Germany’s HTM wins framework agreement with Areva for wind turbine support

Germany’s HTM wins framework agreement with Areva for wind turbine support


[electronic translation] On the occasion of the conference of the Federation of wind energy make AREVA Wind, HTM Helicopter, Global Tech I and Trianel before their recently subscribed declaration of cooperation for the service of North Sea offshore wind farms.

The helicopter company Travel Munich (HTM) is transported in the future exclusively for the offshore wind turbine manufacturer AREVA employees and their customers, and materials for the wind farm wind farm Borkum Trianel and Global Tech I. The development of this strategic partnership in the offshore sector contributes to reduce costs and to ensure the high technical availability of the wind turbines AREVA M5000.The agreement was concluded for an initial three years.

The parties agreed on a framework agreement, the helicopter together for the offshore logistics and maintenance of AREVA M5000 turbines. AREVA Wind offers the production of wind turbines to operate on the high seas and full service.

The airfield in Emden, base airport for alpha ventus, soon also Trianel Wind Farm Borkum and the wind farm Global Tech I will be looked after. This helicopter of type EC 135 and EC 145 are available, the specialized equipment allow Hoisten of service technicians and spare parts for the wind turbines.

“HTM is also part of the emergency plan for the wind farm Borkum Trianel” welcomes Jürgen Hepper, operations manager at Trianel Wind Farm Borkum, the co. “This agreement allows for significant synergies Trianel for emergency rescue are created.”

Arjen Schampers, Technical Director of Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH: “We have to HTM selected a very offshore experienced helicopter supplier for our Chauffeurs Pilots are trained especially for the wind operations and complete since 2009 with extensive experience flights to alpha. ventus. Moreover, we expect the share of the helicopter more efficient use of the aircraft. ”

Bernd Brucherseifer, Managing Director of HTM Helicopter Travel Munich GmbH, says:. “We are very pleased with AREVA, an already long-standing trusted customers to be now also directly connected contractually particularly honored we felt by the statement that the decision in our influenced favor besides the tender criteria, not least by the service team itself was who asked about preferences, chose for our company. ”

Ingo Hälke, Service Manager AREVA Wind says: “The strategic partnership with experienced and reliable partners in the offshore industry is very important for our success so we are pleased with HTM together provide our customers with comprehensive and sophisticated synergies..”

The company HTM is one of the largest helicopter companies in Germany. Since 2009, the company makes the helicopter logistics for the first German offshore test field alpha ventus in the North Sea. The company also has the approval of Hoistoperations for offshore wind turbines and provides specialized offshore helicopter hoist to courses for future service personnel. 


Trianel Wind Farm Borkum (TWB) with 40 wind turbines and a capacity of 200 megawatts will be located roughly 45 kilometers north-west of the coast of Borkum. Construction on the high seas was in September 2011. The project involves 33 municipal utilities and regional energy suppliers are involved under the leadership of Trianel GmbH. End of 2013, the wind farm is expected to go on line and with an average of 4,000 full-load hours per year to supply electricity to about 200,000 households with environmentally friendly electricity. 

With over 100 partners and shareholders from the municipal sector Trianel is the leading municipal utility network in Europe. Communal pools Trianel complementary interests and is always active where the competitiveness and autonomy will strengthen the city works. Trianel Group offers its partners a wide range of services across the value chain of generation, trading, procurement and new technologies. 

Global Tech I is one of the first offshore wind farm to be built in the North Sea. The wind field with 80 wind turbines of the 5-megawatt class has a total installed capacity of 400 megawatts. This brings the usable electricity from environmentally friendly wind energy to around 1.4 billion kilowatt hours per year. The approximately 41 square kilometer area of Global Tech I is located approximately 180 kilometers and 138 kilometers off Bremerhaven Emden in a northwesterly direction. Construction started in August of 2012.Once Global Tech I is fully operational, can mathematically 445,000 households with an average power consumption of 3,130 kilowatt-hours with the environmentally friendly power. The shareholders are the two utility Stadtwerke München GmbH and HSE AG (Darmstadt), the Swiss company Axpo International SA and Esportes offshore are Beteiligungs GmbH Other shareholders as original initiators of the wind farm, the two property development companies Norderland Projekt GmbH and Windreich AG and the two companies Windreich group, FC Wind Energy GmbH and GTU I GmbH Further information also under .

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