor damage, landed safety. CADORS 2014P0551... Read more

23-Apr-14 C-FHSJ Robinson R44 Holland Marsh, Canada

Departed from a private residence in Queensville, Ontario for a local flight with the pilot and two passengers on board. During a landing in a marshy area of the Holland Marsh near Cooks Bay, a skid cut in the soft earth and the helicopter dynamically rolled over. There were no injuries and the helicopter was... Read more

23-Apr-14 C-FHSJ Robinson R44 Cooks Bay, Canada

departed from a private residence in Queensville, Ontario for a local flight with the pilot and two passengers on board. During a landing in a marshy area of the Holland Marsh near Cooks Bay, a skid cut in the soft earth and the helicopter dynamically rolled over. There were no injuries and the helicopter was... Read more

09-Apr-14 C-FCSV Eurocopter AS350B2 Fermont, Canada

AS350-B2 with a pilot and three passengers on board, took off while it was near a communication tower. During takeoff, the pilot wanted to bypass the tower and conduct a takeoff facing the wind away from the guy wires. Nevertheless, the main rotor came into contact with a guy wire and the aircraft crashed into... Read more

12-Mar-14 C-GALR Bell 206B Mount Chapman, Canada

The helicopter set down right side low on the chosen sloping landing site and remained partially supported by the rotor. The pilot attempted to move to a different site nearby, but a skid dug into the snow and the helicopter entered a dynamic rollover condition and fell to the ground on its right-hand side. There... Read more

21-Feb-14 C-GRHL Airbus AS350B2 Slave Lake, Canada

During a hydraulics off landing exercise, control of the helicopter was lost and the helicopter collided with the ground resulting in substantial damage. The two flight crew sustained minor injuries. The engine continued to run after the impact; however, there was no post impact fire. CADORS 2014C0677... Read more

02-Feb-2014 C-GPIG Robinson R22 St-Rémi, Canada

Crashed close to the owner’s home.  Pilot to hospital.  CADORS 2014Q0192... Read more

28-Jan-14 C-GMCI Schweizer 300CBi Pitt Lake, Canada

2POB escaped unharmed.  helicopter rolled off bank into the waters of Pitt Lake, British Columbia CADORS 2014P0128... Read more

23-Jan-14 C-GNMU Bell 206B Haines Junction, Canada

The helicopter had just been started with an ground power unit (GPU). The pilot exited the aircraft in order to disconnect the GPU, when a gust of wind pushed the helicopter into the trees next to the helipad. The pilot was not injured.  CADORS 2014C0375... Read more

03-Jan-14 AgustaWestland AW139 Haliburton, Canada

Lost window in flight, diverted to Muskoka airport... Read more

22-Dec-13 C-GIMV Sikorsky S76 Gillies Township, Canada

The helicopter entered a high hover to blow away snow accumulation at the scene. During the manoeuvre a white out condition was created. The main rotor contacted trees. Control of the helicopter was maintained and a landing was performed immediately. There were no injuries. The helicopter sustained damage to all 4 rotor blades.... Read more

08-Dec-12 Eurocopter EC120 Niagara, Canada

Emergency landing with no apparent damage.  TV reports stated helicopter had been “smoking” and that it remained in place and was blocking a taxiway.... Read more

13-Oct-13 146432 Bell 412CF (CH-146) Wilson, Canada

Emergency field landing after ingesting a bird... Read more

02-Oct-13 C-GGUV Schweizer S300C Lake Manouane, Canada

“Collision with terrain”.  Operator specialises in agricultural work. CADORS 2013Q2216... Read more

09-Sep-13 C-GCFU Eurocopter Bo105S McClure Strait, Canada (3F)

A  Canadian Coast Guard Bo105 operating from the research icebreaker Amundsen crashed at night into the Arctic Ocean, killing all three on board.  They were named as Marc Thibault, commanding officer of the CCGS Amundsen, Daniel Dubé, helicopter pilot and Klaus Hochheim, an Arctic scientist affiliated with the University of Manitoba. CADORS 2013C3920... Read more

23-Aug-13 Eurocopter EC120 Calgary, Canada

Calgary Police EC120 – emergency landing in field.  Repaired on site by engineer.  no damage. Not clear which of Calgary Police’s pair of EC120s involved – they fly C-FCPS (1468) and C-FHMC (1050)... Read more

15-Aug-13 Pelican Narrows, Canada

In-flight mechanical problem which forced the pilot to make an unscheduled landing in the forest.  No serious injuries.  No details on level of damage – if any – to helicopter.  No details on helicopter type... Read more

06-Aug-13 C-GKSH Eurocopter AS350B2 Forrest Lake, Canada

After touching down, two of the three passengers got out of the helicopter while the engine and rotor were still running. The passenger on the right removed his gear from the cargo bay and proceeded to the front of the helicopter where he was struck by the rotating rotor blade. CADORS 2013C3288... Read more

05-Aug-13 Rotorway Exec 162F Curtis Lake, Canada

Details to follow. CADORS 2013P1182... Read more

04-Aug-13 C-GKHL Kamov Ka32 Bella Coola, Canada

The helicopter contacted the ground going sideways and rolled on its starboard side. The main-rotor blades contacted the ground and broke. The crew was able to shut the engines off and exit with minor injuries. There was no fire. CADORS 2013P1171... Read more

21-Jul-13 C-GMHK Bell 206L1 LongRanger Sherridon, Canada

Engine flamed out. The pilot autorotated into a clear area near a lake shoreline. As the helicopter began to settle the pilot rolled the helicopter onto its right side to clear the rotor blades from the fuselage. The pilot and passenger exited without injury. CADAORS 2013C2976... Read more

15-Jul-13 Sikorsky S61/CH-124 CFB Shearwater, Canada

Helicopter “toppled over”.  More details to follow soon... Read more

05-Jul-13 C-FYAP Hughes 500D Fort Saskatchewan, Canada

Helicopter was involved in installing powerlines – contacted tower, crashed, seriously injuring both occupants... Read more

01-Jul-13 C-GQQT Bell 206B Gull Lake, Canada (1F)

Wreckage reported sighting on 2nd July, the day after a Bell 206 was reported overdue. “The aircraft is missing and debris has washed ashore in Gull Lake.” CADORS 2013C2819... Read more

14-Jun-13 C-GADA Bell 205 Quebec, Canada

Pilot completed an emergency landing after a master caution warning light from input quill / freewheel system illuminated.  The power shaft and freewheeling unit were found ruptured, and debris had been thrown into the engine inlet compressor. No post accident fire. CADORS 2013Q1303... Read more

07-Jun-13 C-FRGK Bell 206 Jackfish Lake, Canada

Main blades struck tree on take off on training flight. CADORS 2013O1811... Read more

03-Jun-13 C-FZPS Robinson R44 Grande Cache, Canada

Deteriorating weather conditions were encountered. The pilot elected to divert and subsequently came into contact with trees while manoeuvring. The helicopter collided with terrain and was destroyed by post impact fire. The pilot was able to exit the helicopter but sustained serious injuries. CADORS 2013C2142... Read more

29-May-13 C-FZWB Bell 206B Fort McMurray, Canada (2F)

Helicopter working for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, coming down in a forested area.  Crash killed pilot Bryce Campbell and passenger biologist Kristina Norstrom.  The other passenger Simon Slater survived – names from this article... Read more

19-May-13 C-GYWB Eurocopter AS350B2 Fort McMurray, Canada

Helicopter landed on edge of swamp, passengers began to unload their equipment from port side equipment basket, causing helicopter to tilt aft and left damaging the tail boom and tail rotor blades when they contacted the water. CADORS 2013C2009... Read more

12-May-13 C-GAHZ Bell 212 Dewar Lakes, Canada

On landing, the helicopter encountered whiteout conditions, and after touchdown, the helicopter rolled over. Two of the three passengers suffered minor injuries. The pilot and other passenger were not injured. The helicopter was destroyed.  On contract to Canada’s Dept of National Defence.  CADORS 2013C1810... Read more

30-Apr-13 C-FINX Eurocopter AS350BA Godbout, Canada

Substantially damaged. On approach to land on an undeveloped site. Just before landing, the tail rotor hit a mound of sand. The aircraft landed violently. The tail boom and a skid were significantly damaged. The pilot, alone on board, was not injured. CADORS 2013Q0909... Read more

13-Apr-13 C-FCTD Bell 206L1 Cambell River, Canada (1F)

1 fatality of 6 on board after helicopter crashed into the Homathco River on a fly-fishing charter.   The fatality was named in this report as Michael Monson.  CADAORS 2013P0449... Read more

09-Apr-13 C-GZBA Eurocopter AS350B3e Tenquille Lake, Canada

Blade strike on landing after snow blew up around helicopter on approach... Read more

29-Mar-13 C-FKCM Eurocopter BK117 Calgary, Canada

Helicopter landed to pick up a patient.  While  rotors were still turning, co pilot observed fuel leak and immediately told pilot to shut down helicopter and switch off electric.  O-ring had failed in fuel line and was repaired on site.... Read more

26-Mar-13 C-FUIR Robinson R44 Grande Cache, Canada

Powerline patrol helicopter had accident involving trees.  Pilot uninjured.  CADAORS ref 2013C1124... Read more

15-Feb-13 C-FVIT Eurocopter AS350B2 Quebec/Jean-Lesage, Canada

Ground vehicle skidded on ice and ran into parked helicopter, causing significant damage.  CADAORS ref 2013Q0397... Read more

03-Feb-13 C-GPHN Eurocopter AS350BA Sept-Îles, Canada

Training accident. Two of three on board injured. CADAORS ref 2013Q0276... Read more

28-Jan-13 C-GOCM Robinson R44 Grand Cache, Canada (1F)

Survey helicopter overdue.  Weather may have been an issue as a Canadian military Bell 412 involved in the search had to return to base due to weather.  CADAORS 2013C0386... Read more

09-Jan-13 C-GGZS Bell 206B Arviat, Canada

Helicopter landed on ice floe, which then collapsed and the helicopter sank.  Pilot rescued.  Local temperature with windchill around -50C  CADAORS 2013C0108... Read more

05-Dec-12 C-FRSO Robinson R44 Slave Lake, Canada (1F)

Emergency beacon activated, helicopter in forested area – sole occupant pilot Glen Freeland died in the accident. Three rescuers had to be dropped by helicopter to cut out a landing pad. CADAORS 2012C5203... Read more

22-Nov-12 Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King Halifax, Canada

Emergency landing after hydraulic failure.  5 POB, no injuries... Read more

19-Nov-12 C-GSQG Mosquito XE Lac Britannique, Canada

Single-seat helicopter crashed into lake and sank after pilot apparently misjudged his altitude due to the glassy surface on approach to a landing site on the edge of the lake.  Pilot rescued by his brother who was watching the approach and kayaked out to reach him.   Aircraft sank.  CADAORS 2012Q2643... Read more

18-Oct-12 C-FBHV Bell 206L British Columbia, Canada

Loud bang heard with an associated yaw to the right and loss of power. An autorotative landing was carried out into a nearby stream. The pilot and 1 passenger were uninjured.  CADAORS ref 2012P1768... Read more

18-Oct-12 Robinson R44 Innisfail, Canada

Two people uninjured when helicopter crashed at Innisfail Airport, 120 miles N of Calgary.  Helicopter was approx 6m altitude on take off.  CADAORS ref 2012C4679... Read more

13-Oct-12 Logan Lake, Canada

Helicopter made emergency landing on the Coquihalla Highway... Read more

01-Oct-12 C-GTPG Bell 206B Sudbury, Canada

Contacted the ground during a sharp turn while spraying, causing the helicopter to crash. The pilot (the sole occupant) suffered minor injuries. The helicopter reportedly was substantially damaged. CADAORS ref 2012O2922... Read more

23-Sep-12 Vertol BV107 Bella Coola, Canada (1F)

Unstable load on climbout led to pilot releasing two logs, killing a logging worker on the ground – CADAORS ref 2012P1637... Read more

19-Sep-12 Bell 206 Lethbridge, Canada

Struck power cables on climb out of field.  The severed cables caused a small fire.  Helicopter landed very heavily on its skids, starboard skid low  CADAORS ref 2012C4146... Read more

17-Sep-12 C-GHIY Robinson R44 Alberta, Canada

Just after landing, the heat of the exhaust caused the grass where the R44 had landed to catch fire, ultimately consuming the helicopter. CADAORS ref 2012C4261... Read more

15-Sep-12 C-GZNF Bell 212 Batman, Turkey

Helicopter was subject to small arms fire from the ground and was badly damaged.  Four of the nine passengers sustained gunshot related injuries.  CADAORS ref 2012C4147... Read more

11-Sep-12 C-GKSH Eurocopter AS350B2 Sept-ÃŽles, Canada

Tail rotor struck sand bank on take-off.   Substantial damage included the tail rotor, tailboom, tail rotor gearbox, horizontal stabilizer, 1 main rotor blade and the long shaft.  CADAORS ref 2012Q2152... Read more

06-Sep-12 C-GVHG Hughes 500D Alice Arm, Canada

Main blades severed tail boom during landing.  CADAORS ref 2012P1524... Read more

13-Aug-12 C-GHJT Sikorsky S76A Haida Gwaii, Canada

After losing power to the number 2 engine, the pilot successfully landed the helicopter onto the water. The auto-floatation device deployed, one side reportedly deflated and as the main rotor brake was being applied, the helicopter rolled over. CADAORS 2012P1300... Read more

09-Aug-12 C-GTDH Eurocopter AS350B2 Norman Wells, Canada

Detail to follow – CADAORS 2012C3400... Read more

26-Jul-12 C-GATM Robinson R44 Murdochville, Canada

Emergency landing on the shoulder of Highway 198, between kilometre 36 and 37 near the former copper-mining town of Murdochville, about 825 kilometres northeast of Montreal.  CADAORS 2012Q1702... Read more

10-Jul-12 C-GHZN Robinson R44 Carcross, Canada (1F)

Helicopter was involved in a low level bear survey and crashed.  Pilot killed, one passenger seriously injured, the other minor injuries.  Pilot was later  identified as 56-year-old Paul Rosset, from Yellowknife. Both passengers were employees of Environment Yukon – named here as Jonathan Postma and Raphael Roy-Jauvin. CADORS 2012C2841... Read more

09-Jul-12 C-GLAQ Bell 206B Rouyn-Noranda, Canada

Starboard skid got stuck on terrain, resulting in dynamic roll-over onto its side.  Minor injuries to sole occupant pilot.  CADAORS 2012Q1523... Read more

04-Jul-12 C-GUIK Bell 206B Silverton, Canada

JetRanger crashed in open field during agricultural operations.  Pilot in hospital after walking to nearest farm for help. Helicopter destroyed.  CADAORS 2012C2726... Read more

03-Jul-12 C-GENL Bell 206B Saskatoon, Canada

Crashed while conducting low level manoeuvres east of Saskatoon. An ELT signal was reported by several overflying aircraft.  CADAORS 2012C2707... Read more

22-Jun-12 C-GAEE Robinson R44 Whitecourt, Canada

After being airborne for approximately 35 minutes, the engine began to lose power. The pilot picked an oil well lease site for a precautionary landing and while descending to the intended landing spot, the engine lost and regained power and then finally quit. The pilot entered autorotation and on landing the aircraft bounced, resulting in... Read more

22-Jun-12 C-FVPP Rotorway 162F Red Deer, Canada

The helicopter began to rotate and the pilot entered auto rotation, however, while avoiding high tension power lines, landed with sideways motion resulting in a roll over. There were no injuries to the pilot or passenger. The helicopter was substantially damaged. The middle/centre Kevlar tail rotor drive belt was found to have split in two. ... Read more

14-Jun-12 C-GNAI Eurocopter AS350B2 Hebron, Canada

While manoeuvring near wildlife at low altitude, the tail rotor struck rocks and a large vibration was noted in the pedals. The pilot landed beside the nearby river without incident and called the company to report. The subsequent maintenance inspection revealed damage to the tail rotor blades, drive shafts, the tail boom and the vertical... Read more

01-Jun-12 C-FBHN Eurocopter AS350B2 Terrace, Canada (3F)

Three killed in mountainous area, all employees of Bailey Helicopters.  Pilot named as Peter Bryant, 45 and passengers Blake Erickson, 48, and Arnaud Jolibois, 44.   CADAORS 2012P0786... Read more

28-May-12 C-GHDF Bell 206B Whistle Bend, Canada

Helicopter under contract to the City of Whitehorse for mosquito control work was flying low level when it hit wires – pilot was blinded by the sunshine during a turn.  Pilot put 206 down safely in a creek.  No damage to helicopter or injury to pilot.  400 properties temporarily without power.  CADAORS 2012C2112... Read more

30-Mar-12 C-GLQI Bell 206 Canmore, Canada (1F)

Sightseeing tour with four British tourists crashed on the side of a mountain near Highways 1 and 40 east of Canmore.  Pilot Matthew Goodine died prior to arrival at hospital, with other passengers sustaining minor injuries CADAORS 2012C1381... Read more

23-Mar-12 C-GYNN AgustaWestland AW139 Toronto, Canada

Window blew out in flight, apparently causing door to open.  Safe precautionary landing made in local park, not long after take off from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport on EMS flight... Read more

14-Mar-12 C-GONT Eurocopter EC130 Geraldton, Canada

conducting low-level wildlife management work when the helicopter was damaged and collided with the ground. The pilot and two crew members received minor injuries and were airlifted to safety by another MNR helicopter. CADAORS ref 2012O0625... Read more

13-Feb-12 146453 Bell 412 Yellowknife, Canada

Wirestrike approaching Yellowknife airport at around 7:50 p.m. MT with 3 POB and the aircraft sustained significant damage.  It  was returning to the airport after conducting air operations in support of Exercise Arctic Ram. It is from 408 Tactical Helicopter Detachment and is normally stationed at CFB Edmonton.  The Bell 412 is known as the... Read more

17-Jan-12 C-FMPG Eurocopter AS350B3 Cultus Lake, Canada (1F)

Reports say the pilot has suffered cardiac arrest and the aircraft crashed. Pilot airlifted to Chilliwack Hospital, but BCAS later reported pilot deceased. RCMP named pilot as Dave Brolin. CADORS ref 2012P0085... Read more

03-Jan-12 C-FGBX Robinson R44 Chinchaga River area, Canada

Main blade struck tree.  CADAORS 2012P0016... Read more

28-Nov-11 C-GVAR Robinson R22 Waterloo, Canada (1F)

Appeared to lose power approximately one mile south of the airport. The helicopter was observed in a rapid descent into a wooded area south of the airport. 1 fatal, 1 injured.  Fatality later named as instructor Tiffany Hanna, 29.  CADAORS 2011O3540... Read more

26-Nov-11 C-FRKY Eurocopter AS350B2 Wabush, Canada

Helicopter crashed Saturday in a wooded area near Labrador City, but the only person on board has walked away without serious injuries.  CADAORS 2011A1083... Read more

21-Nov-11 Sikorsky S92 Henry Goodrich rig, Canada

Hydraulic leak – went AOG on the rig... Read more

02-Nov-11 C-GDQH Bell B206L Kapuskasing, Canada (3F)

3 POB all fatally injured. CADAORS 2011O3324.  Deceased named as pilotGreg Sawyer (39) and two engineers with forest products company Tembec -Dan Simis (47) and Chad McQuade (37)... Read more

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